Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Crete Diaries June 2017 ...Who Is He?

Does Anyone Know This Man ? 

While I'm on holiday I like to people watch as I'm sure many other people do. Watching people gives me inspirations for stories.
Hubby and I were having dinner in a restaurant in the old town of Chania. Greek musicians and singers are entertaining us, two men and a woman. The woman is playing what looks like wooden spoons and the men have Greek guitars. We have no idea what they are singing about but most of the songs seem to be soulful and sad.
A man and a woman are sitting at the table in front of us and right in front of the musicians. I would say they are a bit older than us,she has long brown hair and a nice smiley face. He has long grey hair past his shoulders with a long unruly white beard. He has a scowl on his face and we christen him Catweasel (from the sixties children's tv programme )  I must add here that although he is causally dressed like everyone in Chania he is dressed well.
The reason we notice him is,he complains about everything except the music, to that he nods approvingly, mouthing the words to the songs. He goes over and talks to the musicians and leaves money in their tip box but the waiters are not so lucky. 
He sends back his starters,his wine,he complains in a haughty and aloof manner and then it's back to nodding approvingly to the musicians. I'm so glad something makes him happy.

Two nights later we're in a different restaurant with a group of three different musicians. Who comes and sits at the table in front of us and in front of the group? Yes! Catweasel and his partner.
What is the first thing he does? Well after nodding and appreciating the music, he sends back the wine! He sends back a whole litre of the same house wine we are drinking and saying how lovely it is. Wine connoisseurs we are not but I don't think we have ever sent wine back. He complains about his main course again and when the ice cream dish comes,complete with sparklers he makes the waiter take them out of his dish before they have finished burning. I can tell from the waiter's face that they are hot. We decide that the couple are Greek as he converses fluently with the waiters. We think he maybe is a musician himself, a celebrity in Greece or someone rich enough to demand the attention he gets. 
I whisper to my husband, "Imagine having to go to dinner with that grumpy old man every night, what a nightmare!" 
Later in the evening when we were leaving the restaurant Catweasel's partner gave me a lovely smile and said goodnight. So,she can speak English,I wonder if she heard what I said. If she did then I got from her smile that she found it amusing.

A few nights later we celebrated my birthday at the second restaurant. We had just started our meal when Catweasel  and his partner appeared. All we could do was laugh. I think they might be stalking us as we have always been at the restaurants before them. There are hundreds of restaurants in Chania so it is funny we keep choosing the same ones.
Three waiters are around his table in an instant, pulling out chairs, bringing them water and menus. It seems they were expecting him and are well prepared.
He never cracked a smile, just gave them a nod. 
So, do you know Catweasel ? Is he a film star? A musician? A Greek idol? A millionaire? Or just a grumpy old man. 
Who Is He?........
These photos were all taken of the restaurant. It wasn't until I started to write this that I realised he was in them. The bottom one is blown up.

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