Friday, 22 September 2017

Crete Diaries June 2017 / Last Memories

We've had a heatwave here for the past few days and it's far too hot to do anything but lie in the shade near the pool,read then swim. It's reasonably quite here, plenty of empty sun beds and the youngsters who like to play ball (with a tennis ball) and have a carry on in the pool, anything except swimming, have gone somewhere for the day.
The noise I can hear and which I usually enjoy is the noise of the crickets. The noise is synonymous with being on holiday in a hot country. These crickets however outdo any crickets I've ever heard. I've described them in posts before as, " The gentle chirping of the crickets." But here they sound more like those howling monkeys I've seen on wildlife programmes. The strange thing is the all stop chirping at the same time..and then start all over again. We are under the shade of trees where they probably live but they must be masters of disguise because no matter how hard I look I haven't seen one yet.

The hotel is two miles out of town and at the top of a hill which might be the reason for the beautiful butterflies that flutter around us. They look so regal in their blues,reds,creams and greens. A cream coloured butterfly with black stripes lands on a flowered bush. It has huge wings and I try unsuccessfully to photograph it with my phone. I wish I had brought a proper camera with me.

As I swim in the pool two swifts swoop down for a drink. They think only one of them should drink and like two fighter jets they have a dogfight in the sky. 
Talking of fighter jets, there's an American airfield near Chania  and we can hear the fighter jets flying overhead. The noise is incredible and like the crickets we can very rarely see them.
Three little sparrows line up on the railings at the side of the pool. They take it in turn to bathe in the overflow of water and return to the railings. They ruffle their feathers until the sun dries them and the fly away. This is probably a daily ritual and I feel privileged to have witnessed it.

We have loved being here in Crete and hope to return one day. We have found it to be very much like Turkey and it has made us want to go back there next year,so look out for my Turkey Diaries once again. 
I said people watching gives me inspiration for writing stories and that's what my next post will be,a story I wrote in Crete from something I observed. 
I'll leave you with some photos....including food! 

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