Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Crete Diaries 2017 : Flying and Arriving

June 2017.

I know that one day I will not want to fly again.It's not a pleasant way to travel but if you want to chase the sun you have to grin and bear it.
Flights are becoming more unbearable. Straight back hard seats, less legroom than ever before. The table that I unfold from the seat back in front of me slopes towards me, well good luck with the hot tea Anne. 
I'm thinking to myself, " Whatever happened to the little string bag which usually sits below the pull down table and holds the in-flight magazine and a sick bag?"
It was a place to pop your book or magazine into and a packet of mints or glasses case. Goodness there's not enough room to move and now they've taken away our little storage place.This is the second flight we've been on that hasn't had one. The flight attendant hands a flight magazine to everyone. Ours is a bit chewed around the edges probably by a child who was bored and it's a bit sticky too but they have to flog their food,drinks and duty free goods so they don't seem to care what they are handing out to us. 
At the end of the four and a half hour flight the same attendant comes to collect the magazines. Everyone seems to have done the same as us and put it on the floor at the window and they have now travelled under seats. He didn't collect many but as I leave the aircraft I see magazines scattered around the floor, lost and forgotten probably looking for the little string bags on the back of seats that used to be their home. 
It will take the cleaners longer to clean the aircraft crawling around looked for the sticky, chewed magazines!

Our plane landed in Chania ,Crete st 6:30 pm,Greek time was 8:30pm and it was getting dark.
Our taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was only 20mins and my first thoughts on Greek soil were,
"This looks like Turkey."
Turkey,my favourite place to be, where because of recent unrest we had decided to try some other countries,last year was Malta. I don't suppose any Greek or Turkish person would be too happy at me saying they look similar but each day of our holiday we were to find more and more similarities.

We received a great welcome at the hotel where the manager asked if I was Scottish (I am). He said he knew because of my frequent use of the word lovely (when asked what we thought of the hotel,the view etc.) 
I now find that I do say lovely if asked about how I like something. I will need to invest in a thesaurus and find some other words to replace it, I can't be stereotyped.

The hotel sits at the top of a hill overlooking the town of Chania (pronounced Hanya )with it's sweeping Venetian harbour. What a beautiful (lovely!) view from the balcony.
A few drinks at the bar and then sleep after our long journey.
Tomorrow we will investigate Chania.

LOVELY :  beautiful,pretty,attractive,marvellous, wonderful .....

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