Thursday, 8 December 2016

Malta Diaries 2016: The Last Outing,Marsaxlokk.

I'm squeezing in one last diary post before Christmas.

The last place we visited was a picturesque fishing village in the south east of Malta called Marsaxlokk.
I have no idea how to pronounce it, I just say it as it sounds.
Once again we took a bus to Valletta where we caught another bus. This is the way to see Malta.
When we arrived at our destination what struck us straightaway was how quiet it was, where had everyone gone? 

We had coffee and cake outside a cafe in the main square across from the church. 

They closed the church doors before we could have a look inside.
The church, Our Lady of Pompei dates back to 1890

Marsaxlokk is famous for the brightly painted fishing boats called Luzzus. If you look at photos online they look lovely but when we visited there didn't seem to be very many about.

I loved the bronze statues of a father returning from a fishing trip being met by his little boy who has a little toy fishing boat of his own. Also the cat looking for some fish to eat.

Look at the streets! No crowds! It was bliss for a while but empty restaurants and cafes are boring 
( I know! There's no pleasing me.) We did find a market where I managed to find gifts for my granddaughters  which were homemade so I was quite pleased.

I think these are really cute. The girls store their purses and play phones and a host of other things in the pockets for when they next come to stay.

My eyes were drawn to these colourful doors. I couldn't get the whole row in the photo but there are lots of photos on them online. I was curious as to when and why they were first painted. Did the residents get together and say," Let's make this a tourist attraction?" Do they repaint them every year? 
I asked myself these questions then I asked Google. It seems they are quayside apartments for the holiday rental market. So now I know.....tourist attraction! 
They even have a pull down screen to prevent the paint being damaged by the sun......clever! 

A not so well looked after old door and tiny window, but I love it! 

We caught the bus back to Valletta and spent some more time wandering around the capital,my favourite place in Malta.
When we returned to the bustling St Julians the streets were being decorated for another celebration, St Julian's Day. We would miss this by a few days which is such as shame as we would have had a great view from our balcony especially of the planned fireworks display. We did manage to see the local band practising as they marched past our front door.

I've enjoyed writing these diaries. I didn't realise we had seen so much of the country until I started writing. My advice to anyone who wants to visit would be, don't go in July or August,too hot and too busy. So goodbye Malta,next year my holiday diaries will be from Chania in Crete.

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