Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Farewell to 2016

I hope you all had a good Christmas and have ate your fill. There's only a few days left until we vow to give up fattening food and get fitter. That will probably last until February when we decide we're lovely as we are and who needs to diet?
This has been a good year for my family as our third granddaughter was welcomed when my daughter and son-in -law's first child was born in October. The joy of holding a new born baby in your arms is immense, another little person to love.

I'm still attending my gym and dance classes although there's no weight loss I suppose it's doing me good from the inside and my heart and lungs are healthier. Now if it could make me a size ten that would be nice. This coming year brings a big birthday for me which I'll be celebrating in Crete so if I can't loose some pounds for that there's no hope for me.

In the wider world what a year this has been. It began with the sad death of David Bowie and ends with the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher. The months inbetween saw us losing more and more of our favourite people from the world of the big screen, the small screen and music and books. I'm not going to list them for fear of leaving someone out but most of us will have lost an idol from our youth who made life a little bit better for us whether it be with their humour or their music. 
With the passing of each one of them we were shocked.
My personal favourite people were  George Michael, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood and Denise Roberson (This Morning agony aunt)

This year terrorism has held us in it's grip as each month brought another tragedy and we remember, Brussels,Belguim,Istanbul,Nice, Orlando and Berlin and the people who lost their lives there and others whose lives have been changed forever because of it.

In June we in the UK voted to leave the European Market and in doing so gained a new Prime Minister,let's hope the good sense of a woman can sort this country out as we withdraw from Europe.

While we get a snappy dresser for PM, America gets Donald Trump and I think we should be afraid ...very afraid!

We can't leave 2016 without thinking of the humanitarian tragedy that is taking place in Aleppo. 
Each day the reported news gets worse and the videos and photographs more harrowing. A city crumbling to dust and it's people trampled on. When will it all end?

If only we had the recipe for peace. If only we could make the terrorist lay down his guns and his bombs. If only the sight of happy families shopping at Christmas or having fun on holiday could seep into their hearts and stop them from destroying it. If only.....
 All we can do is enter this new year 2017 with hope and optimism that the world will one day be a better place.
Best wishes to all my readers for a happy and peaceful New Year.

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