Monday, 7 November 2016

Malta Diaries 2016 : Gozo

One of the trips I wanted to do in Malta was a boat trip to Gozo. We could have went on our own by a large ferry and then take a bus to the capital, Victoria but we decided on a smaller boat trip.
We caught a bus from St Julians to Bugibba. We had been here a few days before to book a seat on the boat. I felt this place was very commercialized and a bit like a very old British seaside resort. There is a sea life centre here which although we didn't go to see the sea life  we did sample it's lovely restaurant. 
Qawra which is next door to Bugibba looked a bit more upmarket. 

Back to the boat!  When I say small it wasn't like boats trip we had taken in Turkey where there are maybe fifteen people at the very most on board and mattresses are provided for sunbathing. Lunch is always provided on the Turkish trips and bathing in the sea is usually done at a quiet cove. 

This boat in Malta was big,filled with rows of wooded seats and filled with people. Food, filled rolls, chips and drinks could be bought onboard from a kiosk but it was a reasonable price and okay. 

The boat stopped at a blue lagoon and we had a swim but when other boats arrived the water became too crowded to be enjoyed. On we went to Gozo. We opted for the mini bus tour which would drop us off in Victoria and come back to collect us,stopping at Dwejra Bay where we were taken in a much smaller boat to see the azure window and other rock formations. I'm not a fan of very small canoe like boats filled with excited holiday makers but I survived and took these photos, between the heads of the excited holiday makers.
This is a natural rock formation of Maltese limestone created after  two limestone sea caves collapsed. 
The arch is 92 ft high but With sea erosion the window has become bigger over the years. One day it's beauty will be gone. The sea here is such a deep vibrant blue. I took these photos with an iPad and it loses some of the true colour. 

The bus we rode in and an American jeep I took a liking to.

This was the spot where we picked up the small boat to view the assure window.

Going into a cave.
The guide pointed out shapes in the rocks. For some you had to look very hard and use your imagination but I think this next photo speaks for itself and is a bit scary.

The driver dropped us off in the Capital of Gozo,Victoria. He ( kindly) stopped at the bottom of a steep hill and pointed to the top where there was a very interesting church to visit. Needless to say we didn't get to the top and the church but found the nearest cafe for a cold drink, and a look around the market. it was very,very hot.

I liked Victoria but there wasn't enough time to fully explore it. 
Everywhere we went in Malta towns were either preparing to celebrate a saint's day or had just finished their celebrations. Gozo was no exception and as we waited outside a police station for the bus to return I passed my time by watching the decorations being taken down. There must have been about ten or more men and women involved in this.

As we moved around Malta I wondered if these street decorations move from town to town or does each town have it's own? They are very large so I wonder where they're stored ? 

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