Saturday, 24 September 2016

Malta Diaries 2016- First Impressions

Someone told me,"People either love Malta or hate it" Well for me that wasn't true as I am somewhere in between. We did visit in August, the busiest and hottest time of the year. I obviously didn't do my research very well. It was so very busy. I longed for open spaces,for trees and hills, but we saw none of that.
We stayed at Spinola Bay which is in St Julians. We rented and apartment on the main road with an amazing view. No matter what time of the night you looked out of the window you would see people walking up and down the road. Maybe nightclubers walking home. Then about six am the joggers and runners and power walkers were out in force. 
We didn't know that the entrance to our apartment wasn't on the Main Street but behind the building which meant climbing a hill up to it. I don't do hills,I really don't and 14 days later climbing that hill didn't get any easier.
On our first day we jumped on a bus tour to give us some idea of our surroundings. It was so long and we had only seen a small corner of Malta. Here are some photos.
The lovely views across Spinola Bay and our apartment ringed in red.

 The bus tour passed by Valletta the capital of Malta which we loved and visited a few times and Mdina The silent city which is the historical capital. Here are a few photos taken from the bus.
This is the walls of Valletta and the next photo is of a huge cruise ship I was very impressed with and wanted to be on.
This bus wouldn't move for me to get a better photo. The interesting thing about this church and I think every church in Malta is that it has two clocks. One clock is set to the right time and the other stays at the same time,sometimes the second one is just painted on. The reason behind this is to confuse the devil if he comes to earth. Hmmm! Hope it works. Well this is only day one. I'm using an iPad app to write my posts as I can't get my photos loaded onto PC so I hope it works.

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