Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Inner Child,Fairies and Sunshine.

I have had the pleasure of my three favourite children staying with me for a few days. My two granddaughters and dinosaur boy. The two oldest will be brand new six and five this month and the youngest is two and a half.
I love it when they get together although it's hard work sometimes. I enjoy watching them learning how to share,play and how to put others needs before their own. Sometimes it takes a little persuasion but they get there in the end.
Having them here brings out the inner child in me. I love crafting and stickers and colouring  and making things. The joy on their faces when they accomplish something and when they are praised for being so creative is priceless.
We managed to go to a makeshift cinema in the local town hall which was about a quarter of the price of the big cinemas. We saw Finding Dory which they loved and so did gran.

When we go to the park it makes me laugh when they think I'm capable of attempting the climbing frame or sitting inside the spinning teacup, ha ha I'd never get back out again. 
did once slide down the slide when out with dinosaur boy, he kept asking me to have a go and I said I was too old his reply was,
The Proof.
" Age is just life not what you are, your heart might be old but your brain is young,you can do this. Age is just a number." He had just turned five. 
With a tear in my eye I climbed the steps,slid down the slide and nearly got stuck. There was no one else in the park that day,thank goodness. 

At the end of their stay I remembered I had bought a fairy door. We found a good place to stick this magic door and the three of them sprinkled fairy dust over it saying,"Fairy please come and stay and give us lovely dreams each night." Because this is what fairies do. We left the tiny bottle which held the tiny key beside the door. If the key disappeared we would know a fairy had found the door and made her magic house behind it. 

The two girls had to go home before dinosaur boy but he couldn't content himself and was looking at the door constantly. He even left a toy car beside it for the fairy to get around in. 
The magical moment came when he found the tiny bottle empty and the key missing. Hubby and I were called upstairs to witness this moment. He was so excited. The next day the fairy had left a thank you note (as polite fairies always do) thanking the three children for her beautiful door and saying she wished they could see her magical house behind the door. A special thank you for the use of the car and she would make sure they had lovely dreams. Dinosaur boy was beyond excited by this time.
Of course when the girls return they will find the same things and the excitement will start all over again. I have plans for lots of tiny fairy things to magically appear beside the door just to prove there really is a fairy living there. By the way her name is Primrose.

The house is now back to normal, games,toys, stickers all packed away. It is so quiet and I always miss them a few seconds after they leave. 
I am now preparing for our summer holiday. Packing cases and trying not to forget anything important like my kindle. I will enjoy relaxing and reading although I think this holiday will be more about sightseeing than lying by a pool. We are going to Malta which is steeped in history and seems to be a very interesting country.
I hope you will come back and read my Malta Diaries when I return. Sunshine here I come! 

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