Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Happy Enough?

Can we ever be completely and utterly happy with our life? I know we can all have  moments of true happiness but if we could would we change things.
How many times do we say," I wish I could win the lottery " and then plan what we would do with all those millions. Give it a thought,would we really like our lives to change in the way they would if we won millions?

Last year on holiday in Turkey we stayed at a small pension with only sixteen rooms. This was owned and ran by a husband and wife. The owner built the pension with his mother when he was a young boy so he's very proud of it. He told me that over the years visitors have asked him why he doesn't make the pension bigger, he has the room. Why doesn't he use space in his garden and build a few villas as many in the surrounding area have done? He would make a fortune,they tell him.

He said he has always refused to do this. It would mean hiring more staff,working longer hours,or maybe even taking a step back himself and hiring a manager and a cook.
The business is just the right size for him to manage and for his wife to do what she loves and cook for the guests. They work hard. He is on the go from 7am until the last guest retires to bed which can be the wee small hours of the morning. They are friendly people and this creates a convivial atmoshere where their guests and everyone who stays leave feeling part of the family. 

He asked,"Why should I change things when I don't need a bigger car or more money stored away in a bank account? I am happy enough!"
What he said stuck with me and I admired him for not being greedy and wanting more.

I suppose if I won the lottery I wouldn't send it back but I would like to think I would give a good deal of it to charities and maybe change the lives of people who have far less than I do.

 I have decided 
 I don't want a huge mansion, I would need to employ cleaners.
 I don't want to travel the world (like I once did) I would miss my family too much.
 I don't want to buy expensive shoes or handbags, I'd probably just buy more books that I don't have time to read.

My children make me happy.
My husband makes me happy
My granddaughters make me happy.
My little dinosaur boy makes me happy.
Friends make me happy.
Writing makes me happy.
Reading make me happy.
Sewing makes me happy.
Dancing makes me happy.
Singing makes me happy( but no one else !)

Listed like that I have many things to be happy about.

 The more I think about it The more I agree with my host in Turkey, I don't want things to change as 
I'm happy enough!

I wrote this a few days ago and only yesterday on Sky News the question they asked was,
"Are you happy?"
I think the conclusion was that being happy meant different things to different people.
You can't say fairer than that!
Are you happy enough?

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