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The most popular post on my blog..ever!

A drum roll needed please... This is my most popular post since I began my blog four years ago. It has had nearly 4,000 views and was posted in October 2011 which was only a few months after I started my blog.  It's the story of how a fortune teller predicted when I would meet my future husband. To be added to the story is, we have now been married for 37yrs and have two granddaughters.
If you haven't read it before I hope you enjoy it and if you read it the first time around I hope you enjoy it again.

                                Fortune Tellers Never Lie.

When I was sixteen I visited a fortune teller on the Central pier in Blackpool. It was my first holiday without my parents. I was with Louise who was my best friend from school.
One of the predictions the fortune teller told me and the most important was that I would meet my future husband in Blackpool and the next time I visited  would be with him.

How we laughed at that one as at that age neither of us had a steady boyfriend and the thought of meeting someone in the near future who would become my husband just didn't seem possible, but a holiday romance, now that sounded very romantic.

Looking back I can't imagine why my mum allowed me to go on holiday with my friend at that age.
Louise had family living in Blackpool and I probably said they would keep an eye on us ( my mum believed everything I said then) . Louise's aunt booked a bedsit for us for two weeks.
I don't know why we didn't go to a hotel perhaps it was too expensive or maybe we wanted to be independant and pretend it was our permanent residence (we were only sixteen).
By the second week we had ran out of money for food and Louise's aunt must have been fed up making our dinner and when the guy who owned the bedsits asked us if we wanted to work in his cafe for some cash,  that's what we did.

Louise on the left and me outside our bedsit.
It was a working man's cafe and not very pretty, I was quite shy then (still am) so I stayed in the kitchen washing up and making tea and Louise was front of house as she had the gift of the gab, and was a bit flirty  (yes you were Louise) . It meant that we made  lots of tips as she told our hard luck story to anyone who would listen and between the tips and the cash for working we managed to  have a good time even though our  days were taken up serving bacon rolls and cups of tea. I don't think I ever told my mum that, could you imagine if it was your daughter?  But at least we were inventive.

The bed sit was very central which is the best thing I could say about it, I don't think it would have rated highly on Trip Advisor but being young we didn't have high expectations. One room with a cooker and sink and a  bed that folded up into the wall. We had to share a toilet and we didn't have a shower or bath we had to go to my friend's aunts house and the public baths for that.

 None of those things bothered us, we were free from school and parents and could do whatever we liked,  even drink, so that's what we did. There was no problem being served in the bars in Blackpool, but we hadn't had alcohol before so we ordered what Louise's big sister drank which was cider and babycham.
We went to bars and clubs, danced ,worked and had a ball. One of the groups we bopped to was called Smokey they became quite famous and went on to have a couple of hits and faded away.

The best part of my holiday was that the fortune teller was correct. I did meet my future husband, actually the very night after having my fortune told and the next time I returned to Blackpool which was the following year was with him. It's a wonder my mum ever let me out of her sight again.
We met in Tiffany's Ballroom he was with two friends and  it was my friends turn to pick who we would dance with as you never get two good looking guys out together and someone has to end up with the not so good looking.
My husbands two friends asked us to dance and Louise had the good looking one (it was her turn, stay with me). I didn't really fancy mine but they asked as us to join them for a drink and when we returned to the table a third guy was there. I wondered  if he had a girlfriend and that's why he didn't dance. So, many questions later trying to find out (as I did fancy him) and he was thinking  I was a bit cheeky and nosey, I dumped his friend, we danced and the rest as they say is history.

That was thirty eight years ago (this is where you gasp and say surely not that long ago) and we have been married for thirty three years and have two lovely children and a gorgeous granddaughter.
The funny thing is my husband lived in the same city as I did and we went to the same dance hall and may even have danced with each other but had to go all the way to Blackpool to actually meet.

This is where I go all gushy so look away now if you can't take it.
He is my best friend, my rock, I have not been in the best of health during our marriage but he has supported me every time I have been unwell and in hospital, he looked after the children, cleaned the house and walked the dog and visited me every night. He has had to support  me financially too as I had to give up working as my health was suffering . Being with someone for so long who is so much a part of you means you don't often tell them how much they mean to you so I am taking the chance now to say, Jim, you mean the world to me and I love you loads! I'm so glad my mum allowed me to go to Blackpool.
P.S   Remember, we're proof that fortune tellers never lie !
And my friendship with Louise survived Blackpool and we have now been friends for about 47yrs.

Have you ever had your fortune told and it's came true? Or a holiday romance that's stood the test of time?
Do tell, I love a good gossip!

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