Thursday, 31 December 2015

Let it Go! The End of the Year Post.

As I sit here typing I feel like the queen writing her Christmas speech,except she doesn't write it and this is a New Year speech. I suspect the same speech writers who write for the politicians write her Christmas speech and she just looks it over to see they haven't made any spelling mistakes.

For many people this will have been a terrible year and they will be glad to let it go. For many it will have been a great year. I think for the world in general 2015 has not been good. I'm thinking primarily of all those who lost their lives in terrorist attacks. Words can not express how we all feel about those. Lives were also lost to the elements of nature,to earthquakes,to floods, to forest and bush fires and to Tornadoes across the world.
We leave 2015 a little more insecure, a little more suspicious and a lot more aware just how very fragile our lives are.

On a personal note my hubby and I moved into our new house in June but I'm sure you all know that by now and if you don't,where have you been?
I posted my Moving Diaries, the trials and tribulations of buying and selling and I hope I never have to move again.
It has been exciting moving to a new town. I've found people to be very friendly here and we're enjoying the move.
At long last I found a Writing Group and I love it. For such a long time I have only been writing this blog and my book reviews but this group has opened up a new avenue for me. I haven't stopped writing stories and poems since I joined. It's great to spend time with like minded people and if anyone loves to write then my advice is...join a group. Before I joined I was very apprehensive. Would I be good enough? Did I have to be good?What if I couldn't think of anything to write about?
I asked one of my fellow bloggers and author Ros Adam all those questions and she said,
"Go for it, you will love it" and she was right. Thank you Ros.

I have also joined a gym and I have started Zumba, Aerobics and a dance class aimed at the over fifties. This is just not like me at all but I am enjoying them all so far. I don't have a new body yet but watch this space! Ha ha.
Hubby and I had a lovely holiday in Kayakoy in Turkey and again I posted my Turkey diaries which start here.
I'm not sure about returning to Turkey in 2016 we may try somewhere different. If you know of anywhere nice let me know.

We had a sad time in October when our twelve year old German Shepherd dog Sam died. We knew he was a good age for his breed but it all seemed to happen so suddenly and after a few days of trying to heal him we had to do the right thing and let him go. He is missed so much as he was a large part of our lives. This is the first time in 29 years we have been without a dog. I get my dog fix from my daughter and son in law's two dogs as we have them for a few hours a few days each week. They are delightful to have and delightful to hand back again.

My gorgeous granddaughters are now four and two and my highlight is when they come for sleepovers,I just love it. Dinosaur boy who has been in many of my posts over the years became a five year old schoolboy this year and also comes for sleepovers. He is now a dinosaur expert.

My health has had a good run this year and I haven't had a stay in hospital,must be all that exercising that is keeping my lungs good.

Well that's my roundup of my year I hope you are one of the many who has had a good year,if you're not then I wish with all my heart that 2016 will be happy and healthy and a good year for you.
We can let go of the old one and open a new page in 2016. We can make it a better one.

Thank you to all the faithfuls who read my blog. I love reading yours too.
Cheers and here's to 2016!

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