Friday, 11 December 2015

My second most popular post of all time.

My second most viewed post of all time was part of the A-Z challenge. My theme was Staying Fabulous and Fit After Fifty. This was posted on April 2nd 2013. I think this goes to prove how many people have googled Botox and been led to my blog.

A-Z Challenge. Staying Fabulous and Fit After 50, B is for Botox

Well? Would you? Have you? Go on spill the beans and tell me if you have had it done has it made a difference to your life? Do you look and feel younger?
Botox (onabotulinumtoxin) is used in medicine to treat, urinary incontinence, muscle stiffness, cervical dystonia, and chronic migraines. It is also used to treat symptoms of extreme sweating. People using Botox still have to use conventional medical treatments like physiotherapy and prescribed medication.

Botox used for cosmetic purposes is big business and by 2018 the global market forecast is due to reach $2.9 billion,and you thought there was a recession didn't you?
What does Botox Do? It works on muscles that move,so if you have wrinkles when you laugh or frown it will freeze them,it will not however get rid of any wrinkles you have when your face is at rest or not moving.
The result will last for 3-6 mths and then will have to be repeated again.
 It seems very high maintenance to me and having all those injections in the sensitive skin of your face seems worse than going to the dentist.
We would all like to be wrinkle free, but at what expense? Everyone reacts differently and side effects can range from none to, bruising,swelling,headaches and more serious effects like respiratory infection, flu symptoms and dropping of treated muscles.
Sometimes you can go just a bit too far with your treatments.


If that is the result for people with lots of money to buy the best then I think Botox is out for me I don't want to look any of the above.
The wonderful Joan Collins says about Botox..
 Botox, I think, is poison, I would never put it into my face, and I'm needle-phobic. I spend a lot of time keeping my face out of the sun and taking care of my skin and wearing make-up.
Joan Collins

So I've decided to keep my wrinkles. There's nothing wrong with laughter lines and a few crows feet it's part of growing older. I love this verse form The Prettiest Eyes by The Beautiful South. I wanted to add the you tube video but the words weren't very clear.

                                             Lets take a look at these crows feet, just look
                                             Sitting on the prettiest eyes
                                             Sixty 25th of Decembers
                                             Fifty-nine 4th of Julys
                                             You can't have too many good times, children
                                             You can't have too many lines
                                             Take a good look at these crows feet
                                             Sitting on the prettiest eyes

It seems everyone has something to say about wrinkles even Shakespeare.

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