Monday, 21 December 2015

A Christmas Poem.

I want to wish everyone who has read my blog this year a very happy Christmas.
If circumstances mean it can't be a happy one then I hope it's at least a peaceful one.
My Christmas gift to you is a poem about what it's like to be a harassed mum at Christmas but it could apply to everyone as we're all busy at this time of year.
 I hope you enjoy it.
Merry Christmas!

                                                         A Busy Mum’s Christmas                 
                                    Christmas shopping,what a rush,
                                     Waiting ages for a bus.
                                     Stood in queues buying this and that.
                                     No time for coffee or a chat.
                                     The rain is heavy, soaked right through.
                                     Hail a taxi that’s what I’ll do.
                                     Home at last,wrapping gifts
                                     Checking Santa’s Christmas list.
                                     Just one more toy to come for Mike.
                                     I wonder how to wrap a bike?
                                     Wrestling fairy lights,putting up the tree
                                     In front of the window for all to see.
                                    Clean the house from top to bottom,
                                    I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten.
                                    Christmas Eve, what a rush.
                                    Trying not to make a fuss
                                    Bathing kids, preparing food
                                    Not really in the Christmas mood.
                                    Wine and cookies on a tray
                                    For Santa on Christmas day.
                                    Children sleeping just in time
                                    Dad eats the cookies,mum drinks the wine.
                                    Six am the kids are awake
                                   “Santa’s been mum” for goodness sake
                                    They run downstairs and gasp and smile
                            And the magic of Christmas makes it all worthwhile.




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