Monday, 2 November 2015

Let's Build a House.

This is the first post I've ever written asking for help. This is why......

 One of my fellow bloggers Jo Carroll took early retirement and had a late in life gap year around the world. One of the places she visited was Nepal, and she fell in love with the people and the country.
She returned again a few years later and enjoyed her time there once more. Jo stayed in the houses of local people instead of hotels, she made friends with the guides who took her on jungle treks and to see the many sights of Nepal,she even wrote a book about it.
Imagine how devastated she was when the earthquake struck the country and the people she loved.
About a month ago Jo returned to Nepal at the request of the friends she made there. They wanted her to tell the world through her writing that Nepal needs tourists if it is to survive.
 Thankfully all her friends were safe but when Jo saw the many, many families without homes she wanted to help.
Jo Carroll- As you will usually find her...writing

These are her words,

"I'm going to fund rebuilding one house in Nepal. I've seen the devastation and it would be easy to throw up ones hands in helplessness in the face of such need. How can one person make a difference in the middle of all that? I can't rebuild a town - I can't even rebuild a village.
But I can - and will - raise enough money to rebuild one house.
I happen to know which house this is - but I'm not going to tell you anything about the family who live there, nor post a picture of their temporary home, nor go on about the struggle to keep going in one room under a tin roof. I'll not exploit individual misery like that. You'll simply have to believe that the hope we can give to this family will ripple out to others.
Prayer flags over Katmandu
  To give one family – currently living in the dust and the debris of the earthquake – somewhere safe and dry to live. "

There was a comment on Jo's blog that really touched me..from a lady called Susan....

 "None of us can single-handedly save the world, but it's like the story of the woman who comes across a beach covered with hundreds of stranded starfish, and starts tossing them back into the water, one at a time. Another person scoffs at her, and says she can't save all of those starfish, so why is she wasting her time? "No," she says. "But I can save THIS one... and THIS one..."

I imagine this is how Jo feels and we can all be part of it too.

She needs to raise just £1,500 to build a house for one family or to be correct, to give one family the bricks,mortar,windows, and all the usual stuff it takes to build a house because they will build their own with the help of friends and family.
Jo has set up a GO FUND ME PAGE and has so far raised £550 and she said that will pay for the foundations, we now need the bricks.
Imagine if we could all together raise enough for this family to have a roof over their head perhaps in time for Christmas, now that really is what the Christmas spirit is all about. Every pound helps,every 10p you find down the back of your sofa, every 5p you can't be bothered with and stick in a jar, it might just buy that bag of nails we need.
The house will look like this but with a tin roof.

This week  many bloggers out there are taking part in this Blog Blitz (with the hashtag #letsbuildahouse #Nepal)  to get Jo's idea out to everyone.

If you are a blogger please join in and either write your own post or feel free to copy and paste mine.
Let's get this house built, just one house at a time.
Jo is also writing the ebook her friends asked her to about Nepal and all profits will go to the fund.
Thank you for reading. Let's Build A House
Here is a link to Jo Carroll's Blog if you want to read more

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