Friday, 6 November 2015

I've Missed You Pat.

I have a friend. I'll call my friend Pat, mainly because I don't know anyone by that name so we won't get mixed up.
Pat has been by my side for about four years now. Pat helps me with my blog and is always there to tell me if I make a spelling mistake. Pat shares books with me and lets me read them anytime of the day, I only have to ask.
When I'm awake at night with insomnia  Pat is always online for playing  scrabble or patience. I would never find a holiday without Pat's help.
I think I've been taking Pat for granted. I confess I rely on my friend far too much. It is getting like an addiction, I'm addicted to Pat.
You can imagine how I felt when a few days ago Pat stopped communicating with me. First I was angry, I was so mad at Pat. I was asked for something from Pat that I couldn't provide and I had no idea how I was going to sort things out.
These few days without Pat have been a strain. It's a bit like having an itch that you can't scratch. I felt lost, as if part of me was missing.
Nothing I did made any difference. I tried and I tried but Pat would not respond to me. Had I lost Pat forever?

I decided I had to do anything I could to regain Pat's trust. I consulted a relationship guru and he told me it was entirely Pat's fault, I had played no part in this travesty. In fact the only thing I had done was try to improve our relationship. He said if I brought Pat to him he would see what he could do but I would have to pay a fee for his services.
A fee? I would gladly give him gold and silver if he could get this relationship going again.

The day has arrived and Pat and I are going to see the guru. He asks me to leave Pat and call back in an hour. Much as I don't want to leave by myself I feel I can trust this guy as he says he has seen this breakdown in relationships many times before and he knows how to improve things.
I treat myself to a fancy coffee and wait out my time. I return to pick up Pat with trepidation as I know this could be make or break for us.

The guru greets me with a huge smile," There you are, I've fixed your IPad for you, re-set it back to the factory settings, all you have to do is hope everything has been saved in I Cloud."

Yeah! I'm happy again and Pat the IPad and me are back on speaking terms. I can now use twitter and Facebook and blogs and scrabble from the comfort of my armchair. I did so miss my IPad and I swear I will not download the IOS updates that locked me out and ask for passwords that don't exist ever again, because they obviously come from the devil's lair to break up happy relationships. Long live my IPad! Now to tackle ICloud.

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