Thursday, 22 October 2015

Turkey Diaries 2015 - The noisy and the delicious.

In my last Turkey Diaries post I spoke about some of the sounds of Turkey. This is one of the sounds  which will forever make me think of Turkey.

It's 2am and I'm woken up by a noise, the kind of noise that gets louder and louder. I suddenly realise that it's the sound of chirping crickets.
I get up and go through the open door onto the balcony expecting to hear it even louder. There is no noise outside, which can only mean one thing, the cricket is in the bedroom.
I couldn't contemplate going back to sleep knowing there is a cricket in the same room just as I couldn't sleep back home if there was a spider weaving a web about the bed (yes it has happened).
What if it jumps on me and burrows into my ear and lays eggs? Don't tell me you've never gave that a thought!
The noise is so loud that it wakes hubby up and he would sleep through an earthquake. He switches the light on as we play hunt the cricket.It doesn't take long for us to find him attached to one of my handbags and he is not as cute as the one called Jiminy from Pinocchio.
Hubby flicks him from the bag onto the balcony and we return to bed.
Jiminy does not go to sleep on the balcony, he does not fly or jump onto nearby trees and plants,he chirps and chirps and chirps until we are forced to close the balcony door and suffer the extreme heat in place of the extreme noise.
This is the first plus sign I have found to being deaf in one ear. I just turned and lay on my good ear and more chirping.
Next morning at breakfast we were telling the hotel owner's wife about our night time noise maker. She is Dutch and very practical and straight talking, she said, " Where you went wrong was throwing it onto the balcony, you should have thrown the noisy creature over the balcony, then you get peace.

So that many friends is the moral of this story, Dutch lady says,"Always through your crickets over the balcony if you want to sleep at night."

This is my last entry to my Turkey Diaries for this year. I hope to return once again next year,fingers crossed and god willing. Until then I'll leave you with some photos of the wonderful food we ate there. This will show hubby there is a purpose to me photographing every thing we eat much to his embarrassment.                                   
Ice cream and something. I liked the plate!
Mixed meze starters at our favourite restaurant The Izela

Cheesecake and ice cream

ooops can't remember but looks good.

My favourite-Stuffed Aubergine

Lasagne served at the pension we stayed at.

Our second last day and we were the only residents in the hotel so the owners invited us to have breakfast at the beach with them and their friends. The spread and the view was amazing. This is the friendliest hotel we have ever stayed at and I really hope we can return again.

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