Thursday, 8 October 2015

My Surreal Moments

Do you ever find yourself in a surreal situation? It happens now and again to me and I stop and think,"How did this Happen? How did I get here?"

It sometimes happens when I'm on holiday in Turkey. My husband and I will be walking back to our hotel late at night,the sky will be black but heavy with hundreds of bright shinning stars, it is quiet, no one else around and that's when I think, "This is surreal, what am I doing here?

Its the kind of feeling that's hard to explain and I wonder if everyone has these moments from time to time. I'm talking about surreal moments not senior moments,ha ha, we all have them.
 Since moving to the other side of the city to a town where I only know one two other people (daughter and her hubby) I've had a few of those moments. I will be sitting on a bus going along streets I have never seen before and hoping I choose to get off at the right stop and that's when I feel it's a bit surreal, maybe as if I should be somewhere else instead.

My last such moment was only a few days ago and what brought it on was finding myself on the dance floor of the local town hall. Twelve of us were doing a dance routine to Tea For Two while holding and using a cup and saucer as part of the dance. I stopped and thought to myself,"If someone had told me a few years ago I'd be here in this town hall in this part of this city dancing with a cup and saucer I would have told them they were mad."

The beautiful town hall I danced in (minus chairs)

I was taking part in a dance workshop hosted by The Barrowland Ballet
I had joined a stretch and strictly dance class for the over fifties recently and this workshop was advertised as, "Come and join in with the Barrowland Ballet and learn a few steps of our dance."
Most of my class attended but we were expecting to be seated watching part of a dance show then join in later.
No, no, we were wrong. We danced from 10am until 3 pm with a short break for lunch. One young male dancer, Kj, a real cool guy complete with hat was showing us the steps to three contemporary ballet dances. To say we were exhausted at the end is putting it mildly and we also had our usual dance class the following day to which some poor souls were so full of aches and pains that they didn't make it.
I think most people found that day to be surreal as we actually felt we were dancers. One of the women said she expected Anton Du Beck to come waltzing through the door any minute asking us to dance with him, if only...

So those are my surreal moments. I also have a few when I
1) realise I'm not a young girl anymore
2) tell myself I am a grandmother
3) find myself saying things to my daughter that my mother said to me.

Please tell me that you too have surreal moments when you wonder if you're in the right place or are doing something you never thought you'd be doing in a million years.

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