Thursday, 3 September 2015

Turkey Diaries 2015- Sounds Like Change is in The Air.

The butterflies are fluttering amongst the flowers doing what butterflies do best. A wood pigeon flies down to drink from the pool. He does this at the same time every morning and I'm convinced it's the same bird. When I mention this to my husband he rolls his eyes at me and shakes his head.

This is breakfast time in Kayakoy.  A donkey brays, not just at breakfast but all day long. Local cockerels are crowing in competition with each other and the sweet sound of dogs barking is never far away. I say this tongue in cheek as we have our own dog at home and barking is part of our lives. Two dogs live here and they guard the property well. No one enters through the gates to the hotel unless the dogs give their okay. We have seen grown women run for their lives when the dogs jump at the gate barking. After you have met them they never bark at you again when you appear at the gate,they just lift their heads as if to say,"Oh it's them again!"
We forgive them for barking because they're very lovable dogs,one even has her own sunbed.

 Last night in Fethiye we passed by a canal and for the first time ever I heard a frog chorus. What a strange noise, I was surprised at how loud it was. I didn't see the frogs but if their size matched their voices I'm glad they stayed hidden.

These are some of the pleasant sounds we welcome everyday. Some are not so welcome.
At 8 am every morning a cavalcade of jeeps pass by noisily. They are tourists from the nearby Hisaronu taking part in a jeep safari. I notice that health and safety has finally reached Kayakoy as all the riders are wearing safety helmets, even if quite a few of them look like German WW2 helmets at least they'll be safe.

Lots of cars and bikes use the road that passes by the hotel, it's the only way to the nearby Gemilar Beach so at times it can be a bit noisy.  The hotel owner said that when he first moved here if he saw two cars pass by in 24 hrs then he knew it must be a holiday.

Nothing ever stays the same. Life moves on,technology gallops along and things change.
In the two years since we have been here 500 new villas have been built in and around the village. Local people are making money selling land that has been in their families for years. In the grounds beside the villa we stayed in last time two new large villas are being built, but as tourists we haven't noticed a big difference.
It is worrying for the owner of the small hotel we are staying at as most of the villas will become holidays rentals and he despairs that there won't be enough visitors to support his business.
One restaurant owner told us that she feels the local government don't want this to be a village but to grow into a town. They have even stopped local farmers walking their goats through the main part of the village. 
The fact that this is a small rural village is what attracts us and the many people who visit here. We respect the locals and feel privileged to share their lives for a short time. We want to see the goats walk through the village and don't mind waiting until they pass.

Ten minutes on a dolmus takes you to the brash Hisaronu with its British and Irish bars and restaurants. Half and hour and you can visit the large harbour town of Fetiye. So there is something for all tastes. We love Fethiye but love even more returning to the peace and quiet that is Kayakoy. I hope the local council don't succeed in their masterplan.

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