Monday, 3 August 2015

Turkey Diaries 2015 - We're Back!

When I finished writing Turkey Diaries after our holiday in 2013 little did I know that the following 14 months were going to be so stressful. You will understand if you have read my Moving Diaries. We also had a family bereavement with was so unexpected and threw us all off kilter.
 Once we were settled in our new house and hubby had resigned from his very stressful job we felt we could breathe again and think about a break.
With no holiday for well over a year we  realised we could not wait until our usual holiday time of September (when noisy children have returned to school) so decided to go somewhere in July.
Our thoughts of going to Italy went by the wayside as we decided on a purely relaxing holiday with no sight seeing or driving involved, so Turkey it was.

Kayakoy seemed the most relaxing place to go to. It's outwith the big resorts and in a small village. We have stayed there twice before and both times we rented villas but this time we decided on a small hotel or pension with just sixteen rooms. It had great reviews on Trip Advisor so we thought we would give it a try.

Main street in Kayakoy,peaceful.

In previous diaries I have moaned about flights but this time everything went smoothly. Jet 2 had got their act together at Glasgow Airport and opened about ten check in desks, although why we have to check -in online and at the airport is beyond my understanding. Large queues at security but again lots of gates opened and we went through fast. We were upgraded to seats with extra legroom as they had a family to seat and children couldn't sit in those seats. Our flight arrived at 11pm and we were met by our taxi driver and one hour later we arrived at or hotel.
Midnight and the stars were brightly twinkling for us as we stood on the balcony sipping our welcome drinks looking out into the garden. Although there wasn't much to see in the dark we could smell Turkey. That hot,sweet earthy smell of the place we love. Straightaway and probably because of our lovely welcome we knew we would love it here.
Straight to bed I think.
Entrance to the pension,nearly hidden from the road



Some of my arty photos

Beautiful gardens. Morning view from balcony.



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