Thursday, 27 August 2015

Turkey Diaries 2015 Boats and Brollies

One of the activities we enjoy in Turkey is a day out on a boat. I say activity but that just means lying on the boat soaking up the rays or reading. There are frequent stops at little hidden coves and that's when we go for a swim usually while newly caught fish are being barbecued for lunch.

This year we only did one boat trip. It was a private trip with another two couples from the hotel arranged by the owner. The boat was smaller than we have sailed on in the past but because we only had a few people on board it was ideal.

We had a lovely day and a filling lunch and all was well until the Turkish captain sat round the table with us asking us in broken English about our lives. Some were asked if they had children or what job they did. It was my turn to be questioned and to his wife's horror he asked me my age. The other two couples were much the same age as me but I was determined I was not going to divulge mine to him.
 I said "I'm not telling you" he said, "I will guess" and proceeded to make me four years older than I was. Oh the hilarity from everyone as my face reddened.  I stupidly replied, No! I'm 37! " and to make everyone laugh that little bit more he said,
"Well  you've had a stressful life!" All this in broken English with his wife trying to throttle him. I didn't live it down for the rest of our stay.

Fethiye is a large town with a lovely harbour. This is where the boat trips leave from and there are plenty.  I like to walk along looking at all the different boats but you can't make eye contact with anyone near them or you will end up in a long conversation about why their boat is the one you should choose.
Just up from the harbour is the Paspatur, a mixture of shops,restaurants and bars. Leather,pottery, clothes, spices, you can buy anything here as well as having a Turkish bath and massage.
We love the outside bars here where we sit and watch the world go by.
You eyes are drawn upwards as you stroll along the Paspatur at the pretty colours of the umbrellas on the roof.  I have no idea why they choose umbrellas as you very rarely need one here but they are very pretty and colourful and made me feel happy ever time I saw them which is a good enough reason.

Plenty of boats for everyone

Pirate ships

and sunken ships

A bar in the paspatur

Another bar,The Car Cemetry.

colourful brollies

Waiting in anticipation.

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