Thursday, 4 June 2015

Moving Diaries - So Long....Farewell

Tomorrow we pick up the keys for our new house. I didn't expect it to take nine months for us to find one but it did and we've been grateful to my son for letting us live in his flat during this time.
Although I haven't settled here I thought I would share with you my favourite place here that I will be sad to leave behind.

 The area around this pond is beautifully kept. It's just such a pity that we've never had a really nice day where we could enjoy sitting at the many picnic benches dotted around.  Lots of different species of ducks live in the pond and I was lucky enough to see a male a female duck waddle past with six little ducklings wadding behind them. Dinosaur boy was with me that day and it was such a magical moment for us both. I also had to go to the local shop and buy drinks and snacks for a quick picnic with him as he just can't pass a picnic bench without eating and drinking. It wasn't the warmest picnic I've ever had.

Wouldn't these garden seats be lovely to have on your own garden? They are so tactile and you just can't help rubbing your hands over them. I would love to have seen the process of them being carved. Such a lot of work has went into them.

There are two swans here and you can see their nest on a small island. Their nest is made with thick hard branches which look so uncomfortable,they must have plenty of fat to cushion them.

I have also had success with the cutting of my rose bush I took from my old house. It has went from this...

To this.....

 In the last few days a tiny rosebud has grown. I feel like a new mum waiting for it to bloom. The original rosebush was 18 yrs old and I'm pleased that even if the new owners of my old house don't keep it a part of it will keep growing in my new garden.

My next post will be from our new abode. Where I'll be blogging from a garden chair in the living room as we have been let down by the sofa company who promised our new sofas would be delivered on Monday,took our money and then said, "Sorry they're not coming until July." 
Oh well,worse things can happen than not being able to curl up on a nice comfy sofa.

My Turkey Diaries will be continuing this year as we will be returning to our second home of Turkey and Kayakoy in particular. I am looking forward to feeling the heat of the sun on my bones.

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