Thursday, 25 June 2015

Moving Diaries- The final instalment

This is a short update to end my Moving Diaries. We have been in our new house for nearly three weeks and we love it and so does the dog.
The neighbours are friendly and I know we will be happy here. The house itself is easy to keep clean being a good bit smaller than I was used to. The garden has slabs and chipped stones and will never need cut or watered only weed killer sprayed on it just in case.

It's not been easy cutting down on all we have accumulated over the years and the charity shops and a few friends have benefited. 
I found there were some things that I could not part with and thank heavens for loft space,what would we do without it?

The outfits I brought my babies home from hospital in, my gran's old clock which doesn't work, boxes and boxes of photographs taken well before digital cameras were invented, the list goes on. Maybe one day I'll be able to let them go but not yet. I do feel good that the junk has gone,the clothes I kept, hoping for the day they would fit me again, the clothes I kept for fat days which are so baggy I looked twice my size. 

What upset me the most and only someone who loves books will understand this was parting with my books. I had a bookshelves which covered one wall of a room and it was filled. I now have one shelve in a cupboard which is packed with my keepers which are ones I haven't read,signed books and books I love so much I will re-read them one day. I also have two bags of the books I have read in the past few months waiting to go to friends and yes,they're in the loft.
 Thank goodness for kindle I have over 300 books on it, more than I'll ever read. Collecting books is most definitely an addiction but a nice one.

Just across the road is a nice place to walk the dog. I unfortunately can't take Sam out on my own because he dislikes dogs he doesn't know and he's too strong for me. So hubby's job is walking him. Sam has no manners and has never learned how to say hello to another dog without doing it aggressively but once he has met a dog he's fine. 

 Another update I have to give is my about my  rose cutting. I'm so pleased at the result.

If you haven't read the story of the rose you can find it here

And this is its journey from cutting to flower. 
I've had it in the garden but it's been so wet that the pot filled with water. I now have a much larger pot to plant it in. 

 While looking through old photos and cards I kept I found a new home card from when we moved to our last house twenty years ago ( yes I keep stuff that long) it was from my favourite uncle who lived in Ireland who's now passed away. He wrote a little poem on it which is just as apt today as it did twenty years ago so I sat it in pride of place beside other new home cards I received this time. It still brings tears to my eyes when I read it.

 Life has returned to normal now but  I'm sure in a new place they'll always be surprises around the corner. 


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