Monday, 18 May 2015

Moving Diaries- Adventures in Selling and Buying a House.

I hope you have all noticed that I have added the word buying to the title at the top. Yes my friends we have finally bought our house and I hope with all my heart it is our forever house as I could not go through it all again anytime soon. So how did we get to this stage? Not without some stress and tears.

I love watching Phil and Kirsty on Location,Location. They have good advice and great ideas and although I don't agree with everything they say I do agree with the three "C" Compromise,Compromise and Compromise and this is what this house search has been about.

Hubby and I compromised with each other, each giving and taking on each others likes and dislikes. We are downsizing which is difficult and has meant having to declutter and declutter again and probably again before we move. It is one thing to talk about downsizing and what you can live comfortably without but it's another to be faced with the reality of it. I know in the end having a smaller house and (grass free) garden will mean that on the few sunny days we have we can enjoy sitting on our decking and have a rest instead of spending hours cutting grass and weeding. We were never good gardeners. I will have lots of pots filled with colourful flowers and enjoy them.

To meet your prince you have to kiss a lot of frogs and to buy a house you will love you have to view the ugly ones first. 
There was one house we didn't agree on, hubby loved it and I ...well let's just say I didn't love it.
The house was eighty years old and I think that was the last time it saw a lick of paint. There was untidiness everywhere you looked and although the owner would be taking his mess with him I just knew the house would not be left in a clean state, call it woman's intuition. 
The garden was large and quite secluded but in just as bad repair as the house. Remember when I said we're not good gardeners? 
Hubby could see it's potential, I could see work scrubbing, painting, gardening, spending money and hiring skips. We have been there and done that and are too old for a project like that. The owner also was asking far too much. I managed to persuade hubby it just wasn't for us.

There was disappointment when I would spot a lovely house which had just gone online only to be told an offer had been made on it. This happened many times and since I was checking the website at least every half hour I have no idea how someone else got there first. I would probably say inside information but who knows?

When we put our house up for sale I painted all the paintwork. All the jobs that needed done in the house and garden were done. We viewed houses where there was no bulb in the garage or outside light so we couldn't see the garden in the dark. I wanted a house being sold by someone who had taken as much care as I had, and we found it.

I'll be reprimanded here if I don't say that my daughter found the house. At first I wasn't too keen. It wasn't in the estate we had found and liked, it was smaller than I wanted,there was no garage. We decided to view it anyway. Kirsty and Phil are right! It only takes 11 secs to decide whether a house is the one you want to live in or not. 

That was over six weeks ago and in another two we will have our keys to our new house. We don't have to paint or paper, and nothing needs done we just have to place our furniture and enjoy it. 
Last week we went to the house to measure for sofas and I loved it even more. It is a five minute drive to my daughter's house and I expect to see a lot more of her. If she's reading this she be putting the for sale sign on hers! 

I'm so glad we're nearly there as I feel I've been in limbo for the nine moths I've been living in my temporary apartment. I will miss the hills around me here, the duckpond and the cattle in the nearby field but that is all.
I 'm looking forward to meeting new people and doing something different as I move to yet another part of the city. I never want to buy or sell a house ever again.

Still Crafting.
I'm still enjoying sewing. I would love to join a sewing club where I could get advice on how to progress as I'm kind of stuck on cushions and quilting.

A quilted cover for my sewing machine

Two cushion made from shirts. The buttons take the place of a zip.
Large floor cushions for spare room for children
Another swan.

Yes I know, I have too much time on my hands. 

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