Friday, 30 January 2015

A Little Bit Crafty.

As I no longer have my toddlers during the week I have became restless and slightly very bored with my day. I just wasn't into blogging very much and reading made me tired, I needed something different to occupy my brain.
I love doing crafts with the toddlers so I thought of picking up my knitting again as I knew my bag was full of half finished projects. I couldn't find it anywhere. I pulled out all my packing boxes but no knitting anywhere. I have a feeling that hubby has put it along with the stuff that's gone into storage. 
A while ago I had bought a felt name kit to hand sew and I enjoyed making it so I thought I could do it by myself. I bought felt and buttons and accessories  and got started.
This was my first one, a Christmas banner.

Next, banners for the toddlers.

  After that I ran out of children's names.
I have had a hankering for a sewing machine for years and had been thinking of taking a machine sewing course, after all it's been 43 yrs since I last used one. 
Unfortunately when I decided to book a course it was full, I was so disappointed.
What did I do next? I bought a sewing machine and with the help of my old friend Google and his brother YouTube I taught myself how to use a machine again.

The brain is such a wonderful piece of machinery that as soon as I had the sewing machine in front of me all that my sewing teacher at school taught me came flooding back, I could even hear her voice in my head.
Material is expensive but Hobbycraft had an online sale and were selling what they call Fat Quarters half price. These are quarter metre pieces of fabric  in packs of six colour co ordinated pieces, great for practising . 
Here is what I have managed so far.
Front and back of the patchwork cushion.

My attempt at a bag with different coloured lining. 

A heart shaped cushion that kind of 
lost it's heart shape when I was sewing it as it's hard to sew in a curve. I found out it's a great cushion for your back.

 My latest project is this cushion for dinosaur boy. I'm waiting for the stuffing to be delivered.

 I have had to buy a rotary cutter and a mat and it has made such a difference to cutting. I'm not great at cutting straight lines but hopefully I will improve. 
I really want to make a patchwork quilt but I'm going to start with table mats. Maybe by the time we have a new house I will be able to fill it with items I have made. 

Many many years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby I bought a latch hook rug making kit. It was for his nursery and looked so cute on the box. That rug drove me mad and I nearly thew it out of the window but my mum came to my rescue and took the kit home and completed it.
A few weeks ago I bought a cushion sized one ( only £5 in the sales) . I used You Tube again and it took me about twenty tries to get the hang of it and now I'm really enjoying finishing it. 

Nearly finished now! 

I felt encouraged to try these new crafts by Kate from
Kate started sewing last year and if you visit her blog you can see her progress. She also told me to write this post so if I've bored you blame her. (sorry Kate)

Another blogging friend I'm in awe of who does every kind of craft under the sun is JoJo at tahoma beadworks Her house must be like living in a treasure trove. She also is great at photography.

If the format of this post seems different it's because I'm trying out an app on my iPad as it's more convenient than using the computer. 
I hope my sewing will progress and I'm still keeping an eye out for any classes I can join to get expert help. I'll keep you posted on my efforts.


  1. I love those cushions and as for the bag, it's gorgeous! You're so clever. Whenever I try to do that sort of thing the cotton gets all knotted or I machine the table cloth to my work (I have done that once!)

  2. You've certainly been very busy Anne and what beautiful things you have made! I've never been very good at sewing, although I enjoyed cross stitch a few years ago. I was always more of a knitter, but I think I over-did things when my grandchildren came along and my fingers began to ache. I'm so looking forward to you sharing your next projects - bookmarks perhaps? ha ha

  3. Yes Amanda too much time on my hands. I'm trying to do different things so I don't get bored. Once I get a house I'll have plenty to occupy me.

  4. Thanks Ros. I've made lots of mistakes but that's how you learn. You made me laugh with sewing the table cloth to your work.

  5. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the shout out and kind words. I am humbled and grateful!

    Your projects are so CUTE! I have a sewing machine and I'm so afraid to use it. Maybe I should you tube some instructions too! I just got a catalog with rug hooking kits and I've always wanted to try one but I've never been able to grasp how it's done, despite being shown.

  6. What fun you are having! Good to know you aren't sitting around being bored - thougn I know that's not your style.

  7. Brilliant!! Clever you..though you must miss those cheeky toddlers!

  8. Yes it's fun Jo although I bet you're having a lot more where you are,

  9. Thanks Carol. Oh you have no idea how I wish I still looked after them.

  10. You're welcome. You have to try the Kat h hook again ,once you get the knack it's easy,

  11. You have so much fun stuff here. I have taken up crocheting again. Completed one small scarf. I joined some women in the canyon here, who meet once a week. It has been really nice.

  12. A little bit crafty?? I think not you are A LOT crafty Anne I love what you've been doing, I especially love the banners for the kids. I had one for Eric when he was a child the letters of his name attached with Velcro onto a bit of a patchwork quilted hanger,

  13. Wow! How clever are you? I love those heart shaped cushions, I could do with one of those right now for my back...
    I'm useless at crafty things, but I did have a go at felting a couple of years ago. Went with a friend to an all day workshop with cake! And we both made and came away with two beautiful scarves.

    I'm off to look at your crafting buddies blogs now. Thank you for sharing... :-)

  14. That must be nice to do it with friends. I'd love to join a sewing club but none here,

  15. Thanks Jen. I've now made another patchwork cushion and a swan.

  16. Thanks Maria. I love the heart shaped one for my neck and for my back.


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