Thursday, 24 July 2014

There's a Party in Glasgow !

In my last blog post I wrote about how I was born and brought up in the east end of Glasgow and this is where Glasgow is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Last night was the opening ceremony from Celtic Park. My gran lived in a tenement building overlooking the park. If you looked out her kitchen window you could watch football matches and my dad loved to do just that even although it wasn't the team he supported.
Last week I was in a car going past the athlete's village. There was police everywhere and some streets around it had gates and security on them. It must be hard for the people living nearby but I think they are taking it in their stride and with a dose of good Glasgow humour.

The opening ceremony is said to have been watched by a billion people, now that's a lot. I have to say I had a few cringing moments during the first part of the action when Glasgow comic Karen Dunbar was singing, a singer she is not. John Barrowman was his usual cheesy self and there were too many cliches for my liking, and much better talent, but that's just my opinion.
The rest of the show was wonderful and it was lovely to see the pride and the pleasure on the faces of the athletes representing their country. I loved the Red Arrows fly past and ran to the window to see if they were flying my way but we live just too far from stadium to see them.

I had not been in to Glasgow city centre for a few years mainly because we have a huge shopping centre nearby and there was no need to. However in the last few weeks I have been a lady who lunches and have been in the city twice so yesterday I thought, why not make it three times and see what's happening.

This was Glasgow about ten days ago.
Poor guys, no one is listening.

Poshest place to shop. My aunt used to tell me you had to pay to speak to the doorman. He always spoke to me and I never answered him. No doorman now.

I have never noticed the top of this building before. Only had my phone with no zoom.
And this was Glasgow yesterday
In Buchanan St watching the group below

This group was super. You can see the amount of people watching now reflected in window.

Obligatory balloon seller

I walked on to George Square. The sun was shinning and along the way I passed restaurants with outdoor seating, marquees being put up and lots of excitement.

There was a queue to have your photo taken inside this.

People queued here for 3 hrs in the sun for tickets and souvenirs

Ah isn't he cute but prickly?

Not an empty seat. I sat on that wee kerb on the right,had a hard time getting back up.

You have to be fit to attend these games.

City Chambers and cenotaph

People enjoying the sun in George Sq.

Glasgow was buzzing, everyone seemed happy, everyone enjoying themselves. I found a backstreet market leading to Sloan's Bar. I don't know if it existed before or has just been set up for the games. I laughed when I saw these tea towels,and just look at the price.

I have never seen so many people taking photographs and so many I took had big heads in them. The good weather we are having is certainly adding to everyone's enjoyment. The city is filled with people with Identity badges stating that they are here for the games. News reporters from many countries are interviewing their representatives on every street corner. I so hope this weather keeps nice for them all.
Hubby and I are going back into the city on Saturday as I'm sure it will even be busier then and we want to experience the holiday vibe.We will use public transport as there is just no point trying to get your car anywhere near the buzz.
I hope you enjoyed my glimpse of a busy, sunny Glasgow.


  1. Great photos! I would love to see Scotland someday but I am afraid to get on a plane these days. My soon to be husband is of Scot descent. And John still my beating heart. He's so cute I could cry. lol

  2. Isn't it wonderful when cities know how to have a party! I hope you manage to enjoy the Games, too.

  3. I've never been to Glasgow, but it looks like a lovely city centre! Even better when it's full of happy people in the sun enjoying themselves. I hope these games are good for Scotland! Lovely post, Anne!

  4. All I remember about glasgow was that it rained when I visited and I couldn't understand a word the taxi driver said!! Hahaha...Lovely blog with lovely pics...nice to see the sun shining!

  5. How fabulous it all looks, and as you say, all the better for the sunshine. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony but then I suppose a lot of the 'issues' you had with it shot right over my head. Have a good day in town today and make sure you splash on the Factor. I suspect it's going to be another hot one!

  6. Thanks for the view of Glasgow. Someday, perhaps?

  7. How great that you are enjoying your city.


    My heart always sings in Glasgow.


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