Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Our Awfully Big Adventure.

Ten months ago I wrote about a country walk a few hundred yards from my house,we call it the dinosaur jungle I blogged about it here
It is a great place for an adventure with young children. On Friday I went with toddler boy who will now be known as Thomas because in his own words he is nearly number four and not a toddler.
 We didn't take a picnic as Thomas wanted pizza for lunch so we had lunch before our walk.
I decided to go further than we have before and as the dinosaurs who live their are Thomas's friends we had no fear in exploring.
The way we didn't go.

We don't usually see coloured butterflies here.

Our first mishap was when Thomas was being a little over adventurous and fell into stinging nettles. In my youth I was a Brownie and also a Tawny Owl so I knew we had to look for dock leaves to ease the itch of the sting. Dock leaves always grow beside nettles, a brownie knows this, except that  they do not.
 I hunted all around and couldn't find any dock leaves so being resourceful I used the diluted juice from the Spiderman flask Thomas had brought to pour over his arm and cool it down. I eventually found dock leaves and used them too. Thomas was a brave soldier and didn't cry. I think he was so amazed at me pouring his juice down his arm and rubbing the spots with leaves that there was no room for tears. Behind the nettles I did see what resembled a swamp and as we just read a story about a boy falling into one and being rescued by a pterodactyl Thomas was really interested  in seeing one for real.

Nasty spots appeared immediatly
Further on we came to two paths and I hadn't a clue which one to take so we chose the one that went along the riverbank. The enclosed trees opened out and there was the river down at the bottom of a small hill and a bench in a lovely position for admiring it. There were two swans swimming along a good bit away from us.
We sat quietly and I took some photos on my iphone. The swans swam  closer, and closer. They then left the water and started coming towards us. I told Thomas I thought it was time we were moving on. He wanted to stay and watch the swans. I think he may have noticed the difference in my voice when I said we had to move
now and we had to be fast. We walked away as fast as we could without running and then Thomas ran. The swans looked as if they were going to follow and did for a bit then one went back into the water while the other  one kept watch in case we returned.
I asked Thomas where all the friendly dinosaurs were when we needed them,he said they were sleeping. Typical, never a dinosaur around when you need one. We actually laughed and laughed about what had just happened once we knew we were safe.
Swans getting closer.
We next came across a family of ducks but they were friendly and quacked hello at us. Our next path brought us out at our favourite picnic table and although we hadn't brought anything with us Thomas ran to it to drink his juice. Too late, being only number three he couldn't read the sign that said WET PAINT. Luckily I managed to grab him and it was only his hands that were covered in black paint. We were saved again by the spiderman flask and the juice which I used to clean the paint off.
The rest of our walk was uneventful but I could still feel my heart beating a little bit faster as I thought of those swans.
Thomas enjoyed talking over and over about what had happened and loved telling his mum when she came home from work.
He earned his rest

We had a lovely afternoon and I think Thomas learnt lots, like never be without a flask of juice, you never know when you might need it. Oh and keep away from swans. I don't think he'll forget that in a hurry.

I have to finish with a photo of my granddaughter because she loves to see herself on my blog.
Her hair is so curly that even trampolining can be a hair raising experience.


  1. Aww Anne!!! What a wonderful adventure..he will have such special memories of his time with you when he starts school. If we lived closer, I'd come along with Avalyn Grace. What a fun person you are!!!! Lovely lovely post.

  2. Thanks Carol,I do try to be fun. I'll miss him so much when I move but he'll come lots and have sleepovers until he has too many actives and can't fit me in. It would bevgreatvif we lived closer but will really need to organise a meet up sometime.

  3. Except for the swan attack and the stinging nettles, it sounds like you two had one great adventure.

  4. Lots of adventures for sure! Swans scare me too....they can be wicked mean. I'm not crazy about Canadian geese either.

  5. What a lovely post Anne, it reminded me so much of a similar walk we've did one day when my son was about that age - he's 21 now & I've never forgotten it, I'm sure Thomas won't either. Are you moving far?

    Thanks for cheering up a very wet morning in Edinburgh :-)

  6. I love the way you do things with these little ones, Anne. This is such a lovely post. You had such fun with him and you actually taught him some valuable lessons in the process. Your photos are beautiful…the path you didn't take looks like one for another adventure! And yes, swans are scary if they are not in a good mood. I was chased by one once. I was in a small boat with an outboard motor, so we were going quite fast, but even so, the swan nearly got us!

  7. It's good fun Val. the walk leads to dams where the river is much wider. Hubby takes the dog there and he says the swans are quite vicious,hissing at the dog when he's not even looking at him. I nearly had a fit when they came out of the water. A boat would be scary as there's no where to run to.

  8. Thanks Rosemary. I hope he does remember.

  9. I used to like swans not too keen now.

  10. Oh we did Inger and those incidents added to it and gave us plenty to tell everyone.

  11. Oh Anne - aren't grandchildren fun!!!!! Even when things are a big hairy (so to speak).

  12. What a shame that Thomas had to learn that swans can be dangerous when they have babies to protect but it's a lesson well learnt. That photo of the nettle stings made me wince and I do hope you gave him the soothing 'treatment' before stopping to take the photos!!

  13. What an exciting adventure! I have fond memories of my dad being chased by a swan. It saw his bun (which he'd been looking forward to eating), and ran at him. He tried to distract it, but in the end he had to throw the bun and run!! I'm sure Thomas will always remember your lovely walks.x


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