Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Things That Make Me Go ARRRHHH!!!!

After my blog about what makes my heart sing here is one about what drives me mad. I've discovered that this is my third moaning post about annoying things
Most of you agreed with my last ones so let's see who agrees this time.

Vax steam floor cleaner
Many of you will not need this appliance if you have the luxury of carpets in your home although it can be used to freshen up carpets, not clean them, only freshen them. We have a large hairy dog so to help alleviate the mess from muddy paws and hair we have wooden floors downstairs.
After years of using a mop we treated ourselves to a steam cleaner and the fact that it had a compartment for detergent made it ideal.
Yes it does the job, it cleans the floor, it's the before and after that drive me mad.
Sliding out the containers for water and detergent is just impossible. It has grips on each end but still will not move. I have seen complaints about this on websites from other people so it's not just me. When eventually it comes off so does the stopper so if you have any water left it's all over your clean floor.
Instructions say "Do not use any other detergent in this it has to be made by Vax" The Vax make is expensive so as one does I've tried the usual kinds in it. Something strange happened, normal pleasent smelling floor cleaning products all smelled horrible and stained the inside of the container. The makers have done something mysterious that makes any other dertergent than theirs smell. If I had to buy it all over again I would buy the cheaper version,without the detergent container.
Rant over.

My  daughter is being married this year and I have been looking at websites of those shops who specialise in mother of the bride outfits before.
 Every outfit is modelled by a girl under the age of thirty five. They are all a size ten or less and they are all tall. I see a few I like but they are never going to look the same as me as they do on a six foot tall size ten thirty odd year old.
It really puts me off going into those shops and looking in the mirror dressed in satin or lace and not resembling the photo on their website. I wish they would use older women as that is the age they are aiming at. The shops do say that the photos come from the people who make the outfits and not from them but it's their website surely they could take some photos themselves, is that not common sense?
After I loose a few pounds  stones I will venture into to those shops with my heavily corseted undergarments and a pair of high heels that I'll only ever be able to pose in and try on some outfits hoping I will find "the one"

Rant over.

People who ask and answer their own questions.

I want to know if this annoys anyone else. In  TV interviews with celebrities it has become common for them to more or less interview themselves. I'll give you an example.
Celeb to interviewer, " If you ask me if I'm happy, I would say yes at the moment I am happy. If you had asked me if I was happy five years ago I would have said no, at that time in my life I wasn't happy.
She didn't ask you, you didn't give her a chance.  Interviewers will have to be careful as they will soon be no need for them.
I have also came across this in many magazine columns the writer asking herself questions and providing the answers. Politicians are great for doing it as it gives them the opportunity to be asked the right questions and avoid the ones they don't know the answers to.
I don't think it has happened with any of my friends or family, I would have remembered falling on the floor laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

Rant over. 


 I like to browse the Internet. I visit online shops and fill my basket with things I love and then visit another shop. I very rarely buy anything but it satisfies my shopping gene. The next time I use the computer lots of adverts will show exactly what I've been looking at and I find this so annoying. It's like being stalked by the shopping police shouting,"We know what you've been looking at" I can tell what my husband has been looking at too,usually boring stuff like tools or cars.

Yesterday I had to made a banner for my book review blog. I googled how to do it and lots of people said to download a programme called Gimp. I downloaded it but it wasn't much good so I uninstalled it from my computer. What I didn't know was that it had also downloaded two toolbars and another three sliding window things advertising all sorts of nonsense. It took me ages to uninstall them as I first had to find out the strange names the had been called. The moral of this story is, free downloads on your computer are never really free, beware all the added but unasked for extras.

Rant over.

On a slightly happier note.....
My dad always said that I had to have the last word in an argument. I found this while browsing and I thought it funny.



  1. I have never heard of Vax. I guess that brand hasn't hit the US yet!

    I hate clothes aren't fashionable for plus size people like me but I don't necessarily hate models. I don't think I'd mind being a size 10.

    And the last one pisses me off to, just people who like to hear themselves talk,
    And computers,don't get me started! Gee! Just tried to put new virus protection on Bill's computer and it crashed so I hate computers and I'm in the dog house to boot!!

  2. Anne, thanks for finding your way to the comment button on Anabel's Travel
    ! Glad you are enjoying the A-Z challenge posts. I can identify with your last point above - not on my own behalf, but on my Mum's. She is always "accidentally" downloading things and guess who has to sort it out? The model thing is annoying too, I hate shopping.

  3. I don't have a vax cleaner. I have a bucket and mop. I try not to look at slim models and I hate buying clothes as it involves looking at myself semi naked in a small room with mirrors! I have a tool bar appeared on my browser. It's big and I don't want it there but I can't get rid of it so I downloaded a different browser. As for having the last word... why do you think we love having our own blogs?! We can always have the last word there :-)

  4. To take off a toolbar you have to go to uninstall and look for its name. Maybe that's why we do have blogs Ros I never thought of that.

  5. I still can't find it on iPad have to go on PC?i'm loving you're A-Z. I wish when you download free things they would tell you exactly how much other stuff will come with it.

  6. It's an expensive brand of vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners Jen. It puts you off shopping when the models are all tall and thin and carry they clothes well.

  7. Commenting with the iPad is a real pain anyway! Always freezes or something.

  8. I don't have a vax cleaner either - I mop when I can't stand the floor any more.

    And last time I was a bride's mother I found a pair of yellow silk pyjamas in Vietnam that were simply stunning - nothing like the usual bride's mother outfit but I love them. (And did smirk a bit, knowing I was at my daughter's wedding in pjs!)

    But computers ... grrrrrrrrr!

  9. Computers. EVERY TIME!!!! Mother of the bride outfits..been there.. as you know it coincided with my Public Inquiry, the strain of which caused a weight loss of over a stone. Not recommended - tho it did work.You will look lovely in whatever you buy -- it's the radiant face that people will see.....and that is beautiful in itself!!

  10. I am with you on all of those rants, especially the computer thing. One of these days I will wreck my PC with my bare hands, it gets me so mad. It is good to have a bit of a rant though, isn't it?

  11. JoJo who always comments here is having problems doing it now. What did I just say about computers? She emailed her comment so I have copy and pasted it.

    "I hear you on the dress issue.
    I'm 5'2" and heavy, and I dread clothes shopping. My stepson is
    engaged, and I am engaged, so that means twice the dress shopping hell.
    I can only hope that Jeff & Casi decide to elope. My own wedding
    will be teensy and super casual anyway, but I know my fiance' would like
    to see me in something other than sweat pants and a tie dye tshirt. "

  12. I wanted my daughter to go somewhere hot and be married on a beach and I could have worn a long floaty beach dress. Hides everything.

  13. Its so annoying when it downloads things you don't want and thoses shopping spies,arrrggghhh!

  14. Oh Carol you are good for my soul. Maybe I should try your diet it would be better than what I'm doing now...nothing, I'm expecting the pounds to fall off by magic.

  15. I'm so with you on the whole models thing, Anne. Been there, done that, come out of shops feeling old, fat, frumpy and totally depressed. :)

    I love, love, love Vax vacuum cleaners - the only things that pick up all the dog hair that gathers in our house - but I haven't tried their steam cleaner. I won't now. Ha. We have stone floors and I use a mop and bucket!

  16. Like many of the others here, I don't have a vax cleaner (I haven't heard of them either, but that's probably because I'm in a 'foreign' country :-) However….I have a steam cleaner for the boat that drives me nuts! It is so fussy about how far you are from the water source, it just stops if you get too far. Probably needs a specific pressure, but I didn't know that when I bought it second hand! Re: the models, yes, isn't it depressing and why of why don't they use real mothers for mother of the bride outfits? And don't get me going on computers…what a waste of time they can be!!

  17. PS LOVE the last word cartoon :-D

  18. Ah, I nearly bought one of those Vax steam mop thingys! Glad I didn't, although carpeted the hall instead...the dogs have made mincemeat of the lovely new carpet already. Such is life!

  19. Ah its good to have a rant now and again isn't it. It's so true about the models used. It makes me laugh, mother of the bride???? How old's the daughter then!!!

    That computer thing is annoying too.

    Sorry not been as quick to comment :) although on your last post tried too and oddly the comment box wouldn't come up?

    I like the last word, Pete says I always have to the last word, ;)

  20. Ranting is so much better when done with a sense of humor, like you have done here. Enjoyed it all.

  21. Looking for M-of-B dresses was so frustrating for me as well. either the dress was in pale pale pastels which were (as you said) for models, or they were somber. None were for a woman in their prime who was packing a few pounds. Thanks for your meaning comments on my blog site.


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