Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Goodbye to Another Dear Green Place.

This part has no fencing yet and the daffs are just blooming

Last week as I left our estate I looked to the other side of the road and saw a man putting metal fencing around the perimeter of the only green place I see before I come to the ugly warehouse buildings that hold,B&M Stores, Matalan, Lidl  and Carpetwise. Although these large shops are sometimes handy I enjoy green spaces too.

Just across the road from entrance to our estate

The dark  patch is daffodils that will never bloom

In a few weeks this space would have been awash with daffodils and green leafy trees. This green hilly space has always been here. The council houses which were behind it were demolished and private housing built in their place. Not that I'm complaining about that, it was a very run down council estate and the whole area has been much quieter since it has been changed.
Even although I saw the advertising board going up for new homes I still couldn't believe they would build there,as well as it being on a hill the new apartments overlooking it will have their view spoiled.

From opposite direction. Fencing in distance

A few days later and my worst fears were confirmed. Diggers were out working the land and I was surprised how quickly they had flattened it.

This green space was not abused by people. No children played football on it, no dogs were seen to foul it. It was not trampled by people taking a short cut as steps ran through the middle of it. Is this the reason it was chosen? Surely we can have green spaces to enhance an area that don't have to be functional?
 I can just imagine the goings on at the planning department.

" Oh no one uses it so no one will miss it."

" No they can't complain about losing it or their children losing a play area,it's on a hill for god's sake!"

"Hill? No problem,we'll soon flatten that"

"Who's going to care about trees and daffodils?"
This area is named by the council as, " The Corridor of Opportunity" they even have road signs telling you this. Opportunity for the big fat cats to build and make money,never mind thinking of informing the community first.
Within a mile radius over the years they have taken away, all local shops from two communities, a library, a school, a nursery, post office and a community centre and replaced them with more private housing at prices only a few can afford. It disgusts me.
At the moment only part of the green space has people working on it and I can't see on the builder's website if they intend to use it all,I hope not.

One of my blogger friends Carol Hedges  has been fighting the local planners and council for some time now and discovered that it's not easy to change things when big business is involved. She has been heroic in her efforts even speaking up in court to stop them using her green dear space.

Sometime soon our doors will be knocked and we will be asked if we are voting Yes or No for Scottish Independence. I'm so annoyed at this green place being built on that I'm reminded of something we used to say years ago, " Divorce the devil and then marry his brother" Why would you?
I have no idea which way to vote but I'm so glad I got that off my chest today.


  1. Great that you got to express your frustrations. It is so sad when those in charge have no idea about what they are doing.

  2. We have had a similar battle to the one that Carol had. We won the fight at local council level but had it overturned by appeal. We now have houses behind our house where once there was an orchard. There's a road running along the end of our garden instead of small, gnarled apple trees. Yes, we've got used to it but I'd far rather have it back the way it was. Sadly the government positively supports these kinds of developments so we don't stand a chance.

  3. Our green spaces are so precious - i suppose you can only hope that someone has the sense to keep some of the trees ... woops, that implies planners have sense!

  4. Oh poor Anne it is a quandary isn't it? We have similar problems here. People will clear cut acres which could amount to square miles of forested land and it drives me nuts I hate it and it looks horrible.

    Then one day a friend who grew up here said that's what they have the land for, "the trees, the wood is a business" they'll replant and do it all over again. I still hate the clear cutting but at least now I have a clearer picture of the facts.

  5. It must look awful Jen but you are right and at least they are being rep,aced, this is squeezing as many houses into every place they can find.

  6. I'm hoping all the space is not being used but only time will tell. They've built lots of houses in the same area where council housing was pulled down so this was probably planned a long time ago.

  7. Oh Ros that's even worse being so close to you. We're so helpless in what we can do against these decisions. I'm all for housing being replaced with new houses but give us some local shops as well.

  8. They are all so corrupt where big business is concerned the ordinary people get ignored Inger,you must be so glad you live where you do when you hear things like this.

  9. Yup. this is what they do. Our TORY council is still saying to will slaughter all the wildlife and build ''affordable'' housing on our green space. At the last council meeting I was told if there was housing, people would be able to keep an aye on the derelict playing field and check it wasn't being abused by teenage gangs. Suggested they build on the whole thing - no green space, no problems. Not sure they GOT the irony. I am so so so sorry, Anne, more tghan you can ever imagine.

  10. Sorry to hear this Anne. Hopefully they will not take up all the space. Our councils have to keep certain areas for green parks.

  11. So sorry to hear this Anne. In my experience local councils are both corrupt & naive. They put tree preservation orders on certain trees in a development - the builders couldn't give a toss, they just rip them up as the fines are nothing compared to the profits, and they know the councils are unlikely to be organised enough to enforce them anyway.

    All so horrible, & as others have already said, so hard to stand up to as corporate profit for shareholders,etc is all that matters to many now.

    Sympathies :-)

  12. Oh Anne, this is so sad, isn't it? When I read about what else you've lost in the local community too, it makes it even more sickening. There is not much difference between the big barons and their serfs of history and the big corproate bosses and ordinary people of today. Our opinion still counts for as little as the serfs' did in their day. We too have lost all our green space in the city. This is why it's so important to me to get away at the weekends. I can't stand being surrounded by concrete, and feel so sorry for the city children who have nowhere to play anymore.

  13. Sorry to hear this :( as someone who reads council committee reports & mins for a living, I see this happening everywhere. People should be encouraged to keep an eye on committee papers (freely available on council websites) and object to things when they're still at the proposal stage. I know they advertise these things well in advance, to cover themselves, but not widely enough in my opinion. Hope you get settled into your new place soon, Anne! x


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