Thursday, 6 March 2014

Is Your Heart Singing?

A few years ago I read  in a magazine that everyone should make sure they do something once in a while to make their heart sing. It has always stuck in my mind, but what makes my heart sing?
There's the things you would expect, like being told for the first time that you're going to be a grandparent, holding your grandchild in your arms, they all go without saying.
The birth of my own children; the euphoria of giving birth to a baby cannot be matched. That moment when all pain has gone and you have a new life in your arms,nothing can match it.
My son would say parachuting off the top of mountains makes his heart sing, how I wish it didn't.We each have different things that make our hearts sing, my "thing" may make you want to run and hide.

I love the theatre, musicals especially and when I'm there I get this feeling inside of me that makes me think my heart must be singing. It doesn't happen very often because it's so expensive to have a trip to the theatre these days.
Feeling low from a nasty virus I needed cheering up so on went my new Cliff Richard  DVD of his latest concert (I can see you running to hide)  All the old songs brought back so many memories of so many concert trips and singing along at the top of my voice made me feel good.
 I read in the newspaper that singing with a group of people in a choir can do wonders for your health and well being, more so than singing by yourself. I did sing in a choir when I was a child but my voice is so bad now I'd be kicked out but I do understand how great the feeling must be.

 Very often while on holiday, usually in Turkey there are some moments, special moments, I may be looking at beautiful scenery, or people watching from an outside bar and I get that same feeling, my heart sings.

There are times when I feel surprised at what makes my heart sing.
I believe that your heart singing is a feeling of contentment, that all is right in your little corner of the universe.

Today I opened the back door to let the dog into the garden. I left it opened and washed some dishes, as I turned there was my little robin sitting on my kitchen floor (I wrote about him in my last post) I spoke to him and put some food under the garden table hoping the pigeons wouldn't see it. He followed me around the garden again really listening to what I said to him, and I had that feeling, my heart was singing that something so wild would want to spend time with me, he actually left his food to follow me around. I felt like Snow White, now if I could only train him to help with the housework.

Maybe scientists would say that your heart singing releases feel good endorphins that swim around your body awakening your senses and giving you the feeling of elation. I'm no scientist but that's what it feels like.
 As I get older I'm far more easily pleased and my heart far more eager to sing.
 Little things my granddaughter says can keep me elated for hours. A smile from her baby sister lightens my heart. Toddler boy's  little face showing his happiness at spending time with me brightens my day.
  Kind deeds,whether given or received, one of my special songs suddenly playing on the radio as if just for me all make me happy.
Sometimes we may have to go out and make the happy things happen, they don't always come to us gift wrapped. A walk in the country looking at the colours of the trees and sky. An outing by the sea,watching the waves crash against the shore, reading a good book.

On Sunday I went out with my daughter. She had found the perfect wedding dress for her wedding in November and wanted me to see it. Every mother knows that her daughter is beautiful and I feel the same about mine but when she opened the curtains of the dressing room and walked out in the most beautiful dress and veil I have ever heart sang.

What makes your heart sing?


  1. Musicals do it for me too. When we have to go to London for Mr A's hospital tests we always try to dig deep and buy tickets for a West End Musical. They're always worth every penny!

  2. Where do I begin - the snowdrops that are scattered along the remains of my fence, lambs, the view from the top of Barbary Castle, buying a flight ticket to somewhere I've never been before, riding an elephant, wine, Cuban music, hammocks ... I am a lucky woman.

  3. You are indeed Jo. They all sound wonderful.

  4. Musicals here are getting as expensive. I don't like the huge venues they have them in here now I prefer a proper theatre.

  5. Oooh, like, Jo, there are many things, but my heart sang today when I saw the sunshine gleaming on the water, and on the boats too. But music of many sorts - that will make my heart sing, and watching beautiful dancing...and the thought of freedom to come when work stops for the summer!

  6. I think those barges in the harbour are a lovely sight.

  7. This post made my heart sing. I hope you're feeling better and that those lovely heart-singing moments shared made for a better day for you.

    What makes my heart sing? Watching the squirrels and birds outside my window, and the deer when they search for food across the street. (Well, til my dogs freak out and bark like maniacs at the deer. That does NOT make my heart sing.)

    Music. Hearing the right song at the right time. It's not always the same song nor the same time. Sometimes I need mournful tunes, sometimes happy. But when they come at the right time, my heart sings. And I whistle. :-D

    Sunrises. Sunsets. And Fiddler on the Roof, too.

    So much. And so much yearning of late for things that make my heart sing. It's not been happening as much as I crave these past few months. This, though, did make my heart sing. Thank you.

  8. Gosh!! LOvely stuff here. Well, you know what is currently making my heart sing: Avalyn Grace, my new grand daughter. Seeing my daughter with her daughter is a feeling beyond words.And I too recall Hannah stepping out of the changing room in her wedding dress. Catches your heart and blows it open!

  9. What makes my heart sing? That tapping on my knee "Grandma?" Sunset abroad, after dinner (and wine). The first signs of Spring, sunshine and daffodils. Sometimes my heart sings like a choir and life feels good, but sometimes I need to remind it of the tune! What a lovely post Anne : )

  10. That was a lovely post Anne. Reading it made me smile and just affirmed to me what a positive and just plain nice person you are. The part about your daughters dress is so sweet and so true. When our daughter tried on her dresses I knew "the one" when she walked out and we all filled up with tears of joy at her shear beauty.

  11. Thanks Jen. Oh I'll be in bits on her wedding day.

  12. Thanks Amanda,I didn't know you were a grandma. How many grandchildren do you have?

  13. There's nothing like a new life to make your heart sing. It's strange seeing your daughter as a bride and remembering when she used your curtains to dress up as one.

  14. Thanks Lisa I'm glad I could help. I would love to see deer nearby. We have a moterway near us and it was built across woodland and deer sometimes come near the road to graze so as well as enjoying seeing them I get very worried for their safety.

  15. Awww.... that's beautiful. Loved this post. You are such an angel!

  16. Thanks Diane, your comments always make me feel good x

  17. A beautiful post, indeed. Hmmm... This made me realize that the first person I thought of upon reading this is actually that man who made my heart sing once again. He makes music with me everytime. And each moment has always felt wonderful!


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