Friday, 7 February 2014

My New Visitor.

 Last year around this time I was writing about a grey squirrel who was frequenting my back garden. I was so excited as this was the first time this had happened. I haven't been able to put out food for it this year as a neighbour about five gardens away is keeping pigeons and when I put food out it's like a scene from the Hitchcock movie The Birds. I do however have those little fat balls and seed in a hanger for the smaller birds. So no squirrel this year, I see it as it runs along the garden fences until it reaches the one that houses the horrible pigeons and better food.

A few weeks ago I was putting something in the garage from the door in the garden as I went to leave I noticed sitting on a shelf near the door was a little Robin Redbreast, so of course I spoke to him asking what he was doing in my garage and expecting him to fly away.  He didn't fly away but just chirped at me.
I looked at the shelf he was sitting on and right beside him was a bag of bird food. As I went towards it he flew outside and sat on the table which I have moved up against the wall outside the back door because of the high winds. He waited until I put out some food on the table and started to eat it. 
Since that day every time I go into the garden he flies down beside me. When I throw a ball for the dog the robin sits a foot away from me. When I do the dog pooh patrol around the garden he is there watching me when I look up. I always feel I have to speak to him which is unusual for me as I 'm not a bird person.

Yesterday my hubby said,"Your Robin has come for a visit" and there on my kitchen floor and looking very cheeky was the Robin. I couldn't believe my eyes, as I walked towards him in case he flew any further into the house he hopped outside and onto the table. I put out the seed and he feasted. 
Unfortunately the big horrible bullies from five gardens away saw the goodies and swooped down en mass.
I banged my kitchen door to scare them away but the spell was broken and Robin had flown away,oh how I hate those bloody pigeons.
Last night just after 5pm I was playing ball with the dog again. I could see the birds all flying back to their nests for the evening when I heard a little chirp,and there on a branch of a tree was my Robin. I put some food out for him and he hopped onto the table and was joined by another Robin and side by side they had their supper.
On telling my daughter about the Robin she said that Robins are said to be a departed loved one with a message for you. I'm always looking for signs (remember the rose ) so I decided to ask Google and this is what I found.

"The robin redbreast is a bird of Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings. It flies into our lives on the winds of change asking us to weed our personal gardens and plant new seeds for our future. Rebirth and renewal require changes in all areas of life that have become stagnant and outdated. The robin redbreast teaches us to how to make these changes with joy in our hearts. Its song is a happy one reminding us to let go of our personal drama and learn to laugh with life. If this medicine is underdeveloped those with this totem are continually challenged by the prospects of change. Difficulties arise and emotional discord can surface. Learning how to release our attachments to the old is one of the life lessons the redbreast helps us master."

  According to Ted Andrews in the book Animal Speak, a Robin being around signifies growth in all areas of your life. So it is a positive sign. He says the Robin's trill is," a pleasant song as he sings to protect his territory, it suggests a need to "sing your own song forth" if you wish new growth.
 As a meaningful symbol for you, the robin is like an embodiment of the kind of energy you need to create and receive the new changes in your life."

I found it all quite interesting as at the moment we are preparing to sell our house and move to another area. As much as I want to move I am wrestling with letting things go,with starting afresh,with having to integrate into a new community. Like everyone else I have doubts, I doubt myself, I doubt the decisions I make. I want our lives to be better and I think this move will make it so,but there are still the creeping doubts.
If what I read about the Robin is true,and being the sentimental soul I am I believe this Robin was sent to me for the very reasons I have written about.
I have to clear out all the clutter in my life and look forward to sowing new seeds in a new place where my hubby and I will grow much much older together and where life will be just great.
Watch this space........


  1. What a lovely blog post. I adore the way the robin asks you for food and seeing two of them means they're about to have babies. They are probably making a nest somewhere close to your house but don't panic. The babies will be raised and fledged before you've sold up and moved on. I didn't realise there was a deeper meaning to their presence. I just know they're one of my favourite birds :-)

  2. What a sweet picture Anne. I haven't seen a Robyn yet just a bunch of other birds.,Which reminds me we need to buy bird seed. It's been so darn cold here as low as zero last week they could probably use a good meal! lol
    Now I'm going over to see your book blog so I can add it to my reader.I can't believe you've started a new blog and I missed it. I've been away to long. I'll miss you during A-Z but i'm sure glad your writing about your books I know they are something you're passionate about.

  3. I love this post and I am sure this is why the Robin came and is still there to encourage you and remind you of the importance of new beginnings.

  4. Delightful, almost made me cry Anne. We had a robin like this, a very tame blackbird too, but your robin is so significant. I think you're being sent a sign to say that moving is the right thing to do. xx

  5. Yes Amanda,I know lots of people see these birds and I suppose it's what you read into it that matters,I think it's a sign.

  6. Thank you Inger yes I feel that way too.

  7. A bunch of birds,lol! I hope to be back at A-Z next year. Thers's a link to blog at top of page and at the side .

  8. Thanks Ros ,yes looks like he's got himself a mate as the pair of them came at same time tonight again (pigeons are locked up then)

  9. He won't follow you, but maybe one of his cousins will be waiting for you in your new garden.....xx

  10. It's funny you should say that Carol. I was thinking today if I move and one comes into the garden I would probably be daft enough to think its him,lol!

  11. This is lovely, Anne! He's there for a reason and that's for sure, but it's very touching that he trusts you so - a testament to the lovely person you are. I hope he stays with you, and if not, another Robin comes to keep you company when you move!

  12. Thanks Val. I've been in this house for 18 yrs and this has never happened before.

  13. Beautiful blog post, Anne. Brought a tear. The Robin certainly is a sign, you are doing the right thing.

  14. Just blogging around and found your blog. So glad to see you here blogging, there are so many deserted blogs these days. Thanks for letting me visit.


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