Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Turkey Diaries 2013: You want it?Turkey Has it!

Turkey is a country of contrasts. We were having a rural kind of holiday in Kayakoy but just 15 mins by car and Hisaronu was there with it's bright lights,bars and full English Breakfasts. We don't enjoy that kind of holiday anymore but we quite like to dip in and out of it.

Hisaronu by day,we did food shopping here.

This English restaurant was always full day and night.

Taxis were dropping people off here from miles around.

If you enjoy sand, sea or watersports or  paragliding then Oludeniz was only a half hour away. It is also one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

Fancy this?

You might prefer beautiful views and for that we drove through the mountain to Kabak. This drive was even more scary than the ride in the dolmus. As the road climbs higher and higher you look down at the sheer drop below you.There are no crash barriers here, crash barriers are for wimps. It gets even more scary when the driver coming towards you seems to want both sides of the road and just as you are trying to negotiate a motorbike zooms in between both of you.
Kabak is a stop along the Lycian Way and we had heard that The Olive Garden was a lovely place to stop,have lunch and admire the view. We pass by a Full Moon Camp,Natural Life Camp,Reflections Camp and I get the feeling that this is quite a magical place. You can only imagine the work that went into carving out this road through the mountain. We pass by Mosques in the strangest of places and little goats tethered at the edge of the roadside. Even graffiti on a large rock perilously close to the huge drop down.

The wonderful views are your reward for making the journey. These photos are of Butterfly Valley.
We had a lovely lunch at the Olive Garden and enjoyed the views, you can walk down to the beach but if you walk down you also have to walk back up so I'm afraid I declined. The Olive Garden has cabins for overnight stays and a small pool,I do think it would be a quiet and relaxing place to stay but maybe just for a few nights. We thought about driving on further but as it would have meant driving back to our villa in the dark I didn't think it was a good idea especially back along the mountain road again.

We first visited Turkey 25 yrs ago with our two young children.It was a cheap destination and all we could afford. The drive from the airport to our resort of Marmaris by coach was hair raising and as I looked at the landscape and the shacks we passed I wondered if we had made the right decision to come here.
Fountains are everywhere in Turkey
 Marmaris was a very different place then,very small and only the old town had places to eat and drink. Although today Marmaris gets the name of being a wild place to holiday with bars and clubs the old town remains the same. It hasn't lost it's authenticity and a walk along the harbour looking at the million pound boats is amazing.

Harbour area, Marmaris

Plenty of eating places facing the boats

The smaller vessels

and slightly larger ones
When we first came here the public toilets were just holes in the ground, the beach was overrun with stray dogs and you couldn't eat a meal without at least two cats on the table. Some people may think Turkey is still like that but they couldn't be more wrong. Our first holiday there was made wonderful by the Turkish people themselves, they were so friendly and hospitable and that is the one thing that hasn't changed over the 25 yrs.
One year on holiday I had a sore throat,I lost my voice and couldn't speak and waiters in every restaurant we ate in brought out special drinks for me or fruits or ice cream,anything that would help my voice,that's Turkey for you.
I wanted to convey in this post that whatever kind of holiday you love, five star fully inclusive hotels,clubs and bars, sports, walking,sailing, sun sea and sand or living like us with the chickens and cows you'll find it in Turkey. Whatever food you like, Sunday roast dinners, full English breakfasts, curries,Chinese food,Italian and of course Turkish cuisine, you'll find that here too. I hear so many people saying they would never holiday in Turkey when what they know is only based on how Turkey was over 25 yrs ago when it first became a holiday destination for the Brits.
I think my next job should be with the Turkish tourist board,what do you think?

These last few photos I just had to include are from Gocek where for the second year in a row we visited for the day.It has a mega yacht marina and most of the shops sell sailing related gear and are expensive but it's a lovely little town.
The shop on the left is the white shop where every piece of clothing is white.

I just loved this tree outside a shop with a table built around it.

The food in here was gourmet and amazing and so expensive for the sailing crowd.


  1. What body of water is that? Your pics are so amazing. I know I'll never get to visit Turkey in this lifetime.

  2. I have gt some friends who have a house in Turkey. I wasn't that interested in going you've posted these lovely blogs, I am!!!

  3. What a great post for a cold, wet day! Thanks, Anne.

  4. Anne, you've certainly sold Turkey to me. I'm going there, no doubt about it. Look out for an email when I need some advice! Beautiful, beautiful scenery and just stunning photos. Can't wait to book and go now!

  5. What a delightful journey you just took me on Anne! Lovely post, lovely location and lovely photos. I've never been to Turkey, but it seems very similar to Cyprus and Greece, and I love those. Hope there's more of your diaries to come : ) x

  6. Thanks Amanda. I've never been to Greece or Cyprus but I do think they look very similar. Maybe a couple more posts I don't want to bore you all.

  7. I would image air flights will cost a lot less from where you live Val, the flights from the UK are getting quite expensive.

  8. The thought of that sun just now is comforting Jo.

  9. Oh you have to tell me where in Turkey and you have to visit.

  10. Hi JoJo it's the Mediterranean Sea. I don't think I'll get back to America either but we can hope.

  11. I think you should put yourself forward for the Turkish Tourist board, you clearly love the country! I enjoy seeing all your pictures, it looks such a bright happy place, and I'd like to see more images of the locals if you have any?

    I've not been to Turkey, but it looks very similar to Cyprus, the scenery is gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to post your diaries.

  12. How lovely. I had many many holidays in the hisaronu/Olu Deniz area back in the 1990's. I loved how unspoilt it was. You couldn't get English food thank goodness. I haven't been back for many years as it seems so touristy now. Maybe one day...........


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