Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Turkey Diaries 2013 - Back in The Land of Sunshine.

If you've been wondering why I haven't posted for a few weeks it's because I've been sunning myself in Turkey (yes,again). Last year we stayed in Kayakoy for a week in a villa just outside the village in a place called Keciler but this time we are right in the village and will be able to walk to eating places.
Kayakoy is in south western Turkey and 8k from the bigger and more well known Fethiye. The area is know as Kaya valley the Koy part means village.
There are lots of villas to rent here all very private and scattered through the valley. Our villa last year was very unique having a living room on top of the house with open walls and a wonderful view,we will not find another one like it.
I'm not going to complain about getting up at 3 am to catch our 7am flight to Dalaman or of the cramped conditions on board the plane, I'm sure animals are allowed more space when flying. I'm not going to moan about the surly customs and immigrations officials at Dalaman who are obviously trained at the school of Monsters inc.where they are taught never to smile at weary travellers and scowl all day long, it's not an easy job,all that scowling. So not moaning or complaining I will tell you what happened when we arrived in the land of sunshine. I have to add that as you leave the airport it will be the last time you will meet a scowling face as any other Turkish person you meet will be kind and considerate except when they're shouting at each other.

We pick up our hired car at the airport and drive to Kayakoy, it takes just over an hour. We are to pick the keys for our villa from the local shop. The owner of the villa, Mustafa jumps in the car to show us the way which is just as well as I'm positive that this stony,dusty,off road track will not be found on any map.
Our villa is surrounded by gardens and fields with the ghost village as it's backdrop. We look around the house  and although it's not as pretty as last years it's nice enough and we only intend to sleep here.
I open the fridge in anticipation of the welcome pack the website said would be waiting, nothing, zilch, not even a cold bottle of water, I am disappointed. Large year our fridge was fill to bursting with food,drink and home made Turkish mezes. There is a book on the table labelled "welcome pack" Oh well,this is Turkey after all and you don't always get what you're promised, we are used to that. I did think that as the owner had his own shop a pint of milk and some bread and water wouldn't have been too much to ask.
We also have no wi fi which is my fault for not checking, but we are able to use wi fi in restaurants and bars everywhere.
We dump the cases and change quickly and jump into the freezing pool,when I say jump I mean dip my foot in followed by my body a little at a time,brrr! No heated pools here.

pretty dragonfly
It's so peaceful.The only sounds are the leaves rustling in a welcome breeze, a dog barking in the distance and chickens squabbling. I'm sitting at the pool watching the dragonflies swoop down on the water, their wings sparkle in the sun. Some have blue bodies and some are pink, their flying seems to have no reasoning but they must know what they're doing.
There are also long winged wasps who mingle with the dragonflies, they are not so welcome as they have a nasty sting. Thankfully they don't come near us as they're only here to drink at the pool,who knew that wasps drank water? But they do.
nasty wasps
I'm surrounded by trees laden with apples, figs, oranges, pomegranates and grapes. Pumpkins are growing in the field behind me.

As we are now into September most of the flowers have come and gone.I see the remnants of a field of sunflowers which must have been a glorious sight a few months ago. They now look sad and brittle, heads bowed.
I feel very happy that we have seventeen days of this ahead of us and this is just the beginning.
To be continued......


  1. I love how you have set the scene here, Anne. In spite of the surly customs officials and the empty fridge, it sounds like heaven and your photos support that. How wonderful to have fruit trees in the garden there. The scenery reminds me of my beloved South Africa. I'm looking forward to Part 2 now!

  2. Sorry your little cottages wasn't up to scratch - it looks lovely in the photos! And all that lovely fruit - I hope you went scrumping!

  3. Hi!! Welcome back! You are an old pro and used to the quirks of Turkey - I am sure you will enjoy your time here - I hope so, anyway! We have just come back from the south ourselves and just loved it. So different from Istanbul.

  4. Thanks Claudia,we had a wonderful time it was so relaxing.Looking for somewhere different in Turkey for next year.. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  5. It was really nice Jo, not much like inside and the settee was very hard but we were outside all the time.It just wasn't as unique as last years one.

  6. Thanks Val.It was lovely but the garden would have looked ten times better in the middle of summer. I had never seen an orange tree or fig tree or pommegrantes,I've had a sheltered life !

  7. Good to have you back Anne and pleased you had a sunny time. Your villa looks wonderfully calm and peaceful even if not as perfect as the previous one. And I am sure you very soon filled that fridge and forgot about its original frosty welcome (sorry!). Looking forward to the next instalment now :-) x

  8. You should have went with him and had a break.

  9. Thanks Sue,yes you're right about fridge and it was me who was feeling frosty about it.

  10. Hello Anne, lovely to see you back on your blog again.
    I'm looking forward to your Turkey diary, I've heard much about the country from various friends and family but haven't been myself, so your account will be a fun honest read I'm sure...

    Shame about the lack of a decent welcome pack, especially as you have received one before. I can't travel anywhere without my own tea bags, first thing I need after a long journey is a decent cup of tea.

    It looks very rural from your pictures, I imagine a very relaxing place where you can unwind properly.

  11. oohh.... looking forward to reading these instalments of your holiday.


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