Thursday, 1 August 2013

Can't See the Wood for the Trees.

A stone's throw from my house we have what is called a country park. We used to call it,
" the fields" and when I had two dogs I was there everyday walking them. When my children were young they weren't allowed to go there to play but I've since found out that they disregarded what I told them and played there anyway.
I can't really blame them because I never did what my mum told me either. In summer there were activities for children like pond dipping and looking for insects.One year the Territorial Army put on a display with tanks and a shooting range, my son joined the cadets after that and then the T.A and he's still jumping from planes. When you no longer have young children events like this pass you by.

In recent years the  fields have been made into a walkway which leads to dams and it was all quite pleasant but the last year or so I have been moaning about it being very overgrown and when walking you can't see what is ahead of you. For this reason I can no longer walk there with my dog as he doesn't take kindly to strange dogs and if you can't see them coming it's a recipe for disaster.
Well every cloud has a silver lining and it's now a haunt for toddler boy and me. We call it the dinosaur jungle because that's where the real dinosaurs live.
We look for dinosaurs but they're always asleep so we gather stones and throw them in the water.The last few times we have been I have looked with different eyes and what I saw I liked.

 This was what it looked like in March with not much foliage on the trees and no flowers.

And this is what it's like now.

There's an abundance of wild flowers.I don't know their names apart from the thistle but they make a lovely sight. Instead of looking at the overgrown grass I have been looking at it as being the way nature intended which is probably why there are now so many wild flowers and bees and butterflies.
I have a hard time not taking photos. Eventually I am told by toddler boy to stop taking them,and I obey.
We have great fun here, there is a small waterfall where he throws his stones into.I can't take any photos here as I'm too busy holding him tight.
It seems they do still have summer events for children.

The dinosaurs live behind those trees


We even found dinosaur footprints.                                                              

I love this old knobbly tree,I can even see a face in it.
Tiny girl loves it here too,she 's collecting stones.

Usually we don't meet anyone but the day I took those photos there was a mini bus full of walkers armed with packed lunches and walking sticks. We met a lovely Husky pup with her owner,she had the loveliest eyes I think I had ever seen. I would struggle to name a colour maybe brightest blue with a touch of fairy dust, they were magical eyes. Next a woman came by with five dogs of which only two were on a lead and once again I thank my good sense for not bringing my dog Sam. It is such a pity he can't join us on our walk, he used to love it there but there's no reasoning with a dog.

As I walk, I think. Mary Queen of Scots lived not far from here in Crookston Castle with Lord Darnley, it is said he proposed to her there. Across the road from the entrance to the fields is Mary Queen of Scott's tree. It is a huge sycamore tree where she is said to have sat under nursing Lord Darnley when he was ill,although 

why you would sit under a tree in Scotland where it's always raining, nursing your husband when you have a castle is anyone's guess but it's a nice story. I wondered if the very place I was walking was every walked by Mary and Darnley,maybe they rode through this place on horseback. I wonder if she was happy here or was she always in fear for her life and could never just relax and enjoy the scenery. It's not silly to imagine this as all that separates the fields from the tree is a busy road which wouldn't have been around then. So yes, I have been walking in the footsteps of Mary Queen of Scots in fact the more I think about it my house is built on the same land so she could have rode on her horse through my garden,what a lovely thought. Isn't it amazing?

Imaginings are put away for another day as toddler boy and I head home for a lunch of turkey dinosaurs and Thomas the tank engine spaghetti and a cup of  well earned tea for Nana Anne.
I took all these photos with my iphone,I really need to go back with my proper camera and without a toddler.


  1. Oh, the joys of small children! Don't they bring a whole new view to the world!

  2. Wow Anne! I loved this post. The photos are great and what a super idea the dinosaur thing is :) Also really like the new look of the blog. Great stuff.

  3. Hi Anne !
    what a wonderful post.loved reading it thoroughly.sometimes it is good to transcend the boundaries of the real world and spend some time in the imaginative one.and when you have children and pets as company its a bliss.
    loved the snaps as well

  4. Hi Aparna,welcome to my blog.Yes the imagination of children is wonderful and it's great to be part of it.

  5. Thanks Anne,he's dinosaur ad and it's lasted a whole year so far.

  6. I did so enjoy reading this, Anne. It's a beautiful spot, and just lovely for toddler boy. He can really let his imagination run in a place like that, and it seems that so can you :-) Lovely post and lovely pictures too!

  7. Such a pretty place and how fun to play make believe with the kids! The woods are so lush now!

  8. Lovely photos Anne. It sounds like you have lots of fun with your little ones : )

  9. What a glorious place!!! It's clear Toddler Boy is really inspired by it - I bet he'll remember his adventures all his life. Love the pictures too ..sometimes it's good to let wild places be wild - our council here has created a ''Nature Reserve'' close to my house and are busily cutting down trees that obscure paths and removing undergrowth that isn't ''picturesque'. Your woods look lovely!! Hide and seek?

  10. What a lovely post. To think, all this time I never really knew where you lived. I guess I just assumed you lived in the USA.... lol. I think the "field" is lovely with all the overgrowth and wild flowers, seems dreamy.. kind of. Loved all your pics and with the little ones, so cute.
    Thanks Anne.

  11. A bit too dangerous with the river for hide and seek,you can't trust a nearly three year old,lol! I do hope he remembers ,my husbands suggested making him a book with all the photos I think it's a great idea.

  12. I thought you knew I lived in Scotland I usually give it away by saying "wee" instead of small.

  13. Amazing adventures. Don't you love the imagination of children. I remember exploring "forests" when I was the size of toddler boy. And your photos using your phone have come out really well.

  14. Thanks Ros. Yes the iphone and ipad actually work quite well makes me wonder why I got a expensive camera.


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