Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Around the World in my Spare Time.

When I'm not blogging or reading or looking after children my favourite pastime is looking at holiday destinations. As soon as the plane wheels hit home ground  marking the end of one holiday I'm surfing the World Wide Web wondering where to go next.
I surf all round the world looking for the next place to visit especially if I won the lottery and money was no object. I can see you all shaking your heads and saying," But she always ends up in Turkey,why go to all that bother?"


Yes,we do seem to end up booking Turkey but mostly different parts of the country and I think only once have we returned to the same hotel. Sometimes we split our holiday between two or three places. We usually rent private apartments or villas or book with the hotel and arrange our own flights and transfers and I must say we have never been let down except for the time we booked through a travel agent,the hotel room was horrible and the taxi never turned up to take us to the airport,we had to pay for another and never did get our money back.

I love looking at villas and apartments in other countries.One of my favourites is Barcelona,we have rented an apartment there twice. It's so much better than staying in a hotel, it makes you feel as if you actually live there. Even in a city you really need a balcony, it makes such a difference to be able to sit outside after a
busy morning sightseeing.  I don't usually do much cooking on holiday but I've been known to throw a salad together with crusty bread and all kinds of cheese, a few olives and some wine and we sit on the balcony people

There are places I investigate that I know I will never see. The accommodations on exotic beaches where the sea laps up to your front door,or the houses on stilts right in the water. I dream that at night we would sit with our feet in the water looking up at the stars.Then I think of the possibility of a Tsunami and quickly rule them out.
I look at Australia,Sydney, Melbourne, Perth such lovely places .My daughter has made the visit there before I have and lived and toured the country for nearly six monthsof her gap year,she was so lucky.
At school I always wanted to emigrate to New Zealand.This was around the time when lots of families were going on a cheap ticket to start new lives in places like Australia,New Zealand and Canada. Everyone knew someone who packed up their worldly goods and left for a new life, what brave people they were.
I think if I went as far as Australia I would have to visit New Zealand too and then all my schoolgirl dreams wouldn't have been in vain.
Australia,this is the farm my daughter lived at and worked for a few months.
Then there's New England, America. I would love to travel through all the towns with English names and quaint houses. I have  been reading Anabel Marsh's blog about her recent holiday there, pop over and have a read, her photos are lovely Anabel's Blog She has re- kindled my interest in New England, it is truly beautiful.
New England
I want to drink butterbeer in Harry Potter world

Another place I have always wanted to visit is Disneyland in Florida mainly because I'm a big kid and I believe in magic. Once again my daughter has beat me to it and was there last year and gave all the parks a glowing report especially Universal Studios. Toddler boy also visited Disney a few months ago so it looks like it really should be my turn,but do hubby and I go on our own or do we wait until my granddaughter is a little older and take her?
A friend told me we should go on our own and have a great time without running after children,she may have a point.
Toddler boy & mum meeting a real dinosaur in Florida.

I can't leave this tour around where I would like to holiday without mentioning Austria. My aunt who was like a second mother to me went there on holiday when I was about nine. I was devastated when she didn't take me with her but she was going with a church group to see the Passion Play at Oberammergau and I would have been far too young to understand it. I even remember the name of the hotel she stayed in. Ever since then I have wanted to go there, it's on my bucket list.

If you asked my husband where he would like to holiday (he does get a say) he would probably agree with my choices,ha ha ! I also know he would like to go to Turkey, hire a car and just drive and stop off at wherever takes his fancy. I'm a bit apprehensive about doing this, I like to know where I'm staying and not spend my day worrying about it which is what I would do,but we'll see.

I hope you've enjoyed my whistle stop tour of the places I yearn to visit. If I win the lottery I'll visit them all but if not, maybe next year I'll be writing about one of them.
Where do you dream of going on holiday ?


  1. Wow, I feel like I've been on a trip just reading this. Barcelona is great, I have never been to Turkey, but I understand a lot of Swedes go there on vacation.

  2. Maybe you should visit and have a look along my row of Lonely Planets?

  3. I have so enjoyed your tour, Anne. I've never been to any of these places. Number one on my wish list is Cuba, but I would also love to go to New Zealand. It's just so far, though, and I don't really like very long flights. My real dream is to travel through France by boat, though, but then I would just want to stay there and not be on holiday at all!

  4. Thanks Inger glad you enjoyed it. Turkey is lovely too.

  5. Lol! I don't need any encouragement Jo.

  6. Thanks Val. Jo's going to Cuba, isn't she lucky? We toured France camping when the kids were young we loved it but boating through it would be lovely.

  7. I loved reading this! Fascinating! I admire your sense of adventure and the way you just go ahead and "do it!" I'm too content to just sit here and say "someday we will...." But I have been to Disney World and New England and both places are fabulous. Go to Disney alone, then take the granddaughter after you've scoped out all the best places for her to enjoy!

  8. Lovely places. Impossibly far away though. I'd stress about the travelling. I'd like to revisit the Scittish Islands when there's no heavy mist and I could pop by to see you again too.

  9. I do hate the way our iPads autocorrect! I of course meant Scottish Islands!

  10. Lovely pics! Unlike you and Jo, I'm not a big traveller...but BH and DD love it! He's a big Italy fan - goes every year for 2 weeks in the Autumn and is currently planning his next trip. DD had 4 years in Afghanistan - NOT a holiday destination, but an amazing country nevertheless ..she saw the Bamiyan Buddahs before they were blown up by the taliban. She's also been to Africa (the pic on my FB page is of a beach resort) and anything ending in 'stan'. My fave city that I have braved is Prague's like going back to the 16th century... have you been there?

  11. Blimey! That was an exhilarating whistle stop tour you took us on there.
    I'm not much on travelling outside the UK these days. I seem to have lost interest with al the logistics of getting from A to B, but I do very much want to come to Scotland and I am visiting more of Wales this year too.

    Have been to Ireland but want to return again as its a fabulous country, although I would say we are giving them a run fro their money in being the greenest land with all our sunshine and rain!

    Keep travelling Anne, remember variety is the spice of life! And one more thing - how is that novel you started coming along?

  12. I always spend ages choosing a holiday destination, but I'm not a big traveller, and after much deliberation usually stick to places I've been to before. I always have to have a package holiday too - I'm such a worrier. I really enjoyed your tour though : )

  13. So behind with my blog-reading that I've only just spotted this mention. Thanks so much Anne! Anabel.

  14. Anne i look at holiday destinations but only hot ones where they don't have any rain, a lovely blog x

  15. Wow it worked! Thanks Ian,yes I like the warm and sunny too.

  16. You're welcome I meant to tweet you to tell you.

  17. Thanks Amanda.You should try to book it up on your own ,most of the time it's cheaper.

  18. Thanks Maria and if you visit Scotland do what Ros did and drop in for a coffee. I did start the noval and then realised I need to do a lot more planning before I go on but I got what was in my head down on paper.

  19. I'm not as brave as your daughter or Jo I like my comfort. No I haven't been to Prague but I think they do flights from here and we might have a weekend away.

  20. It's such a shame you didn't get to see all you should have but a good excuse to return and visit me.

  21. I would go to all these places in a heartbeat if I had unlimited funds but unfortunately we don't have but one day we'll get to Disney.

  22. The "Hotel Forbes" is a bit crowded at the moment but you're always welcome I hope you know that.

    We are just like you Anne, we're always looking for our next vacation too!

    We're taking Mom down to Charleston South Carolina next month for a weekend to visit her cousin then a bit further south to Edisto Island for a weeks beach vacation.

    I agree Spain really does sound nice, Malaga, Cordoba would be two places I think I'd like to go to. But we really do want to go to me Ireland, Bill Scotland (me too to visit you!!) and maybe France while I'm over there.


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