Tuesday, 23 July 2013

When Virtual Becomes Real.

For  over two years I have been communicating on twitter with @RosalindAdam  
I  went on to read her blog and eventually start my own one. We have been communicating ever since and also play online scrabble together. We live at opposite ends of the country, in fact in different countries as Ros lives in England and I'm in Scotland.
We always said that one day we would meet up but imagine my surprise when Ros said as she would be cruising in Scotland (Inner Hebrides) she could make a detour to meet up.

Ros asked if I could suggest a coffee shop convenient for both of us and as there is one within walking distance for me and next to the motorway I suggested it. Then I felt so silly when my husband said,"Why are you not inviting them here for coffee?"
My brain cells must be diminishing and were so busy thinking of coffee shops so when I put the invitation to Ros and of course her hubby she accepted, yes she would come and have tea/coffee made by my own fair hands.
Then I started thinking; What if we don't like each other? What if we have nothing to say? What if  there's no connection?
I have to admit I was a bit nervous of our meeting and perhaps Ros was too. When you're speaking online whether tweeting or facebook or on a blog there are no barriers, everyone has the same voice, unless they tweet in text speak, but that's another story. Would she understand my Scottish accent? Would I understand her English one? We can't see each others faces online and as your eyes are the window to your soul no one can tell what you're really thinking.
I was looking after toddler boy that day and told him a friend was coming to visit me, he changed my words around and became excited about a friend coming to visit HIM.
Ros's husband and car driver found my house without too many problems I think as they arrived when they said they would. I had been swimming that morning with toddler boy so as a true Blue Peter fan I prepared sandwiches and cake earlier.

Ros was exactly like I expected although she said she wouldn't have recognised me, probably because my hair has gone from the red in my photos back to blonde and the fact I wear glasses but never have my photo taken with them on.
 We spent a few hours in the garden as it was such a lovely day and considering Ros didn't have good weather in the Hebrides it was a little bonus for her to feel some heat. I needn't have worried about us not having anything to say because I don't think we stopped talking and even when she left to continue her long journey home I still felt we had lots to say that hadn't been said. Her poor hubby was stuck in the middle of a girlie gossip.
All too soon the visit came to an end and I hope Ros enjoyed it as much as I did. It's such a shame we don't live a little closer to each other.  Ros is the third blogger I have met up with and I'm excited to find out who might be next.
If you ever have the chance to meet up with one of your online tweeting or blogger friends grab it with both hands, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Here's our photo taken by Ros's husband!

Haven't we worn well?

I can confirm we look much younger in real life!

....Sorry wrong photo!
This is us!


  1. Isn't it fun to meet up with internet friends? I've done it a few times myself! I'm glad you and she had a lovely afternoon together.

  2. Yes JoJo it is nice,pity you live the other side of the pond or you could teach me some crafty stuff.

  3. I was worried we might not have anything to say to each other too but you're right. We didn't stop chatting. It was so lovely meeting up. I do hope we can meet again but in the meantime our online chats have an extra dimension now that we chatted for real. So sorry not to have met your husband though. Maybe next time!!

  4. It's lovely to think you've met up now. I always feel it makes a real friendship. I have met some of my blogging friends too and just loved them. I think it would be quite a surprise to find out you don't like someone you've got on well with as a blogger and tweeter. You both look lovely and I'd love to meet you too!

  5. That would be lovely Val,just remember where there's a will there's a way.

  6. Yes you're right Ros they will have an extra dimension. Yes he was sorry not to have met you too, you never know maybe we'll venture south of the border.

  7. I love this! I've now met with ten people I've met on Twitter and through blogging and I talk to a good few regularly on the phone and via email. Isn't it lovely when you meet people you THINK you get on with and then find out that you DO like the. :)

  8. How lovely! Sounds a perfect day. There's such a list of people I'd like to meet up with, wouldn't it be nice if distance was no object? x

  9. I am soo envious!!! Ros and I have chatted on the phone...but meetings have never coincided with us being in the same pace at the same time. I have also met up with a couple of Twitter friends, and it has been great fun!! And then there are the friends I met who have now become Twitter contacts. As Ros said, wouldn't it be great to organise a BIG Twitter Party for our group??

  10. Yes Amanda it is lovely you then know you have picked the right people to talk to.

  11. Yes it would Donna it's a shame we all stay so far apart.

  12. That would be lovely we could take over a hotel somewhere.

  13. I read Ros's account of her trip and visit with you so I know for sure she had a great time. Sometimes I wish I were younger and had tons of money so I could just jump in my car and go visit all my favorite blogger friends all across this country. That would be amazing!

  14. You two look lovely together and i have to admit I'm a bit jealous that I haven't gotten to meet you yet Anne. One day soon i hope. I love the fact that you both got to spend so much time together. Most people who are bloggers will understand how our friendships are real and meaningful. And the husbands met too! just brilliant.


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