Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Little TLC.

The weather so far this week has not been as warm and sunny as it has been for my friends south of the border. Today we did eventually have some sun although when I hung my washing out this morning it looked as if it might rain. I decided that this week would be spent doing chores around the house,you know the ones you always put off. Which is why while the south was enjoying the sun I was painting doors and a staircase.
When I paint it has to be done in the summer and there has to be no chance of rain, the reason being,I have a large German Shepherd dog with a long hairy coat and one swish of his tail and he is covered in white gloss and my new fresh white gloss is covered in hair. He likes to throw himself on the floor just beside the wall or door I've just painted, it never fails he always gets covered in paint.
 The dog safely outside and my music accompaniments of  Cliff, David Cassidy and David Essex (well I'm a seventies girl) I set to work.

 The annoying thing about painting doors white  is once you have done one the others look yellow, then the skirtings look dull and the staircase looks neglected, and so it goes on.
Listening and singing along  to all the old songs from my teenage years begins to bring back memories and my mind wanders.
 I am back in 1973 and it's the first time I was trusted enough to paint. It was my first day training to be a Nursery Nurse. Strange, but that day didn't include any children. It was a nursery school and the staff were back after the summer break a few days before the children. The students were told to paint all the small chairs and tables, the wooden cooker and washing machine. I had never used gloss paint before, my dad was the painter in our house, mum used to joke that when he had a paintbrush in his hand if you stood still he would paint you. One day he was painting the bathroom doors and when he had finished we discovered he had painted the chrome towel rail and toilet roll holder and the wooded toilet seat white. Mum was not amused and spent hours trying to remove the gloss paint form the chrome. She said if she had wanted a white towel rail she would have bought a plastic one for half the price.
That day in the nursery I was really worried I would make a mess of painting but I had watched dad painting often enough to know I had to do long even strokes and I really enjoyed myself especially as everything was to be painted in pinks and blues and pale greens,very pretty.

It stood me in good stead as I am now the painter in our house, my husband just doesn't have the patience for it. What I hate is the preparation, the masking tape on door handles and in front of skirtings, and the cleaner of the spilt paint and washing of brushes, but if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well.

I felt proud when I stepped back and looked at my handiwork.The house looks brighter and cleaner and all it took was a day's work. A little tender loving care and my doors and skirtings are shiny new.
If only someone could give us a new coat of paint when we are feeling a bit dull and faded to revive us and help us feel sparkly and new. Maybe we could all allow just one day's work on ourselves doing something that  will perk us up and renew our spirits. Just like my doors we could all do with a little TLC from time to time.

Sam, the hairy dog.


  1. Your doggie is so CUTE! I used to paint trim and shutters and doors for my dad at our house but I hated the sanding sooooo much. And I always ended up w/ paint all over my hands, down my arms, splattered on my legs and on the soles of my barefeet.

  2. You are a painting goddess, Anne. I've done enough to know I'm rubbish at it - how is it possible to get wall-paint in the middle of the ceiling - so delegate everything that involved tools now. But as for TLC, I'm quite good at doing that for myself - but it's that or wallowing in self-pity, and that's not my style.

  3. Yaay..brilliant. I am also the painter - though not nearly as good as you sound. BH has a Larry cartoon over his desk with the 'Larry' man sloshing paint on a wall from a tin labelled 'White with a hint of reluctance'. Doors and staircase sound impressive: I'm just doing the utility room. Very plain and simple. Well done you.

  4. Thanks JoJo. Like you I have paint on the soles of my feet too.

  5. I don't do it that often Jo but had to take advantage of the weather to get the dog outside. Next week I may do upstairs.

  6. Love the cartoon,that would be my hubby too. Once I start painting I want to do more only my legs are killing me from bending down.

  7. Want to come to the US and paint my house? You can bring that gorgeous dog of yours! Only kidding Anne. Actually I like to paint too. I agree it makes the house look lighter and fresher. I tend to pick bright colors for our rooms.

  8. I love your dog, Anne! He's gorgeous! But yes, I can imagine he;s a bit of a liability when it comes to the paintwork. I hate painting inside, and love painting my barge, so there you have it. I'm strange like that. But it has to be done and so I'm the one who does it. As you say, it's the preparation that's a pain…and I confess I skimp on that sometimes…even on my barge! Painting to music makes life more bearable though, I do agree :-)

  9. We once had a dog who would lean against walls. Painting used to be an impossible task with him around. I'm hopeless as painting. I let the drips run and it looks awful. Sam is a lovely dog and I'm so excited that I've now met him... and you!


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