Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm not! Am I ?

There are certain television programmes I have to record and watch when my other half is not around. He says I'm quite mad for watching them and when he moans about them it spoils my viewing.What are those mysterious programmes I hear you ask?

Embarrassing Bodies - Even I sometimes have to look away from the screen and cringe.  I can't understand why some people won't go to their GP but will happily flaunt their bits on national tv. There are some who have been from doctor to doctor and never had much help with their problems and it's great to see those people being sent to private doctors who actually change their lives by the the treatment they give.
I love a good medical programme,operations, autopsies,anything like that and I'll record it.

 I'm not one for reading crime books or horror stories but I give me a programme that delves into the mind of a serial killer and I'm glued to the set. I want to understand how those people's minds work and why they don't seem to be wired up the same as ours.

Soaps- I watch them all and even hubby has been known to like a bit of Corrie now and again.

 The latest to hit or TV screens are about hoarders. The Hoarder Next Door, UK's Biggest Hoarder and so on. I'm addicted to those programmes I want to know why people hoard.
Of course all the hoarders televised were extreme, some had a real problem because of some traumatic event that happened in their lives.One woman had came to the UK from a war torn country when she was a child. She had to leave all her clothes and precious toys behind, her family left with nothing from their past.
We can only imagine how devastating that would be and I can understand that situation and sympathised with her.
There were some who hoarded everything from tins of food over ten years old to just throwing rubbish on the floor and I think when it 's like that there is a mental health problem that has went untreated for years.
A few were leading very dangerous lives,having to crawl under mountains of newspapers to enter their living space while cooking in a tiny six inch square in their kitchen. If a fire had started no one would have been able to get to them and there was a strong possibility that lives could have been lost trying to find them.

Most of the hoarders seem unreasonable,would not listen to the people trying to help them and I can't begin to think how frustrating it must have been trying to help them part with their hoard.
At the end of the programmes some people have been helped and are living in a much healthier environment having parted with most of the clutter and are much happier,some sadly cannot and will not be helped and that meant in a few cases the council would come and empty their house whether they liked it or not.

Am I a hoarder?
 I am de-cluttering again, it has been a year and a half since my last de-clutter which I wrote about here
All the items in the garage we have been keeping for my son he no longer wants so we have to deal with them. A huge box of PlayStation and xbox games.Music Magpie are offering about 26p foreach of them, I would rather send them to a charity shop.
I am wondering why we attache such sentimentality to objects. I have some things that I can't bring myself to part with. Hubby would say,"Chuck the lot out" Men!
 Lots are from my children's childhood. I still have bags of dolls and soft toys which I asked my daughter if she wanted, she declined. She didn't want any of her old birthday cards or souvenirs I kept for her, I can't believe she's not sentimental like her mum. So instead of me throwing them out they're going back in he cupboard. She will thank me one day when she wants to show her children things from her childhood, (she will,won't she?)
 I am reminded of the hoarders from the TV programme,one woman kept every game, book and toy belonging to her children, no, I'm not quite as bad as that. Here are some of my,"must keeps"
My mum knitted the peach suit that I brought my daughter home from hospital in. The other two were my son's first clothes.I also have their christening dress and my wedding dress.
I always put a little doll in my daughter's stocking at Christmas, I've kept them. My granddaughter loves them.
Bag of soft toys,most are going out but I might have to keep the china dolls I think there's about four.

This belonged to my gran who died when I was fourteen it's a bit scratchy but I can't part with it.

Boxes of photographs from when you could hold real photos in your hands. There's another few boxes of those.

I've not knitted for years but I just might...one day.
Well,em,okay, hands up I probably am a bit of a hoarder but it's all out of the way hidden in cupboards.
I have managed to part with quite a lot more stuff this time. I love handbags,they don't have to be expensive,I just love buying them but I have put lots in the bag for the charity shop,and I'm proud of that.
I have found, learn to speak Greek, Japanese and Spanish. I will keep the Spanish one because when I have time  will listen to it.
I have a huge bookcase full of books and although I read everyday there are many books there I will never read again but I like looking at them and owning them.
I am now filling the space we now have in the garage with children's toys, I should really find a job in a toy shop because I've never lost my childhood love for toys, at least my granddaughter and toddler boy are happy when they visit.
It's like junk going out the back door and more coming in through the front one.
So I'll keep my treasures tidily until the time comes when we downsize to a smaller house,with less bedrooms, less cupboard space and perhaps no garage and then the de-cluttering will begin again and when that time comes I will be ruthless..... I promise...

Own up who watches Embarrassing Bodies? Surely it's not just me? Do you keep stuff from your children's childhood? Or perhaps your own younger days? Confess all!


  1. It's so hard to part with "stuff". Especially books and dolls and blankets and pictures and...good luck and know that you're not decluttering alone, but rather with friends. So, if you find that you start having a conversation with yourself, you're really speaking out loud to some kindred folk out here!

  2. I love serial killer shows too; true crime fascinates me and like you I'm interested in the psychology behind it. Always seems that the root of the problem is the mother. lol

  3. I don't like those kind of TV shows and I didn't know you have them over there too. I like to read about crime, mysteries, detective novels, but I am not too fond of true crime stories. My hubby is though.

    I have to check your pages tabs some day. I didn't know you had so much going on. How do you find the time! But for now, I want to check out the books in your sidebar.

  4. I don't have a TV so I don't know any of these programmes, Anne, although I think you can watch them here. That said, I'm intrigued by the hoarders and would love to see that! I am a periodic hoarder, but like you, I have to clear out now and then. I'm about to have a de-cluttering session myself, so I'll think of you then!

  5. Not Embarrassing Bodies - but I love The Apprentice! Almost as exploitative, as the young people do make complete asses of themselves.

    And i'm not a clutterer. I got rid of so much stuff before I went travelling - and discovered how freeing it is to have only the things you need, and a few extras that you love.

  6. I can't imagine being without tv but then I think of hopw much time I would have and it sounds good. Good luck with the de-cluttering which is what I should be doing now.

  7. I don't know how I find the time Inger I have a book blog and a photography blog too but I don't really read much crime books.

  8. That's right they always blame the mother. I just want to know why some people can be like that and what makes them tick.

  9. Hi Carinna yes it is so hard as they have so many happy memories attached to them.

  10. I Sky+ a few programmes to watch alone, Top Model and Real Housewives. We watch the hoarders together, unbelievable and so sad! I don't hoard, can't stand clutter. Love The Apprentice and Paul O'Grady's Dogs, neither of us watch soaps anymore, but I've just realised - I spend far too much time watching TV, wasting valuable reading time!!!

  11. I just don't get time for tv - I'm online too much lol. i'm definitely a hoarder - and need to have a clear out. Mind these programmes would make me look like I'm not I'm sure.

  12. There's a difference between heirlooms and stuff Anne. Those knitted items and that blanket are truly treasures and isn't close to being hoarding. I don't watch soaps or funny tv shows like you but I think everyone should be entitled to a bit of fun and giggles now and then :)


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