Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shopping and Sunshine.

I've been very busy this past week. After having my granddaughter staying with us for a few days I then had to get organised for a weeks visit to what I class as my second home,Turkey.
We're having a relaxing beach holiday for a week hoping that a good dose of vitamin D from the sun will keep me well for the rest of the year.
It's been so long since I have felt the heat of the sunshine on my face and there still doesn't seem much hope of us here in the UK having it for very long this summer.
This is to be an extra weeks holiday for us and as such I said I didn't need to buy any new clothes.
That didn't last very long as what girl wouldn't like a new top or swimsuit for going away?
What did annoy me was being asked in every shop if I needed a bag. I know the planet can't cope with any more plastic bags and this isn't a rant about not being given one it's just a question about what we do.

Going for our weekly shop we can take our bags for life,hessian bags,cotton bags or any other kind of bags we like to fill with shopping at the checkout and save the world from the dreaded plastic, but what happens when you're in a shopping centre or shopping on the high street?

TK Max.- Purchased  one pair of pyjamas
Asked,"Do you need a bag?
 H&M - Purchsed- A top and socks
Asked -Do you need a bag.
Boots- Purchased one lipstick, nail polish, nail polish remover wipes
Asked -"Do you need a bag?"
 Card shop- Purchased one card.
Asked "Do you need a bag?"
and so it goes on.
 I actually only had a small across the body bag when I bought all these things,you would have thought the assistant would have seen that.
Some shops just bagged things in plastic carrier bags without asking.
What I don't feel comfortable with is putting things like lipstick,wipes and other small things in my own bag.
Disclaimer:This is not my Mulberry bag it's my daughters.
I feel like I'm stealing them if they are not in a bag branded from the shop they were bought from. I wait for the hand of the security guard on my shoulder and check and double check I have all my receipts.
I also don't want to put new clothes I have just bought in my own bag and then put all the other stuff on top of them, not very hygienic.
Why can't shops go back to using small paper bags for small purchases? I could them put them in my own re-recyclable bag. There's not many designer shops or high end shops use plastic bags, most of them are paper or cardboard.
I have been reading that it takes more energy to recycle paper than it does plastic and also paper comes from trees so it means using more trees,I don't know what the answer is I just don't like putting those kind of purchases that I've mentioned in my own bags.

Back to my busy week. I've packed the suitcase which then had to be unpacked because it was too heavy and as we are only going for a week I had to remove the kitchen sink.
The house is tidy,well as tidy as it's going to be because after I put on my false nails I will be doing no more housework. I'm charging my kindle, phone and camera and I've decided not to take my ipad, I may have withdrawal symptoms but I'm going cold turkey for a week.
The last thing we have to do is deliver the dog to my daughter's house and get to bed early to get up at silly o'clock for an early morning flight.
Hopefully for a week I'll see no more of this
and be doing more of this
or maybe this
Whatever I look like there's sure to be lots of this
Cheers! See you all too soon!


  1. Aww...lucky you - hoe you and your bones and your lungs get a lot of lovely sun!!! And I'm sure you do not like like that wrinkly old lady in your bikini!! Share your pics with us when you get back!!!

  2. Have a lovely holiday Anne. Soak up that sun - and wine : ))

  3. I love the animated images you included, especially the rolly poley sun! I actually prefer being asked if I want a bag as opposed to having to say, "o, that's ok, I don't need a bag." I see what you are saying, though. A lot of places here charge for plastic bags and I think that is why they are supposed to ask. I hope you have a wonderful time in Turkey!

    I am passing on a Liebster Award to you in the hopes that the link on my blog will help bump you over the 200 follower mark. I found your blog on DL Hammons' Blog Blitz link up!

    Brandy's Bustlings

  4. Have a great and safe trip!!!

  5. Thank you for the award Brandy ,so nice of you to visit my blog.

  6. Lol! I probably am like her,diet didn't go so good. Can't wait to feel some heat.

  7. Cheers, Anne - have a wonderful time.

  8. Have a wonderful trip Anne. I'll miss you since I'm leaving when you get back but we'll compare notes then. Safe journey my friend.

  9. Thanks Jen,you have a lovely time too although it would be hard not to where you're going.

  10. Enjoy your holiday - a week's not nearly long enough!

  11. Agree about the plastic/paper bag dilemma. Have a fab holiday. Speak next week.

  12. I totally agree about the bags, Anne. Hundred percent. I really hope you have the most fantastic week in the sun. Maybe you can bring some with you when you come back! You go and relax now! x

  13. We don't always get the plastic/paper choice at the stores in this area, but I do ask.

    Hope you had a wonderful time at the beach!

  14. Bags or no bags, I hope you had a wonderful (and warm) holiday!

  15. I haven't shopped in department stores for so long, but in our grocery store the ask if we want paper or plastic and give us a 5 cent discount per bag when we bring our own. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Turkey!

  16. I'm surprized I thought America used paper bags.

  17. Thank you I'm home now had a great time and brought the sun back for one day only.

  18. Yes I did,thanks and the weather was great.


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