Thursday, 25 April 2013

A-Z Challenge,Staying Fabulous and Fit after 50.V is for Vitamins.

I go through phases when sometimes I take lots of different vitamins depending on what I read is good for you and sometimes I just can't be bothered as they don't seem to do anything for me. I would like to have more energy, brighter skin and a healthy digestive tract. So what vitamins should we be taking?

1. A good mulivitamin.

2.Fish oil supplement, omega 3 fatty acids.
Works as an anti-inflammatory.

3.Vitamin D, since we don't see the sunshine very often here we may be deficient in vitamin D. A blood test will tell you if you are. Being deficient in Vit D could lead to an increased risk of heart attack,Parkinson's disease, high blood pressure or Alzheimers

4.Calcium, Taking a calcium supplement could decrease your chance of having Osteoporosis.

5.Magnesium. Low magnesium levels can cause migraines,fatigue,and high blood pressure.
Instead of taking a supplement, two servings of pumpkin or sunflower seeds will give you your daily dose.

I also found one I haven't heard of before it's called Resveratrol, it's the antioxidant found in red wine, which is what they were talking about when we were told drinking red wine was good for you. I think I'll just stick to my glass of red wine it's probably cheaper and more enjoyable.
As with everything consult your doctor before taking anything new.
There are many more vitamins and health supplements we are advised will be good for our health, you would need a small fortune to buy them all. I'm all for trying something new but if you can't feel a benefit from taking them how do you know they are doing you any good?
We could write down our symptoms that lead us to taking a supplement or vitamin and keep a diary to see if anything is improving. Or have our blood tested to steer us in the right direction to what vitamins we are lacking.
Apart from seeking out what vitamins we should be adding to our diet perhaps we should be looking at what we eat and how we can add more healthy foods. There's always a lot of talk of cake on twitter and on blogs and while cake is lovely and scrumptious it doesn't really do much for our health and welfare. As long as we are eating healthy a little of what you fancy does you good, just not too much of it.

All those vitamins aren't to keep death at bay, they're to keep deterioration at bay.
Jeanne Moreau

I gotta tell you, right at the top of my list would be taking vitamins. I know that over the years doctors have said they're ridiculous and all that. But I started taking my vitamins at an early age. And I take them every day. Every bloody day! So I think that's number one. For whatever reason, I feel active and pretty good at my age.
Regis Philbin
 Do you take any vitamins that you can feel the benefits from? 


  1. I used to take vitamins every day but then I was reading stuff online how you urinate most of them out so I stopped. I haven't taken a vitamin in years.

  2. I do when I'm travelling, as my diet can be a bit hit and miss if I'm on buses all day. But at home - I try to eat well enough. With red wine - purely for its medicinal qualities, you understand.

  3. I'm afraid I've slipped into the habit of taking a pile of vitamin tablets every day, but lately I've been noticing the cost, so perhaps their days on my breakfast bar are numbered!! Will continue with the red wine though, just to be on the safe side! : )

  4. I take omega 3 capsules and vitamin D regularly, as I have a distinct shortage of the latter. It's sobering to find what you need more of as you get older, but hey, it makes a big difference! The red wine is always recommended…I won't say by whom :-)

  5. I tested low on vitamin D so i took 2,000 units for three months and that fixed it. Other than that I have been pretty lax with vitamins lately. I rely on a healthy diet but may go for some fish oil and a daily vitamin again.

  6. I go in fits and starts. I am a firm believer in Vitamin C. I take fish oil sometimes, a multi sometimes, vitamin d when i get to it! I also think acidophilus is a great addition. Just need to get organized to get them all in every day!


  7. Yes indeed Anne, fully agree. I am suppose to be taking Vit D but a bit rubbish at it! It's great for our immune systems. I know I am deficient. Our local respiratory consultant is a major advocate of Vit D!.

  8. My GP suggested I take Glucosamine for arthritis pains. It takes three months before you know if it's going to do any good. I've only just started taking it so I'll let you know!

  9. I don't take any! Is that bad?

  10. I once asked my doctor about what the best vitamins were and he told me they didn't work :( he told me there's nothing in them that you can't find in food. If I knew they definitely worked, I'd take them!

  11. I take the Omega one and Vit B complex, coz I think it helps release energy from food. As my diet has become so restricted due to the IBS, I'm concerned I don't get enough of the proper stuff. Don't want to fall ill and be a burden to DD!!! On another tack, Anne, I think you have done a truly magnificent job with this A-Z Challenge!!! I'm sure other commentators would agree!!


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