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A-Z Challenge Staying Fabulous and Fit after 50. R is for Romance

Romance is not reserved for the young, everyone likes to have romance in their lives. I think as we get older we may even need romance a little bit more. Romance can mean different things to different people.It's an expression of love and everyone expresses themselves differently.

In my view romance should cost nothing. It shouldn't mean fancy gestures,expensive bouquets of flowers or chocolates. It's the little things such as, your partner surprising you with breakfast in bed, or tidying the kitchen or reminding you when your favourite tv programme is on. The phone call to say he misses you if he has to be away from home. Putting each other first.
Some romances are short lived, a rich heady experience and then it's over, some last a lifetime.

One such romance was between novelist  Beryl Kingston and her husband.
The winter of 1947 was the coldest in living memory. Sixteen year old Beryl was running a country dancing class at her home for her sister and her friends, to keep them warm.
 At the same time a dashing young man was on leave from the RAF because of the severe weather closing his station down. His mother sent him to Beryl's house to escort his sister home. Beryl answered a knock at the door and this tall, handsome blue eyed boy smiled at her and she knew she had met the love of her life.
His sister didn't get escorted home that night as three hours later her brother and Beryl, having found each other were still deep in conversation.
They were married three years later. Her mother gave the marriage six weeks.

Beryl said, "It was a passionate lifelong affair and lasted fifty seven years,ending only with his death. It gave me the confidence to become a writer and made me the sort of person I am today."
She also said being loved gave meaning back to her life. If that's not romance,what is?
Beryl has this lovely way when speaking of her husband calling him her "Darling man" or "Old darling" these little words are so full of love.

 Beryl is a prolific author who had her first book published when she was 49 and is now on her 23rd.
As you might expect of a writer she has also written poems and some of them to her darling man,she has very kindly allowed me to share one with you all.

                       LOVE SONG.
                         Diurnal and reliable you stay
                               Faithful as rain.
                               I drink again
                              Your dear love, used but not diminishing.
                               My bruised thought open to you, what you say
                               Healing as sleep.
                               The watch you keep
                               Is soothing, love, before my dreams begin.
                              Necessary to me as light and day,
                              Constant as air,
                              Each hour I wear
                              Your unremitting love warm as my own known skin.
                                                                                    - Beryl Kingston.

Beryl and her late husband.
I particularly liked the last two lines of this poem and I think I'll always remember them. Thank you Beryl.

My romance with my own darling man has lasted 39yrs and I hope will go on for many more.
Grow old with me, the best is yet to come.
                                   - Robert Browning. 
What does romance mean to you?


  1. Anne, that brought tears to my eyes! I agree that romance isn't about expensive gifts and grand gestures. It's the little things that mean the most isn't it?

  2. Awe thanks Donna.Beryl's story is lovely.

  3. I've been a widow so long ... but you never forget that wonderful, heady, feeling. I don't want to pick up anyone's socks again, but the occasional visitor - well, I might not say no!

  4. My guy isn't really a romance kind of guy, but he gave me the most amazing and unexpected cards for my b-day and V-day that he clearly chose b/c of the romantic verses, and the heartfelt texts he sends from the road are so sweet. He treats me like a queen and he's so good to me. When I look at him I can see the love in his eyes. I just wish he'd found me sooner.

  5. The heady feeling of being in love can't last a lifetime, but sometimes love can. Those who marry for love and stay romantically attached are the lucky ones. That poem is lovely.

  6. What a heart warming post. I could not have described Romance any better. After 41 years of marriage, it is all of those things to me. Love the poem!

  7. I can't believe I didn't write about romance! Love this post and the poem. Maybe you'd like my new romance Penniless Hearts. Hugs and chocolate, Eve

  8. Those heartfelt texts are romance JoJo as I said everyone is different .Lovely you did find each other eventually.

  9. Yes it's a lovely poem. It's wonderful when love last's a lifetime.

  10. Thanks.A coffee making husband what more can you ask for?

  11. So glad you like it and the poem.

  12. Delightfully observed. Most enjoyable, especially the Robert Browning quote, one of my faves.

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. Cheers and blessings.

  13. What a beautiful story :) I do love romantic gestures and affection. That poem is incredibly sweet. Congratulations on your 39 years and counting... wonderful! :)

  14. Yes Beryl's story is so romantic.

  15. Oh wow! What a fabulous romance those two had...
    I think romance is the special little things you do for each other, being on the same wavelength and feeling totally comfortable with each other.

    Great post!

  16. That's a lovely post Anne. I've seen that photo of Beryl and her husband (the more recent one) before, and always thought how you can tell just from the photo how much they love each other and how comfortable they are with one another. People who find something like that are so lucky - or maybe they're just better at recognising it when it comes along.

    Can't believe you're already up to 'R'!

  17. Anne such a lovely blog and Beryl is a really nice lady that's is so chirpy first thing in the morning on twitter. Romance to me is the little things they mean so much.

  18. My husband makes me coffee every morning before he hands me a cup that he pours he gives me a hug. Never misses, how cute and romantic is that?

  19. Beryl is a very lucky woman. I love that poem. Thanks to Beryl for sharing. I must also say that I'm really loving all your animated pictures during this challenge.

  20. That's how my husband and I are. I LOVE successful relationships, and people who understand romance is an ongoing thing, no matter how old you are, no matter how old your relationship is. =)

  21. Anne, life has been so hectic this past week, I've not had a chance to check out posts etc. But here I am, things getting back to normal again. Great post and a lovely poem and pictures. This November will be Pete and I's 5th anniversary and I hope and plan that we will have many wonderful years together wow 39 your not doing bad all! When will your Ruby anniversary be?

  22. We've been together for 39 yrs and married for 35 yr so another 5 til the Ruby one.

  23. Thanks Rosemary. I think it's a matter of finding the right person. Yes it has gone in quick.

  24. Thanks Ian.Yes Beryl is always up early and way before me.

  25. Thanks Ros the pictures are amusing me no end. Yes Beryl had a lovely long romance.

  26. This is a lovely story. My Gran and Granddad were married for 52 years, we lost him to cancer last year, and Gran is still trying to find her footing without her darling man.
    I hope you have many many more years with yours!


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