Friday, 19 April 2013

A-Z Challenge. Staying Fabulous and Fit after 50. Q is for Quintessential Quotes

At the end of every letter posted I've been leaving you with quotes on the subject by famous or well known people. Today I give you Quintessential quotes from my blogger and twitter friends. Normal everyday people, (at least that's what they told me) although I've just realised they have all  published books it may mean that next year their quotes will be in the famous category.
I asked them for quotes on life after 50. You can visit their fab blogs by clicking on their names.
Just to show I'm not sexist on this blog the first quote is from a man.

Ian Wilfred
To me getting older is all about quality of life, preparing for the years to come by having a smaller home, living near to shops, bus route, most important is going away for winter sunshine.

Carol Hedges
I stay 'Fab & Fit' by exercise - at least 20 mins walking every day, with 2 hills...and by exercising my
 mind, writing, blogging, learning new skills, meeting new people on Twitter and Facebook.

  Mandy James
  Act how you feel in your head (unless it's 7) not how your body feels/looks!

 Trisha Nicholson
 Life is a rich fruit cake.It needs time to mature but all the ingredients add up to delicious flavours with every bite.

  Jo Carroll
   Whenever you don't know what to do, make a cup of tea. In the time taken for the kettle to boil the crisis has reshaped into something you can think about.

Anne Stormont
Being post 50 sure beats the alternative.So make the most of every day-even the trying ones,(I survived cancer in my 40s)

Val Poore
At forty
At fifty.
When I was forty, I felt faded and frumpy,
 but when I turned fifty, I felt free!
 Free from worrying about being faded,
 and free to be fit, feisty
 and above all, me!

Rosalind Adam had plenty to say..
One day I'm going to start playing my guitar again... when I have the time.
One day I'm going to enter a marathon... OK a half-marathon and raise lots of money for charity.
One day I'm going to dance across the Strictly Come Dancing TV studio floor in the dashing Brendan Cole's arms. I will be wearing a skimpy Latin outfit and it's going to look great on me!... OK, OK how about a flowing ballroom gown?
One day I'm going to be sitting at the Booker Prize award ceremony trembling with anticipation as they call out the name of the winning book.One day I'm going to say that it's too late for any of those sorts of days and I'm going to sink back into a granny-style armchair but I'll tell you something for nothing... they're going to have to catch me first.

And finally from Gransnet HQ

Gransnet is absolute proof that age does not have to be a barrier to doing anything - from climbing mountains and travelling the world to getting into technology, running marathons, taking up new interests and enjoying life to the full. The consensus on our forums is that "old" is ten years older than you actually are - as one gransnetter summed up: "I'm 65 and regard that as middle age,Anyway, old is the new black!"

I'm sure any person under the age of fifty reading these quote will realise that growing older does have it's advantages. I think the cartoon below sums everything up about these fabulous, fit and  feisty ladies.

Thanks everyone for the great quotes.

My quote is, " Age is just a number, be the you that you have always been and never conform to the stereotype  that is expected of us as we get older, just keep on being you! "
    What's your quote?                                         


  1. Brilliant comments!!! Hahahahaha

  2. Hilarious. What a bunch of dreamers... sorry sensible folk we are. And I was wondering if we'd hear your slant on this. I love that cartoon. It's going to go on my fridge... if I can work out how to print it off!

  3. Lol! Glad you liked it. You should be able to save cartoon on your ipad

  4. Yes they are Carol I was going to say you prefer cake to walking up hills! Lol!

  5. You and your busy, productive life are one of the best examples I know, Anne. You put together a wonderful post, as always. My only concern is, why does that piece of cake keep back-in before I can grab it?

  6. These are fab - and while Ros dreams of the Booker Prize, Trish and I are drinking tea and eating cake!

  7. I have this quote over my desk, as it was over me Pa's;

    which is pig Latin for don't let the bastards grind you down.

  8. Love your quotes Anne, they're wonderful.

  9. This is my third blog on Quotes and I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I have a friend who is turning 50 this weekend and I am going to share your post with her! Lovely quotes and the animations just are the icing on the cake.


  11. I love quotes, especially the ones that get me thinking!!

  12. Love the quotes and graphics and especially the cartoon.

    Good one of Jo's re the tea.


    Q: Quitting is not an option

    The Daille-y News

  13. Oh how nice Susabella tell her it's not as bad as it sounds and happy birthday.

  14. You're welcome ,thanks for commenting.

  15. I'll have to write that one down too.

  16. Yes there's a lot of cake eating going on.

  17. Thanks Trish that's so nice of you to say,I try hard anyway. Sorry about the cake.

  18. Thanks for sharing the quotes.

  19. This is really lovely, Anne!
    And Mandy James...I love to act 7!!! :))

  20. Fantastic quotes from everyone! I love the cartoon too. A brilliant letter q. Sorry not commented all week. It's been a crazy one. Just trying to catch up on everything before out for part 2 of friends hen do :)

  21. What a fab blog and the pictures are really funny, I agree with all of the comments especially Val's , I am me and that's all that counts.


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