Monday, 8 April 2013

A -Z Challenge of Being Fabululous and fit after 50. G is For Glamour

Following on from F for fabulous I've picked Glamour for the letter G and I don't really do glamour, I would like to but It never seems to work. I think I'm happiest in my denims (jeans)  and a t- shirt. Am I too old to be still wearing denim?

Blue eye shadow and shiny face.
 Glamour, I always think is something reserved for film stars or TV personalities.I don't even think I was glamorous on my wedding day. I did my hair myself in its usual style and wore very little make-up, some tinted moisturiser, blue eyeshadow a touch of mascara and very pale lipstick. I was only twenty so I suppose I didn't need much anyway.

Just what is glamour? I looked up it's meaning, well I googled it.

1. The attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.
So you don't just have to look good to be glamorous, you have to be exciting.

2.Beauty or charm that is sexually attractive.
To  be glamorous people of the opposite sex have to be attracted to you.

3. Beautiful and smart, especially in a showy way.
Now, we also have to be smart to be glamorous and a show off.

The English dictionary says if you describe someone or something as glamorous, you mean that they are more attractive, exciting, or interesting than ordinary people or things.
No pressure then.

Can you have the title of being glamorous if you're over the age of fifty?

Joanna Lumley 67yrs

Helen Mirren 68yrs

Joan Collins who will be 80 next month

These photos speak for themselves and if I look half as good as them at the same age I'll be very happy. Yes, I know these ladies have stylists, and make up artists and hairdressers,that's what I keep telling my husband when he points to a stunning celebrity and says,
"Why don't you get your hair like hers?"
I would love to wear a lovely glamorous evening  gown and have perfect hair and make up. All I need is an invitation to a fancy wedding or a red carpet event.It's been too long.

   For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work.
Jessica Savitch

 I have to feel good on the inside to look glamorous.
Amanda Seyfried
So get to it, we're all, smart, sexy, interesting, exciting women and if we write blogs we're probably show offs so lets show the world some of our  glamour.


  1. How I love Helen Mirren! She's the epitome of beauty & glamour to me. I'm 33 & I recently went to the hairdressers armed with a picture of Dame Judi Dench to show her how I wanted my hair!

  2. I've always thought of glamour as just adding a bit of glitz. Chunky ring, dangly earrings, heels, lippy, nails done and perfume - that's me all glammed up!!

  3. You could be right there Amanda.

  4. Glamour ... doesn't quite fit with the rucksack, does it ...

  5. I don't think I've ever had a glamourous moment in my life. lol I'm so much more comfortable being a slob. ;)

  6. I've never really wanted to be glamorous, but chic? Yes, that would be nice. Some chance living on a boat and having to clean its bottom regularly though :-)

    And yes, Helen Mirren looks more beautiful every year! How does she do it?

  7. I've always wanted to be glamorous and I've tried. I have a drawer full of make up, lots of blingy jewellery, pretty clothes (that don't do up right now!) but I still turn out looking the same dumpy frumpy. Joanna Lumley is my hero but it's too late now to try and look like her!

  8. Anne, lots to digest here. I find myself without an opinion on the word glamorous. It's as though it is for other people, not myself. However, I can relate to jeans. I'm 72 and I wear them every day. My husband bought me six pairs for Christmas when we first moved to the ranch and I thought he was over-doping it a bit. Boy, was I wrong. And of all the older women, Helen Mirren does it best.

  9. I meant to say over-doing it!

  10. Oh Joanna Lumley is just lovely I could listen to her speak all day. I so want to be glamorous,just once.

  11. Well I'll have chic too. The Italians and French know how to do chic.
    I have ni dea how Helen Mirren does it,good genes.

  12. As long as you're comfy Jo Jo

  13. Ha ha !! You've not al;ways got your rucksack,have you?

  14. You have to wear jeans on a ranch but I wear them out shopping,oh I don't care what people think,you're only as old as you feel.

  15. Lol! I didn't even notice you wrote doping!!!

  16. I have always said it would be great to have a hairdresser in a cupboard, just open it and let him out to do your hair. Would that be kidnapping?

  17. I'm so pleased you picked the word glamour, to me it's all the ladies you mentioned I loved all the American 80s TV, these days it's not so over the top, another Fab and Glam post.

  18. Don't we all want to have invites to a fancy red carpet event and have an excuse to be glamorous? :D

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier! The link to my mom's love story is here.

  19. Those ladies you chose look fabulous and glamorous but as you say they have the money and the stylists. If we had the money and the means we could all look glamorous I have some patients men and women who are 70 plus who always looked smartly dressed I have one couple who are in their early 80s and they both always dress well, him in his smart trousers shirt and tie and she is always in a smart skirt or trouser suit. I always think and comment how they look glamorous. To me it's not all about the fabulous dress. A nice hair do and a bit of lippy and you can have glamour. We should have a glamorous bloggers day and all get dressed up and take a picture for a post, lol!

    You look lovely in your wedding pick, remember how you did your hair and make up would have been glamorous then, styles change. I think you look glamorous as you have a glamorous hair do :)

    It's great to get all glammed up but I love nothing better then slouching around in my tracky bottoms and a top. At the wedding I went to , I kept wishing I could just change into my jeans, so much more comfortable ;)

  20. I don't do glamour either. I never tried. I was too skinny as a kid and now have a weight problem. Now I have someone who knew me as a kid and loves me as I am.

  21. Is it possible to be too old for blue jeans? Please tell me it isn't so. I don't do glamour either. I do comfort, while still trying to look nice.

  22. You look beautiful on your wedding day Anne. I think blue eyeshadow is very attractive even current day if done right.

    Those ladies look wonderful but lets face it they have plastic surgery, and gobs of staff, wigs, makeup and who knows what else.

    I think simple beauty of regular people like us is so much more attractive, We afterall don't live on the red carpet.

  23. Oh Anne! I love this post! I don't think certain age restricts denim wear AT ALL, by the way :)

    AND You are simply fantastic in your wedding photo. You look just down right pleased with life. So beautiful.

    The perception of glamour differs from area to area out my way. In the city, it means wealth and how you wear it. In the country, it means view. I'm content with just being content ;)

  24. I tend to think everyone has their own "glamor". (Especially the fairies.) I tend to think I'm glamorous--PJ's and all as my hair stands on end and screaming kids run circles around me. It's called sanity.


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