Monday, 15 April 2013

A-Z Challenge of Being Fabulous and Fit After 50, M is for Mirror

"Mirror, mirror on the wall,who is the fairest one of all?"
It won't be you if you're looking in one of those magnifying mirrors. I only use them to put on make up (quickly) and pluck my eyebrows but sometimes you can't help having that lingering look. Do I have more wrinkles?
Is that another grey hair?

When we're going about our day to day routines, how old do we feel? Thirty something? We forget what age we are and in our minds we imagine how we look, which is, slim, young and beautiful. Then we catch a glimpse of ourselves in a mirror in a store and wonder who that old woman is looking back at us.

Another mirror or mirrors that are terrible for our morale are in changing rooms in department stores, especially the type with a 360 deg view. I don't have to know what my backside looks at, in truth until I was in one of those dressing rooms I thought it was a lot smaller than what it really is.How many of us leave those changing rooms not walking as tall and proud as we went in and head straight for a coffee and a cream cake to console ourselves?

Why can't mirrors be invented that make us look better.Imagine looking in a mirror and seeing a touched up and slimmer version of yourself. We really wouldn't abuse it and would only use it for that special night out to give our morale a bit of a boost. Surely some brainiac inventor could come up with something?

One of my blogging friends, Rosalind Adam has been finding the mirror a bit of a challenge too,so much so that it prompted her to write a poem about it and she very kindly gave me permission to share it with you.

The Mirror's To Blame.

How long has that stomach been there?
I thought mine was perfectly flat.
But the mirror says... Am I aware
There's a serious risk that I'm running to fat?

I reckon our mirror's to blame.
It’s distorted from much overuse,
But reflections all tell me the same.
My tummy has symptoms of eating abuse.

I could cut out my chocolate and cake.
I could do daily sit ups and more.
But I think that would be a mistake.
No, in truth it would be an intolerable chore.

So I'm banning all mirrors from view
As the mirror is surely to blame,
Cause inside I am still twenty-two
And my brain thinks all mirrors should tell me the same.
                                                                     - Rosalind Adam
Rosalind is taking part in the A-Z Challenge so give her blog a visit Rosalind Adam is writing in the rain

Let us be grateful to the mirror for revealing to us our appearance only.
Samuel Butler


  1. I'd forgotten you were using my poem for this blog and was mentally preparing my response along the lines of that poem so I now don't have to say anything. That poem was written from the heart, the one that is apparently hidden beneath layers of fat!

  2. Hi Anne,

    Yes, i hate mirrors too. Seeing my skin in close-up at the hairdresser's is horrible (thank goodness he usually wants me to take my glasses off anyway...) I always feel i look about 90, and unfortunately I have the kind of eyebrows that seem to make me look permanently worried. I actually feel about 25, but sadly my son is 21 later this year so I suppose I should face the truth!

    Loved the poem, Rosalind - so true.


  3. Great post - and wonderful to see two A-Zers working together! (There's a mirror in a cafe near me that makes my hair look grey. I might have to stop going in there!)

  4. Yuck to mirrors!
    Although better mirrors than scales...!

  5. Oh yeah definitely. Mirrors definitely do deflate our egos. We only need to catch a glimpse of one thing, and then we see all our physical faults.

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    Life Blog

  6. Excellent poem by Rosalind. I completely agree with you re: department store mirrors! I've put many an item of clothing back on the rails because of how bad it looks on me under their harsh lights! They should make ALL mirrors flattering haha :)

  7. I doubt i'd like the mirror all that much if there wasn't hair dye. I am fully grey under the wonderful color I get done every 4-6 weeks...what was it they use to say? Only my hairdresser knows! No wrinkles thank goodness!
    Fabulous poem Rosalind, I'm not sure if i'm a victim of eating abuse of my mirror lol :)

  8. I've started bringing clothes home to try them on and then returning what I don't like. My mirror is much more forgiving than the department stores'. At 61 years young, this post had my name all over it.

  9. Great post, Anne, and wonderful to see Ros here too in the form of her poem. I agree about mirrors, but indeed the worst ones are the ones that are supposed to encourage us to buy things - dressing room mirrors in shops. They always make me look awful (I see a few others who feel the same here) Well maybe I do look awful, but if I'm going to buy something, then they can at least be a tiny bit flattering.

  10. I avoid the mirror at all costs!

  11. The worse mirrors are in John Lewis. Seriously. The stuff |I Haven't bought because I look vile in it...the BEST, funnily enough, are in River Island. There. Now you know.

  12. It's world known that mirrors lie. :) Love this!

  13. I hate mirrors always have, another good blog but I'm moving on quickly just like I do when I spot a mirror or catch myself in a shop window x

  14. I love it,thanks for letting me use it ,I think it speaks for most of us.

  15. I forgot about the hairdressers mirror because I have one who comes to my house and it's great not having to sit and look in a mirror. No don't face the truth,you're only as old as you feel.

  16. Thanks Jo,get them to clean their mirror.

  17. Oh don't get me started on how much scales lie.

  18. Yes best not to linger too long.

  19. The other day I was in M&S in their Autograph changing rooms which are slightly nicer than the normal once but the lighting was awful and I looked so old.It was definately the lighting.

  20. Well I'm not boasting but I don't have any wrinkles either,yet. I've only recently started getting some grey hair but I have it coloured before I can see the extent of it.

  21. That's why I like catalogue shopping.

  22. I know, they're terrible. I never really want to see my back view. Yes Ros's poem is great and fitted in well.

  23. Never shop in John Lewis it's too expensive. As for shopping in River Island,my daughter shops there so high five to you for getting down with the young ones.

  24. Thanks Ian I'm trying to catch up with comments as I've had toddlers for a few days.


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