Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Under The Sea.

Following my previous posts about life after death, ghosts and angels, you could be forgiven for thinking I have photographed a spooky being maybe even an extraterrestrial But it's not any of these, just a Ray from a visit to the Sealife centre at Balloch, Loch Lomond.
The rays amazed me,some were in a tank with an open top and they would pop their heads out as if looking to see what was going on.As you looked into the tank they came right up to the glass,they looked so funny. Going through the water tunnel the ghostly one above was lying over the top, it was so flat it looked like a sticker stuck on the glass.

Now we know where the producer of Dr Who gets his ideas for ailiens from,a visit to the Sealife Centre.

My husband had a week off from work so we took toddler boy to see sharks. I expected big sharks but they were very small, however toddler boy wasn't disappointed and loved every minute.

I touched a starfish and had my finger grabbed by a sea anemone. I spoke to a member of staff dealing with the small octopus, he had put a jar with a lid on it containing food in the tank.Usually the octopus will unscrew the lid and get his food out but he was in a much too playful mood and would rather grab the keeper's hands at the top of the tank. He said the octopus could switch coloured lights on and off and even had a favourite colour.
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo as it ate it's dinner and curled up in a ball.

The look of wonder at nature.

Toddler boy was even brave enough to put his head inside a bubble to see what it was like to live under the sea. He informed me that Nemo was in there, and he was right.
Some fish seem to lead pretty boring lives, just lazing about in a corner not moving then you see the magic of sea horses and jellyfish, the way they move and their wonderful colours.
Just chilling, never moved.

The jellyfish danced

It's neighbour joined in

Seahorse, beautiful and mesmerising

Loch Lomond not looking it's best on a cold day. Taken through glass.
The SeaLife Centre is very informative for older children.Teaching them conservation and to respect our seas. Toddler boy just loved the experience especially the sharks. He has learned so many new names for sea life. There was the obligatory gift shop where a shark that could be taken home was purchased and the cashier put a medal on a ribbon around toddler boy's neck for being such a brave boy and visiting the sharks (he's still wearing it).
After we arrived home and he had a sleep he woke up asking to go and see the sharks again so I guess that's the sign of a good day out.
There was a play park outside with lots of climbing frames made with logs and nets and a safe landing surface.
Some things were closed like the crazy golf (thank goodness) and roundabouts and train rides. You could spend a fortune here. If you visit, the tickets are cheaper to buy online and print yourself, and they of course do family tickets.

This post was not sponsered in any way.I just thought I'd share our day out with you.
Photos are not of best quality as I only had my phone camera with me.


  1. I love Aquaria - and I'm not sure I know why.

    There's a great Aquarium in Singapore and has a hologram of a shark looming out of a wall. I have a photograph of it, but holograms don't actually exist. So how does that work?

  2. I think Aquariums abroad are probably bigger and better.We went to one in the zoo in tenerife and it was really good. This one is quite small hence the reason no huge sharks.The holgrams sounds amazing.

  3. Toddler boy looks like he's enjoying himself almost as much as you were. I love those little faces on the big blobby bodies but I wouldn't have been brave enough to touch them!

    (2nd attempt at posting *sigh*)

  4. That ray reminds me of Cassandra from Doctor Who. 'Moisturize me!' lol Despite my love of the ocean and coast, I've always been a little weirded out by aquariums.

  5. He had a great time and is driving his mum mad asking to go and see the sharks again. Sometimes it's a pain commenting from the ipad it doesn't like some blogs.

  6. Yes you're right it does. I like aquariums but hadn't been for years.

  7. Wow!!! Lovely pics!!! I like visiting the London Aquarium, for the same reason. Loved the hermit crab!! Reminded me of my snails....

  8. An enjoyable day out by the look of it! I like doing stuff like this myself. Great images. :-)

  9. Thanks Carol,They don't allow a flash insed and it's dark but iphone camera did the job.

  10. They were so starnge especially the one that lay flat across top of tunnel.

  11. Thank Maria,yes it was fun especially with a toddler.

  12. Oh looked like a lovely day out for you all :) I haven't been somewhere like that for ages, I think it's something I'll have to do soon.

    The first pictures do look quite ethereal don't they.

    I think your pictures are great, not bad at all for a camera phone :)



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