Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Emerging From my Cocoon.

Is it Spring yet? Lots of bloggers have been writing about spring and there are some lovely photos of Spring bulbs coming into flower. The weather here has been slightly milder and dry but as yet no bulbs or leaves are sprouting in my garden. March has arrived like a lamb so with it leave us like a lion? The weather has a way of lulling us into a false sense of security and just when we have looked out our summer gear the north wind will blow and we shall have snow. (you heard it here first)
Remember the saying," Ner cast a clout til May is oot." Which means,"Don't put your thermal vest and long johns back in the drawer until June,darling!"

I myself am emerging from the flu fuelled cocoon I have been in for the past five weeks, I hope to fully emerge soon into a beautiful butterfly. Everyone seems to have fell foul of this horrible flu bug, I'm sure most of you have had it too, hands up if you've not and share your secret with us. One of my twitter friends said she felt as if her head was filled with water and I thought that was a very good way to describe how I've been feeling.
I had no voice at all for more than two weeks and even now it's still husky. During my voiceless time I had to go back to the hospital for a check up, my chauffeur (hubby) was in Aberdeen and as the journey by two buses takes nearly two hours (40mins by car) I had to phone for a taxi, no easy thing when you can't speak.
I eventually made myself understood and taxi arrived, taxi driver wanted to chat but feeling as drained as I did I had to say I couldn't speak, it seemed such a long journey.
I saw the one doctor who I don't have much faith in and didn't she just love that I couldn't argue with her as she bullied my into continuing with drugs I thought were making me feel worse, I was fuming. Needless to say that once back home I struggled for a few more days with drugs then gave up, I know my own body and it was screaming at me to stop taking them.
I had to phone another taxi to take me home and this time English was not the driver's first language and it was so difficult to explain to him where I was going. I will never take my voice for granted again, it's so frustrating trying to make yourself understood.
Five weeks is a long time to be virtually house bound and energy levels have to be built up gradually.

No fear while looking for dinosaurs. I wonder who is kidding who?

 On Monday I looked after my friend's grandson, I usually have him two days a week but this is the first day since I've been unwell. I really enjoy our time together and had missed that. He's been a bit worried about me having a bug as bugs to him are beetles and ladybirds and ants, I'd love to know where he thinks I'm keeping those bugs.
 We went for a walk to look for dinosaurs unfortunately we didn't see any I think they were  asleep, although the short time out did me good I was also surprised at how exhausted I was and full of aches and pains using those muscles that haven't been used for a while, I will have to keep walking to get my fitness levels back.

 Yesterday was such a lovely day, my friend who has a nearly four year old boy picked me up in her car and we went to the garden centre for lunch. We were chatting in the car when her son said,
"Mum, I have something I forgot to do"
"What did you forget to do"
"I forgot to wish you Merry Christmas"
"Oh that's okay baby"
"Don't worry mum, I won't forget this year"

Don't you just love how children have such random thoughts?
When we got to the cafe in the garden centre two elderly ladies actually moved to a table away from us because he was talking to them. I couldn't believe it when one said to the other,
"Is he annoying you? let's move tables"

Toddler who was being too friendly. Isn't he just so cute?
There's lots I could have said to then but we just laughed and I hope I never ever get to be like them.


  1. So sorry you have been ill. It hit a lot of people hard over here too, but luckily I didn't get it *knocking wood*. I always make sure I use those disposable wipes at the supermarket before I grab a basket. I had high hopes that spring was imminent but we are about to get creamed by another huge storm. I just hope it stays as rain where I live. Think good thoughts for my fiance' who will be driving in it tomorrow as he makes his deliveries in the Boston area.

  2. At last you're mending - I'm sorry it's been so tough. (I didn't get this bug; maybe something to do with not being in the country when it was at its most virulent!)

    Ah, grandchildren!!

    My daughter had a children's CD on in the car, and a song came on about kids asking questions.
    5-yr old - Mum, why does this man sing 'questions' all the time?
    Mum - Well, it's about children asking questions all the time.
    5-yr old - But why sing a song about it? ...

  3. Anne I'm glad you're on the mend and another great post! I love the quotes and the way you have written it.

    What a cute thing for your friends boy to say. I can't believe those miserable women (well I can actually). Most people especially elderly ones love it when kids chat to them. Lovely pictures too.


  4. Yes - a horrid flu. I had it too but now fully recovered and hope you are too before long. Let's hope we never become old bags like that pair :) Here's to a lovely spring and casting off the cocoons.

  5. Yes Anne and lets more we have no more flu this year.

  6. Thanks Kate. Yes he's really funny and never stops talking. Grumpy old women I was going to give them a piece of my mind but decided to rise about them instead.

  7. Maybe you're immune Jo with all your travelling.
    You're grandchild was right,why write a song about it? Lol
    Don't you just love those random questions?

  8. That's funny JoJo I was just reading about the bugs that are on the handles of supermarket trolleys I'll have to get myself a pack of those wipes. Glad you escaped this flu bug because it's awful.

  9. Anne so glad to hear you are beginning to feel better, its not nice when you are constantly battling illness. I've been very lucky, (touching wood) I've avoided the flu virus, as well as other nasties.

    I am very much looking forward to Spring. Take care.

  10. So glad that you're emerging! You have been unwell for a long time, and we've all been concerned, as you know. As for little ones - don't get me started... can't wait!!! Keep on the upward trajectory!!!

  11. Really good news that you're feeling better. There are many 'writing gems' in this post. Dinosaurs all asleep - brilliant. Trying to communicate with a taxi driver with no voice and he didn't speak English anyway - hilarious. Children's random thoughts - priceless. How sad though that two older ladies have lost the ability to appreciate a child's world. We'll never do that!!

  12. Thanks Maria glad you avoided's a nasty one.

  13. Thanks Carol,I'm sure it won't be long before you're a gran I thought it would never happen to me in fact the two I have written about aren't even my

  14. Thanks Ros,I try my best. Of course we will never be like those old ladies, always have time for children.

  15. Anne, I hope you are building up your strength again now. Your grandson sounds like just the tonic you need. What a sweetheart. I also love children's random thoughts and the things they say are just precious. Poor you with your taxi drivers. That sounds like the epitome of frustration. Get properly well soon!

  16. Glad you are on the mend. And some people are just horrible. Trust me, you will never be like them :) x

  17. I'm so glad you are feeling better.

  18. Thanks Mandy.Yes ,horrible, Welcome to my blog.


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