Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What Happens? Part 2

Through the years I have visited spiritualists,sometimes as a giggle with friends and sometimes really wanting some evidence of an afterlife. I went once with my mum, there was a large audience and we were singled out,we pretended not to be together but the spiritualist was having none of it she said we were so close she couldn't separate us. She then went on to describe my house and how I had been sitting crying that very morning. The room she said was a bedroom but with more furniture than a normal bedroom, there was too much stuff in it. She told me I would be moving soon and not to worry.
 Actually my house was a council one riddled with dampness and we were all sleeping in one room so it was rather packed.Within a few months we had bought our first house (something we never thought would happen) and were able to move out of the damp one. Coincidence? No, there was so much more she said that was true.

When I was engaged to my hubby I visited another spiritualist. This was at The Spiritualist association headquarters in an old Victorian building. I was shown into a very small room I remember it having a roaring fire, the medium was a little old lady. As soon as I entered she began speaking to someone I couldn't see saying,"She's really young so you'll have to go slowly."
Well that scared me right away and I had no idea why I had decided to book this sitting. The first thing she said to me was,"I'm being asked why you took your ring off on the bus and put it in your pocket,you don't have to hide anything in here."
I was so freaked out I was shaking, I had taken my  ring off my finger while sitting on the bus in case she sussed it was an engagement ring,I have no idea how she could have known that. I was then told that my guardian angel was walking beside me with his left hand on my shoulder,when I went home my mum said that my grandfather always walked like that with my gran because she was so small. I can't remember much of what she told me that day but I remember being very scared.

Recently my daughter and her friends all visited a spiritualist. She called me the next day to tell me what happened.  The spiritualist said a woman was showing her a photo. The photo was of a young woman with jet black hair piled up in a beehive style,she wanted my daughter to know that she didn't always look like the old white haired woman she was before she died. This described my mother-in law to a tee, she also talked about having her rollers in her hair even when she was unwell (true) and said she had heard what my daughter said to her before she passed.
There was a funny moment when my daughter said that her gran had said (through the spiritualist) that she should train to be a medium as she wanted to speak to her all the time. My mother in law used to phone me about ten times a day and demand to where where i was if she couldn't get in touch. My daughter said,"Could you just imagine me having gran in my head 24/7 ?" I think she'll be skipping that particular request.
We always take mediums, spiritualists, physics, angel believers with a huge pinch of salt until they say something that resonates with us then that doubt creeps back that they may indeed be in touch with our departed loved ones.

I would love to believe angels exist. The thought of an ethereal being watching over me and helping me through life makes me happy. I have read Lorna Byrne's book Angels in her Hair about her experience with angels. It was the spoken word book I listened to an hearing all those stories in Lorna's own voice made me believe what she had to say. It's an extraordinary story of angels in her life every single day and having long conversations with them.
A few weeks ago she was a guest on the TV programme This Morning and I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say. Holly and Phil asked the questions we would all like the answer to,"What is the name of my angel" "Why do angels not stop bad things happening?" etc..
I was very disappointed in Lorna's answers, she was very hesitant and was like a politician avoiding a straight answer.
I don't really know where I'm going with this I'm just thinking aloud. If there is no life after death, if our departed loved ones do not communicate with mediums and if there are no such things as angels then what does that mean for people like Lorna or other spiritualists who say they are.
Does it mean that instead of seeing and speaking to angels and spirits for their whole lives they are simply disillusioned and slightly mad?
It's one thing to have a belief but another to say that angels follow you to school each day and speak to you. I really want to believe and I am one of those people who on finding at white feather take it as a sign an angel has left a calling card but that's not enough for me I want to know the truth.
I've started reading a book called Angelic Wisdom Trilogy by Richard Holmes, now this is a man I would love to meet and speak with, there's so much information about angels and what they do and all the different levels of angels it made my head spin, how does he know all this? where did all this information come from?
Could it be that angels really do exist? I really will have to get back and finish reading that book.
Watch this space.....
 Do you believe in angels?


  1. I'm not sure what I believe to be honest. The scientist/atheist in me says no, but yet like everyone else, it's hard to accept that this is it and there's nothing after death either. My cousin went to a medium and was blown away by what she said. Diane let me borrow the tape of the session and I found that the questions were very leading and Diane gave too much information. I know that these people are trained to look for microexpressions. Like with the medium asking about your ring. Could it be that she saw the ring line around your finger showing that there was one there recently? My left ring finger has a permanent dent in it b/c I've worn a ring on it since high school. So it's stuff like that what makes me suspicious. Still, it'd be nice to have a guardian angel....

  2. This is very interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about Spiritualists and would never outright visit one to seek advice (as a practicing Christian I don't feel comfortable with it. Not because I think it's against my religion, I just don't know enough about it, so would rather not). As for angels etc. I don't think about it too much. My focus is on my faith and if there is an angel watching over me, amazing, and if not, well, fine then.

    A strange thing happened to me a while back, though. My mom was visited by a spiritualist (my mom has never sought her out) and told her that I was going to be involved in an attempted mugging and that my mum mustn't worry because I was going to be fine and that my guardian angels would protect me. She gave my mom some specific details about the mugging, but my mom didn't say anything to me about it - she thought the old lady was a bit batty. BUT, it happened as the woman said, and it was only after I told my mom about it that she told me about the spiritualist.

    Now, again, as a Christian, I don't know how to feel about things like this. But, it is a nice thought to think that there is someone watching over us.

    Thanks for sharing, though. It makes you think:)

  3. Woh that is some story, now how would anyone have known about a mugging or guesed about something tlike that before it happened?

  4. No I hadn't worn the ring long,if it were today,yes I have a large indentation now. I've been to a few where I know they've been saying the right things and just making things up but some do really seem to get it right.

  5. I think I'm an optimistic sceptic. I'd love to believe in angels. I'd love to believe that spirits can predict the future. My mum visited one recently and he told her some stuff about my husband that she's shared with me but asked me not to tell Hubby. I'm keen to know whether it will come true.

    I sometimes feel my grandmother is watching over me - she herself believed strongly in an afterlife and still being connected to her loved ones.

    I love reading about this subject. I love the slightly goosebumpy feeling I get :-)

  6. If there are angels then we're not meant to fully understand otherwise we would have discovered an explanation by now. I've had experiences that can't be explained. There are two areas here that you've raised. One is contacting the dead and the other is knowing what someone else is thinking. The two may be related. I've definitely experienced telepathy with my daughter, not when either of us have tried but when we haven't thought about it. When my mum was dying I sat holding her hand. She was taking her last few breaths. I glanced out of the window and a white feather floated outside the window. It seemed to hang in the air and then it continued out of sight. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  7. Oh how I would love to know about angels, and about any afterlife. I'm hoping to have a personal experience that will answer my questions, because no matter what anyone else says, I will have to see with my own eyes, or hear with my own ears before I would believe anything. Very interesting and thought provoking subject : )

  8. Interesting post! I do believe we really have no idea what is going on in the 'unseen' world, another dimension. I believe God sends angels and they have specific duties. Some are messengers, some are guardians, some fight for us in the spiritual world. In the Bible, angels could be seen at times, but not always. Sometimes people's eyes were opened for a short time to see armies of angels protecting them. I think if we really knew what was going on when we pray and hold to God's promises, we would be really surprised!

  9. Told you previously I beliee in angels. Here are 2 instances: First, when I was in the depths of clinical depression, 16 years ago. Tabs not working, feeling utterly desperate, the only solution for me, husband and DD (then at school) seemed to be to take my life. Everyone would benefit, I thought. I remember sitting on the staIRS AT 3. AM, talking myself through getting the car and running it into a motorway bridge. It was logical, it would work. And then I was aware that I wasn't alone. Someone else was sitting with me, talking to me, telling me not to do it. I'm not stupid, as you know: I know someone was there. Their voice was calm but with complete authority. And so I abandoned my plan. And here I am. Tell you about the other 'angel' who helped me 2 weeks ago, next time! XXX

  10. My grandmother spoke about angels,
    They stood at the foot of my bed;
    They knew of the sins in the daylight,
    They knew of the sins in my head

    ... this is the start of a longer poem I wrote years ago about the angels my grandmother introduced me to. It was liberating when she died and they disappeared!

  11. Oh Jo,you did make me laugh at the end saying it was liberating when they disappeared. I want to know more Jo,what did she tell you?

  12. Carol I have shivers going up and down my spine reading this. Maybe angels only come to people who really need them. I want to hear the next story,don't be a tease and thanks for sharing this very personal one with me.

  13. Oh this is so interesting and I'm beginning to think you are right in what you say. Thanks for visiting.

  14. Me too Amanda,how amazing would it be to be shown for ourselves, you have to read Carol's comment above.

  15. What I can't understand is why some people see them everyday, yes I know they are probably more open to experiences like that but what makes them more open? That must have been such a peacful experience seeing the feather float like that. I have had feathers in strange places too.

  16. I am reading through these comments and have goosebumps all over me I think if I did see an angel I'd probably die with fright.
    My mum believed too that's why I can't understand why she's not been in touch or given me some sort of sign.

  17. I do believe without a doubt.

    As I explained once i one of my posts just before my nana died she said she was visited by family members many of whom she hadn't seen in years and grandfather included. She believed they visited her and told me it was very a very happy time.

    (they were all long dead btw)

    I took that as a sign that she was going to die herself and she did a few hours later.

    I've always believed they were my relatives (angels) preparing or coming to get her to take her to heaven.

  18. Two really fascinating posts Anne that provoke such a tumble of different thoughts and memories. I would like to believe that there is 'something' else when we die and that we get to meet up with loved ones again. I also like to think that my dad is around and 'there for me' sometimes. When I was very young I went to a lady who called herself a 'clairvoyant' but she had an office with a waiting room etc. It was more like going to the doctor or the dentist than visiting a fortune teller on the pier. I was with her for nearly an hour and she told me things about my past and present that were spine chillingly accurate. In retrospect she also told me things about my future that have come true. But I still can't trust myself enough to totally 'believe'!
    Coincidentally I have met Richard Holmes! A lovely gentle man - I met him at a writers' function and attended a meditation workshop he gave. I haven't read his Trilogy but maybe I should put it on my toppling TBR?
    Thank you for fascinating posts!
    Sue xx

  19. Jo my mum told me much the same about my gran before she died,she said everyone who had passed came to visit her at her bedside telling her it wouldn't be long until they were together again.

  20. I'm more or less certain now that there is something else as you say things have came true.
    Yes you should read the book, Im still ploughing through all the different levels of angels I want to get further to read what his experiences is. That's what I don't understand, if there are no such things as angels it means that people who write books about them are either writing fiction or they are quite mad. I'd love to meet Richard and ask him if he's mad, lol!! I really want to believe in angels,need to get back to that book. In fact someone on twitter said they read it and it changed their life,hmm!!

  21. Anne, these comments are all fascinating. Your post is too. I don't believe I have ever seen or been visited by an angel, but I do actually believe it. I can't tell you why. I suppose it's because of accounts like the ones in the comments, Carol's really touched me. I'm glad her angel was watching over her.

  22. I meant that I do believe in angels...sorry :-)

  23. Yes Carol's touched me too. I do believe I'd just like proof,Ive asked them for proof and they're not listening to me,lol

  24. Yes definitely another fascinating post. Again I like to think there are angels. I have been to spiritualist/medium with some friends years ago and there with things he said to each of us that were so random you think, that can't be guess work? Funny enough or not so funny, I know 2 of my friends were told they had a guardian angle standing by and I think maybe the 3rd did too. He didn't say it to me though :(

    It is such an interesting subject. You hear rubbish stories about these things but then some of my friends experiences who have been told such specific things you think it really must be true.


  25. Some of the comments below would make the hairs on your neck stand up. I so want to know about my guardian angel but don't think I want him to appear in front of me he could maybe tell me in a dream.


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