Friday, 15 February 2013

So Annoying!!!!!!

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post about things that annoy me here or questions I have about why things are so difficult. Since then more things have cropped up that I fail to understand, maybe you agree with some.

I have not had much luck with salt and pepper grinders. Strange? Yes I know! I have tried wooden ones, stainless steel ones, acrylic and battery operated ones but they all let me down and stop doing their job after a few weeks. I have resorted to the throw away type that come filled with salt and pepper. My latest one is quite large so hopefully will last a long time and it is filled with sea salt and peppercorns. Amazing! Why did I not know of this before?  I only need one grinder no need for both, that is until hubby pointed out that sometimes he just wants salt and sometimes he may want only pepper. Why do men always find something wrong with a new found treasure?

The same hubby bought me a fancy camera for Christmas as I have developed a new love of photography. I opened the box to find the instruction booklet (yes,I do read them) there was none only a dvd which once I tried to play it on the computer found out it was in Japanese. I had to download the instructions. Now for me this camera is quite complicated. I want to sit with the booklet and read how to work it,I don't want to read it on a screen where I can't flick back and forth to find what I want, it's so frustrating.

Children's Toys! Since I'm on my soapbox, why are children's toys so difficult to remove from their box? They are now held in with about a dozen twisty plastic wires and heaven help you if you have long manicured nails because they will be in bits by the time you have removed the toy from the box and the child will have given up waiting for it. My fingers were bleeding from removing a Fisher Price first buggy from it's box, that had to be built up too.
Next, we had a Cozy Coupe car to build up for my granddaughter. You know the type with the roof and a door on it? It came in a huge box and I thought all we hubby  had to do was put the roof and a few stickers on it. I wish I had taken a photo of the million parts it came in, one look at hubby's face and I knew it would be a long night. The instructions were awful and wrong, we thought we were never going to get it fixed until I read that they had an on line video. After watching coherent step by step instruction on line it was plain sailing and only took us an hour to build it, yes, I helped too. If we didn't have access to a computer it would probably be in the bin by now in the million pieces it came in. I have been warned not to buy anything that needs a degree in mechanics to build it.
I have a lot of patience with children and husbands but I'm afraid I have no patience with household objects that either don't work or stop working.

 Light bulbs drive me mad when they blow and I have to go and look for a new one, sometimes that  doesn't work either so I have to change the fuse, who keeps spare fuses these days?

Changing the vacumn cleaner bag, I always cut my finger as you have to pull it really hard to remove it.

Computers  that decide to have a mind of their own and don't do what you tell them,what's all that about? I though I was in charge?

 Spellchecker - Need I say more?

Binmen who sometimes empty the bins at 7:30 am and sometimes at 4:30 pm. Make a time and stick to it then we won't miss your collection and have to wait another two weeks and ten black bags later for the next one.
Put my bin back where you found it.If I have to leave it at the kerbside with the handle pointing out to make it easier for you please do not leave mine at the end of the street.

Phone calls usually at tea time telling me there's something wrong with my computer or I need solar power,double glazing,new mortgage, you know the type. What is really annoying me now is they speak to me as if they know me well calling me by my first name which makes me think I know them,I've become very rude now and just hang up.

Doorbell ringers. They ring the doorbell maybe twice then give the door a good knock ,just in case you didn't hear that loud ringing bell. The first thing they say is,"I'm not trying to sell you anything madam"
"Well what the hell are you doing ringing my doorbell?"
Next is,"All your neighbours have signed up to give a monthly donation to this very worthy charity"
"Yeah! right! How much is it?"
"Only £45 a month "
That's when I laugh and close the door. I swear I am putting up one of those signs that says"baby sleeping"

Shower gel has been driving me a bit mad lately. I usually buy the cheapo shower gel from Asda or Tesco as I don't see the point of spending loads on something just to wash it off, the smell never lasts anyway. I received a posher one at Christmas, it smells lovely and does it's job but it's bloomin hard to get out of the bottle. I'm going to loose what's left of it because unless I had the biceps of a bodybuilder, nothing is going to shift what is left,such a shame.

I'll be attacking it with scissors soon.

Body lotion is next. I have been subscribing to Glossybox which for a monthly subscription they send you a lovely box with about five high end beauty products three of which are generous samples. Every time they include body lotion or hair conditioner they are always in bottles which are so impossible to get anything out of, it frustrates and infuriates me. This little bottle has been a struggle from the beginning to get the smallest amount out of it I may have to resort to a cotton bud,but can I really be bothered?

Bottle is so hard it can't be squeezed
I would love to know if men design these bottles, surely it couldn't be a woman?
What infuriates you?


  1. Anne, I think I have nodded at pretty much everyone one of your gripes here. I so totally agree about packaging that's impossible to get open (especially vacuum packed things like tweezers, box cutters - you know the stuff. That hard plastic that's moulded to the shape of the thing you've bought and it takes a pair of garden shears and a monkey wrench to get the things out. I also relate VERY well to your last one about lotions and gels that you need to be a body builder to squeeze out of the bottle. My empathy and sympathy are flowing!

  2. Lol! Yes those vacumn packs that are moulded they're awful. I think I'm in a right moany mood just as well I have this blog to moan to.

  3. I agree with your list! I'm sure I have more but i can't think of them offhand. As for the shower gel, mix a little water into the bottle and shake it up. That should dilute the gel enough that you can still use it. That's what I do w/ my shampoo and conditioner. And you can use a manual can opener on those hard plastic packages too. I tried it one day and was surprised that it worked! :D

  4. Those unsolicited phone calls are top of my list. And not being able to open plastic bags. And spam emails... Don't get me started!

  5. Plastic lids. Hands just aren't strong enough. I have smashed jars in the recent past to get at the contents (then have to sieve contents for glass). Most annoying: lying Tory Town Councillors. Stopping there. Blood pressure rising.......

  6. Oh those gadgets that come with instructions you can only read online - what about the families who, due to lack of resources or simply no wish to digitise, have no computer?

    Any organisation that you have to phone, in the middle of the day, at £1 a minute, that give you a preamble about their wonderful company, make you press button this and that, and then out you on hold - and then (I'm thinking of a particular hospital here) pick up the phone and put it down straight away to cut you off ...

  7. Exactly Jo, why should you need to download instructions when you have already purchased the goods? Oh these press buttons 12or three arte so annoying as you have to wait for about ten options first.

  8. I find coffee jar lids impossible to turn,and those little plastic tops on the milk with the tinniest of plastic pull tab. Yes councillors must be the worst especially when you feel you are banging your head off a brick wall.

  9. Trying to get plastic bags opened in supermarkets is annoying especially if no one helps. Spam comments on the blog are quite funny as they really make no sense at all.

  10. Jo Jo you are so clever I might have known I could rely on you and your fix it mind.I will try adding some water.

  11. Turn the shower gel upside down! I completely agree with you about getting toys out of their packets - it's like someone somewhere has taken Toy Story seriously, and really doesn't want toys causing havoc in their shop!!

  12. Okay, I spelt my name wrong... it's early.

  13. For Nikon to not include an instruction booklet is unforgivable. I have only a cellphone that I turn off, if someone wants me bad enough, they can leave a message. I don't have vacuum bag in my vacuum cleaner, which is both good and bad or at least a bit messy. I suggest you get the new lightbulbs that last for ever.

  14. I hate these 'online' instruction books too. These days, there are so many settings on cameras, hundreds of them, that you need the book open in front of you while you play with the camera. Ridiculous.
    I'm struggling with a stupid shampoo bottle at the moment. The bottle's too hard to squeeze and it's virtually impossible to get any shampoo out.
    And those phone calls - grrr. Why do they always phone when you're busy doing something?

  15. I may have to print out the instructions because it 's not easy to follow them on the computer. What is it with those hard bottles that you can't squeeze? I ad a comment saying to put some water in bottle and shake it,lets face it you can't afford to throw any away with those expensive ones.

  16. Yes it's a pain about instructions just sing online. Hate those new light bulbs you can't use a dimmer switch with them.


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