Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The...Is Anyone There ? Awards of 2012

I've been tagged by Donna from Lost & Found to give awards to my favourite things of the past year.
So this is the Is Anyone There? awards for 2012.

One word to sum up 2012 
 Wet! Rain, you haven't stopped pouring from the heavens here all year, my garden is sodden, my plants have been drowned and my dog has left muddy footprints everywhere. I know we need you, but  I don't want to see so much of you in this new year. Okay?

Song of the year 
My award goes to Robbie Williams and  Candy. I'm still singing it in my head.

Album of the year.
Once again the award goes to the Robster for his album Take the Crown.

Highlight of the year
 This award has to go to The Olympics Opening and closing ceremony.

I'm not really into sport although I did get rather hooked on some of the games but the ceremonies were amazing and I only wish I had been there to see it all. The people involved worked incredibly hard to make it all such a spectacle so they should all take a bow and feel proud of themselves as they lift my prestigious award for them all.

 Personal highlight of the year.
This is a hard question. There's been a few, my granddaughter turning one year old, meeting two of my twitter and blogging friends, Uuganna and Catherine and finding out they are just every bit as nice in real life, and my lovely Turkish holiday which you can read at your leisure in my Turkey Diaries
Hero of the year.
This award goes to all the men and women in our armed forces in conflicts around the world. Every time I hear on the news that another soldier has lost his life my heart breaks a little. The families at home waiting and worrying for them also deserve to be included in this award, they all give so much for our safety and are heroes in my eyes.

 Sports star of the year.
Andy Murray OBE. The Scottish tennis player who was beaten at Wimbledon in the final by Roger Federer but went on to beat him and win gold at the Olympics and the Grand Slam at the US Open. He receives this award for never giving up and coming back every year to try his best,surely he will win Wimbledon this year.

 Movie or Show of the year.
This goes to the stage show Jesus Christ Superstar and all the amazing cast, Ben Forster, Tim Minchin, Mel C, Chris Moyles and the supporting actors. The music was wonderful and I enjoyed it so much. It's on tour this year again with the same cast so you haven't missed your chance to see it.

TV show of the year.
Has to go to the return of Dallas.  To have a show you last watched twenty years ago return and immediately suck you back into the story is no mean feat but Dallas did just that.There was more double dealings than ever before and you daren't leave the tv to make tea as when you returned you'd have lost the plot but it was all good fun.I took a few weeks to warm to the new young cast but they finally won me over. A second series is being filmed but had to be re-written due to the death of one of the main characters Larry Hagman and I think a little piece of Dallas will have died with him.

Crush of the year.
I'm off to make a cup of tea to think about this one.

Well he's been my celebrity crush for quite a few years now. I know he's cheeky and gets himself into scrapes and I really shouldn't have a crush on him but he makes me laugh and he loves his mum, so my award goes to Russell Brand.   

That was good fun Donna thanks for passing it on to me. I now have to pass this task on to a few more people,please do not feel under any pressure to accept. I am passing it to...
Rosalind Adam at Writing in the Rain.   

Carol Hedges from  Her Pink Sofa 

Jen at Living a Full Life  because it would be interesting to read some answers from the other side of the pond. 
Please feel free to tell me in your comments who you would give an award to. 


  1. Rusell Brand is one of my crushes too - I have several billion though, so it's not a total surprise. And I was so glad Andy Murray won something on home soil - fingers crossed for Wimbledon this year :-)

  2. Oh I'm glad I'm not alone on the Russell crush. Yes lets hope he wins he deserves it.

  3. I think that's brilliant, Anne! Thanks for take part! :)

  4. I'm just not up on enough pop culture to award these! I'm stuck in a time warp, musically and I'm not much of a movie buff at all. I had a crush on Vincent D'Onofrio but even that's waned over time. TV show of the year? Hmmm....well Big Bang Theory is the only 'new' show I watch and like. Personal highlight was getting engaged.

  5. What fun! I feel like doing this anyway whether anyone nominates me or not! Russel Brand is quite a dish isn't he? I agree about the rain (and the dogs!), and also about the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. Fantastic. But since I am a huge Coldplay fan, I would vote for the closing ceremony of the Paraympics, not only because they played brilliantly, but it was also an incredibly moving ceremony! Thanks for this Anne!

  6. Ooh this looks fun. thanks for tagging me.

  7. Congratulations on your engagement. Donna who tagged me had The Big Bang Theory as her favourite show I really will have to watch it.

  8. Thanks Val. Another Russell fan,and I thought I'd be alone in that one.

  9. Looking forward to reading yours Carol.

  10. Thank you so much for tagging me. I love your highlights. Guessed you'd choose Andy Murray but although I love Robbie Williams that track isn't one of my favourites. As for my crush of the year, I was tweeting about that a few days ago but you'll have to wait for my acceptance blog post to find out who he is!! Thanks again from Rosalind Adam.

  11. Enjoyed all of your answers Anne, so much fun to get to know you just a bit better with each answer. Thanks for the tag...

  12. Thanks Jen. Look forward to reading yours.

  13. Great answers and as always I enjoy reading what you have to say :) Donna tagged me to but haven't actually got round to this yet, we shall see :)

  14. Thanks Kate.Go on ,do it I would love to read your answers.


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