Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Books,Books, and More Books.

Over a year ago on a blogpost I confessed to the blogging world that I was a bookaholic, you can read about it here Bookaholics Anonymous I'm not any better and still have this affliction. I can't go into a bookshop or even Tesco without purchasing a book. I love to browse the shelves searching for titles that capture my imagination. My favourite books are hardbacks but they are usually too expensive to buy unless you're lucky enough to find some in the pound shop and I've found some crackers in there.
My books have been packed in boxes for quite a while now and I've lost count of the number I have given to charity or friends over the years. This has purely been because of lack of space in the house.
I have always wanted a bookcase,we had a small one for the children's books when they were young but I've never had one for mine, until now.
One of the advantages when children fly the nest is a spare room. I have waited long enough and I'm now sure that my daughter is settled and will not be returning with her worldly goods. Time for a reading room.
The bookcase covers the whole wall in our spare room and I was itching to set all the books out but my granddaughter came to stay and I had to wait a while, but finally...

Now where do I start?

A small pile for charity

And after I had sorted them...
Can you tell I used to work in a library?
I didn't have quite so many hard back ones as I thought I did, having giving most away, but it leaves room for growth. I even found some space for some children's games and jigsaws at the bottom.

If you're a reader like me then you'll be curious as to what other people have on their bookshelves,so here's a closer look..
Some of the hardback section.
Non fiction

Children's section.
Display section and some cookery and diet books at the bottom

I still have a few more cupboards to clear out and I'm sure I'll find more books there.
Then I remembered my virtual bookcase on my kindle, if I were to have all those books on real shelves I would need another bookcase.
Here's a peek...

And these are just a few. At the moment I'm reading Touched By The Light by Linn B Halton and I've just finished reading her book, The Restaurant @The Mill which was a good read.

As I look at the books on my shelves I have read, there are quite a few I'd love to take down and read again but with all the new ones still waiting it's a real dilemma, maybe once a month I should take an old one down and re read it.
The only books that are not read or loved are the diet books I buy with the good intention of loosing weight. I look through them for a few days then my willpower flies out the window and they go back on the shelf.
I must add the some of the books on the shelves are hubbys from quite a few years ago when he went through a reading phase, these days he prefers to listen to music and read the odd book.
So thank you to hubby for buying the bookcase, carrying all the wood upstairs and building it up for me, you have made me a happy lady, now when am I getting my comfy chair?


  1. Hi Anne, just opened up my computer and your blog pooped to the top of my blog list. Aha, I thought, what has Anne been up to now? I love the idea of a reading room! Wow, that would be so great! Your bookcase looks fantastic as well. I never have enough room for my books either and I have them doubled up on my book selves. It's awkward, though, because I can't see the ones at the back. Your hubby is very kind to indulge your reading habit :-) As you say, the comfy chair is next on the list!
    PS, Sorry I have to be sort of anonymous, but I don't do google+ and there seems to be no way of just connecting through a normal blogger/ggogle account.

  2. Yes I know what you mean, I used to have them doubled on a shelve inside a cupboard but I had so many and gave lots away. Your comment does have your name on it Val.

  3. All my books are still boxed from my move nearly 2 years ago. The only ones that are out are all my craft books and a few others, that were used as filler in other boxes. I miss them. I don't even remember what I have anymore. I always sorted them on the shelves tallest to shortest. It drove my ex crazy b/c nothing was alphabetical. It would have been too much work to reorganize the shelves every time I bought a new book. Oh well. He got more than half of the books we'd acquired in our marriage, and now that he's passed away, I'm sure they are sitting in a thrift shop in Tacoma. :(

  4. Fabulous shelves - we got new ones a few years ago too, so I know the feeling. I can definitely see the library influence. Mine are in order so I can always find what I'm looking for. I wonder if the lady below knows that her preferred method of arrangement is that used by Samuel Pepys? His library is now in Cambridge (forget which college) in the original bookcases made from wood acquired from the naval dockyards in the 17C. Still ordered by size! If he bought one that wasn't tall enough he made a little stand to bring it up to the same size as those next to them. I prefer Dewey myself!

  5. I used to love arranging books in the library. I did think of putting little lettered stickers on the spines but thought that would be taking it a bit far. Very interesting about Samuel Pepys. I saw a photo on a blog of a bookcase where the books were arranged by coulour and it was very pretty,I did think about doing it but the library gene inside me wouldn't let me.

  6. Anabel has just said that Samuel Pepys used to arrange his books like like so you're in good company. You'll have to have some bookshelves and get these books out of the boxes.

  7. Oh yes, I can tell you used to work in a library. :)
    I love the bookcase. It looks wonderful. Hope you get the comfy chair soon. What luxury!
    I have a big bookcase filled with books that I want to read again. Hmm. I also have dozens of unread books on my iPad that I want to read soon. So many books, so little time. :)

  8. Ha! Ha! I don't seem to have as much time to read these days either. It's twitter and my blog and reading other people's blogs that takes up my spare time which is much less now with darling GD coming for overnight stays.

  9. I loved my library job ,unfortunaly the council deemed that all part time staff would be told daily what library they would be working in and I loved the one I was in which closed shortly after I left. Yes I need a comfy chair. I would like a whole week just to sit and read.

  10. This looks SO like our house! Worse thing about being a 'bookaholic' is when I need to lay my hands on something specific for the students, and it could be anywhere in the house. Night mare. And I refuse to file them alphabetically - too reminiscent of my prevoois job!!

  11. Great post Anne! I love books and bookcases. I was thinking only the other day whether we could squeeze in a couple more bookcases somewhere. My parents had bookcases filled with books all over the house. I think bookcases make a house feel like a home. One bonus re the Kindle is that I don't have so many books to find a home for. The TBR pile by my bed has got a lot smaller too. I have bought the paperback version of a couple of Kindle downloads which I thought were special so I can put them on the shelf. Also I prefer to read physical books for research and how-to write advice. Good luck getting the chair!

  12. I'm so glad to have them all together now although there are a few cupboards where Im sure I have a few more. Just file them Carol! Lol!

  13. Thanks Claudia. Nothing beats books and they are so hard to give away I suppose it would be easier for you to buy English books on kindle.

  14. Thanks Anita. I think if you live in an old house lots of bookcases look great but we just don't have room for more so once it's filled I will have to stop.the little 2 yr old I look after is fascinated by it and loves choosing a book and then returning it.

  15. Hey Anne, I'm catching up on comments. I often read posts on my phone at work and then think I'll comment on computer at home and then forget! Sorry. Great post, so many books. Love your bookshelves! It's so nice to have a big bookcase with lots of books on.


  16. I used to be such a huge reader, I love that you're passionate about reading Anne and hubby is a peach for his building project. I really want my reading passion back!

    Anyway I promised myself I'd try to read more. In my efforts to do so last week I took a book on my trip last week and actually read the whole thing. My girlfriends who were with me were hysterical, every morning i'd give them reports on the characters and events.(part of the book was set in NYC and part in Barbados) It was a very good story but it did seem like a lot of people got murdered.(the main character was a cop so I guess that was to be expected)

    I've started on a new one,I'm on a roll my friend!

  17. I think the best thing about reading is sharing it with people.I love telling people how good

  18. Thanks Kate ,yes I love it I've waited for so long for one.


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