Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Question Time.

It's not long now until the big day and I have been tagged to answer some questions about Christmas by Donna at Lost and Found Donna has a lovely blog and she is opening a door on her advent calendar everyday until Christmas and there are some very interesting posts behind those doors.
So let's see what questions Donna asked me.
1. What was your best Christmas present as a child?
Back in the dark old days of the sixties we didn't receive lots and lots of gifts the way children today do. No electronic toys or video games,we still had black and white TV and didn't have a fridge.
 My best present was a Sindy doll. I had wanted one for a long time and had to make do with a cheap and nasty version,but Santa brought me the real thing with her stripy jumper and denims,I also got a ski outfit and an air hostess outfit for her and I thought all my dreams had come true. Looking at the box on the right I can still remember the advert for,
"Sindy,the doll you love to dress" Anyone else remember it?

2. How old were you when you first began to suspect that Father Christmas may not be real?
I think I was about eight or nine and some boys at school were going round the playground mouthing off that Santa was your mum and dad. I remember being shocked at this. I asked my mum one night when I was having a bath and she kind of confirmed it without actually telling the truth. I went on a mission that year to see if I could find presents hidden in the house, and I did, I found most of them. A dressing gown, nightdress, slippers and Spirograph and the Bunty and Judy annuals. I was so disappointed on Christmas day to have no surprises but I never told my parents I had looked. I learned my lesson and from that day I never went looking for presents again.

3.What would your perfect Christmas involve?
I don't think there could ever be a perfect Christmas because that would involve having all my loved ones back with me who are no longer here, how I would love to share my granddaughter with them all.

If money were no object I would love to take my husband,children,their partners and my granddaughter to Lapland. We would stay in a huge chalet with a roaring fire.On Christmas Eve we would all go to visit Santa and his helpers just as they set off on their journey. We would sing carols around a Christmas tree and drink mulled wine and eat mince pies. The snow would be deep and on Christmas day we would build snowmen and go sledging, returning to our chalet to pull crackers, open gifts and eat our Christmas lunch which is already prepared for us. Well I can dream,can't I ?

4.What is your favourite part of the festive season.
This year I enjoyed dressing the tree with my friend's two year old who I look after. Seeing his face when I switched the fairy lights on was lovely. I enjoy wrapping my presents while sipping a glass of Baileys. This year my granddaughter will be 17 mths so I'm really looking forward to watching her open her gifts although it won't be until Boxing day.

5.Have you ever watched the Queen's Speech? 
It was always on when I was growing up and it was always so boring, so no I don't rush to sit down and watch it but if It's repeated on the news later I will listen to it then.

6. Does the Christmas prep fill you with dread or excitement?
I must admit when I had both sets of parents coming for dinner and young children to organise I did get stressed and it seemed a huge amount of work. This year my daughter and her partner will be skiing in France, building snowmen, sipping mulled wine at an open fire (remind you of anything?) and my son and his partner will be at her mums so it's only my hubby and I. I suppose it means that this year I have no one else to please where food is concerned as hubby and I have similar taste. So I think it will be lovely. My granddaughter will be here with her parents on Boxing Day and we'll have Christmas all over again.

7. What would you LOVE to find under your tree this year?
The winning ticket for Euromillions!

8. Turkey lover or not?
Now this really annoys me. All during the year turkey is cheaper than chicken but when it comes to Christmas the prices they ask for turkey is completely unreasonable. It makes me mad,I stamp my feet,I moan and complain and  then..... I buy the bloomin thing because ..it's Christmas!!!!

9. Is there anything you eat at Chrismas that you never have at any other time of year.
Like everyone I buy far too much food and eat far too much food at Christmas, but it's the law, you have to stuff your face. Like Donna I buy those tins of cheese balls and drink Baileys Irish Cream. At any other time of year I avoid that drink because I like it too much and it's very,very fattening,but at Christmas who cares?

10.You have one wish on a blessed Christmas star, what is it?
 This is the hardest of the 10 questions. Donna wished for health and a cure for M.S.
 I wish for health too and a cure for Cystic Fibrosis because I am one of the lucky ones, I'm still here.
Thanks Donna for these questions It's been fun thinking of the answers.

I'm supposed to pass this on to a few other people but I know everyone is busy right now, but if you would like to carry this on and answer the questions please fell free to do so and let me know so I can read it.


  1. I remember when I found out Santa wasn't real...I was about 8. We were learning bible stories in my Sunday school class that spring, and I wanted to read more about Noah, so I climbed onto the bookcase and stretched to reach the bible on the top shelf which of course fell when I tugged at it and all my letters to Santa from prior years spilled out on the floor. My mom heard the thud of the book hitting the floor and came in to find me holding them, wide eyed & full of tears, lip quivering....'you never mailed them? Santa's not real?' I think my parents were as devastated as I was. Needless to say, I received a 'Children's Stories of the Bible' as a gift for Easter!! lol

  2. Awe what a dramatic way to find out. You must have been so upset.

  3. What would I love to find under the tree? Book tokens, notebooks and pens - I'm so easily pleased. And I have everything I need, so books (and travel, of course) are what gives me the greatest pleasure.

    And my one wish - that my husband were still alive. It's a long time ago now, and he wasn't a Christmas person, but it still feels different without him bah-humbugging!

  4. Firstly, love your header, lo lovely picture. As always, I enjoyed reading your answers. I have to say we probably get carried away with presents now a days, especially for kids. I'd love to go to Lapland too!!! I am a big kid at heart and love Christmas and snow, so would be fabulous to go there.

    If only we could have that Christmas wish eh Anne.


  5. Imagine a ticket for around the world travel under your tree. Christmas can be hard when we think of loved ones who are not here to share it even if they were bah,humbug.

  6. Thanks Kate my daughter took that photo and the one of the red tree in Edinburgh. Meet you Lapland!

  7. Lovely blog, as usual. I remember realising Santa wasn't 'real' at about the same age: he used the identical wrapping paper to my parents!!! Bit of a giveaway.

  8. Loved this Anne! And I enjoyed your answers very much. I'm going to be busy today and tomorrow because I'm having my yearly gals Christmas dinner party tomorrow night and it seems they are all coming!! So today I'm cooking and baking. But I'd love to do this in a few days on my blog. I'll let you know...

  9. Thanks Carol ! Yes! I remember noticing the wrapping paper too and becoming suspicious.

  10. Sounds great fun Jen,have a lovely time.

  11. Great answers, Anne! I'd love to find a winning EuroMillions ticket in my stocking, too!

  12. Lovely post Anne! I had a Sindy doll with ballet clothes and used to love reading the Bunty and Judy magazines and annuals. Many of the children's magazines have a free gift with them now which means they choose the magazine for the gift rather than its contents. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your husband and a lovely Boxing Day with your granddaughter. (I've downloaded Google Chrome so now I can comment on your posts again...) x

  13. Sorry I'm so late visiting but as you said, it's a busy time of year. Wouldn't it be priceless to find a cure for MS and CF. A cure for Cancer would be good too.

  14. Thanks Talli, imagine having the winning ticket!

  15. Hi Anita,glad you can now comment. I loved the Bunty and Judy ,when I worked in a libray they used to get the annuals and I took them all home to read first! lol

  16. I think a cure for CF will be found and not too many years away. Yes a cure for MS and cancer would be great too starting with banning tobacco.


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